My Life in Detail

I grew up In New Orleans, LA the second of four girls. In my family we are in love with décor and home improvement. We all have really different styles (although vintage and antiques definitely play a starring role in each of our homes) but we can always bond over a good home tour.  New Orleans was a perfect place to grow up,  full of art, music, culture, design and lots of great home tours.

I grew up in a creative place with a creative family. My dad was very artistic, taking over any school project requiring drawing or sculpting and was quite the handyman. This worked out great for my Mom who was a redecorating, DIY, and home improvement junkie. She also had her own business selling antiques. My grandfather was also the creative mind making furniture and wood work designed to my Mom’s specifications. You can see the creative gene was in my blood.
At seven I started art classes at the insistence of my 2nd grade teacher who said I drew too much in class. Although this didn’t cut back on my drawing in class but it did help me get accepted to New Orleans Center for Creative Arts at the age of 14. This was a public school kind of like Fame, where I studied Visual Arts 1/2 the day and attended a regular high school the other half. By this time my three sisters and I were using power tools to rebuild our club house more to our liking and doing our own re decorating projects. Through my youth I was lucky to be surrounded by creative people and given some great opportunities to express myself. By college I was helping my mom with her antique business and studying Architecture.

Just before finishing college I met the love of my life, Chuck, who happened to be planning a career in the military. While he finished school I graduated from Louisiana State University and started my career in Architecture. We bought our first house and I was hooked on DIY. We started the home improvements before the ink even dried on the closing papers (I am not exaggerating guys). In 2000 my daughter was born, Chuck returned to active duty in the US Army, and we made our first military move. Another house to make a home, this was going to be fun. Since going back to Architecture full time would be hard with a new baby and a new location I decided to go in a different direction. I knew I needed a change that would work with our new vagabond lifestyle so I had to get creative (a little pun intended.) I started off sewing for the new house(s) and then for other people’s houses, before I knew it I was making pillows, drapes, bedding, slip covers, etc. for anyone who asked.

As the years passed my business grew and expanded into furniture refinishing and small upholstery jobs, and of course there were many more home improvement projects at many more houses. I honed my skills and at our last location (one of our longest stays in one place) and was able to open a retail shop and from there branched out into doing interior design for others. I loved my little shop and my amazing customers but in 2013 came our biggest move to date. In April of 2013 we moved to Germany and a whole new ball game. I had to close my shop but I brought my sewing room and all my creativity with me. So now what? I am starting a new adventure and a new blog.

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  1. Hi Maggie, love your blog and high energy… and Nola. My husband and I are LSU alums, too. Brigitte

  2. Liz says:

    Maggie, you are so talented! Love your master bedroom make over. Coral and forest green are amazing together. You are such a pretty lady, but your picture looks like you’re scowling! My husband said maybe you are just staring into the sun. Didn’t mean to sound rude, I’m really a sweet Gran. Liz

    • No offense taken, I have actually been looking to get a new photo taken for my blog because I don’t love that one and yes it was a sunny day (or maybe I just look like that?) either way, be on the look out for an update soon.

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