Finally, A Blue Velvet Sofa!

DSC08004It is no secret that I have a thing for blue velvet sofas. I have been drooling over them for a while now but guess what? I finally got my own, well sort of…

My blue velvet sofa is actually an Ikea Hack!

Here is what I started with, my 8-year-old mid-century style sofa with brown tweed upholstery. I love the straight lines of this sofa but what was I thinking buying a brown sofa? Oh yeah, that was 8 years ago when I had small children with grubby hands… Now I have big children with grubby hand but at least they understand when I say not to eat on the sofa. (If only I could get them to listen.)


I have thought of slip-covering this sofa for a while. Originally I considered a white duck fabric but after living with it on my office chair I realized it was probably not a good idea. I wear dark wash jeans almost everyday and the seat of my desk chair constantly has to be cleaned due to the dye from my jeans rubbing off.  I figured a white slipcover on my sofa would have one blue cushion on my favorite sitting spot, and there’s the grubby hand issue.

So what color hides blue? Oh wait, blue….

After hemming a pair Ikea SANELA curtains for a client I had a bit of fabric left over, and I got the idea that this pretty blue velvety fabric might just work on my sofa.  I ran a piece of scrap through the washing machine and was pleasantly surprised to find it washed beautifully. I’m sure your thinking why didn’t I just buy velvet fabric? Well, nice velvet is very expensive and the inexpensive options usually have a shine to them that just looks cheap. Also the nicer silk and cotton velvet (velveteen), needs to be dry cleaned. These curtains were machine washable, exactly what I needed for when the grubby hands don’t listen.

So my blue velvet sofa is actually a slipcover made from inexpensive SANELA curtains in dark turquoise. They cost only $70 for two 55″x 118″panels, minus the grommet tops one pack gives you over six yards of beautiful velvety fabric. For my slipcover I used four panels (two packages) and had quite a bit of fabric left over.


When I started working with the fabric I also noticed that it has a bit of stretch to it, perfect for the tight-fitting slipcover I was looking to make.

This is not a slipcover sewing tutorial but I will give you a few personal pointers if you are considering sewing our own but have never sewn a slipcover before.

1. When fitting your slipcover, pin you fabric on the sofa inside out ( I like a tight upholstered look so I pin mine tightly.) Once pinned remove the slipcover and sew right along the pin line, removing the pins as you go. I do this in sections and keep adding on, usually taking the slipcover on and off several times as I sew.


2. Since I was using curtains I tried to take advantage of the hemmed edges. I ran the finished edges of the curtains along the bottom of the sofa it saved me the step of hemming the slipcover at the end.


3. If you want to take an extra step towards an upholstered look, add a strip of Velcro along the bottom edge of you sofa and slipcover so you can tuck the edges under for a tight fit.

4. This last tip is specifically for sewing velvet. Watch that you keep the direction of the velvet going in the same way whenever possible. Velvet will look dark in one direction and lighter in another. If you are not careful you may have one cushion looking like it is a different color than the rest.

The end results look like this…


After a days work and $140 investment in fabric, I have my very own blue velvet sofa.

Ad few new pillow covers and I have a whole new look.


I’d say my Ikea Hack blue velvet sofa is a complete success!



  1. Great work, Maggie! Your sofa looks amazing!

  2. Alice says:

    Great idea and great execution. I’m glad you got your blue velvet sofa. 🙂

  3. I’ve been thinking about tackling a slipcover for my HOVAS (discontinued) because my indigo jeans have ruined the white slipcover. But as a novice sewer I was too afraid. This post may have given me the confidence! Thank you!!

    • Only way to know is to give it a try try. There are plenty of books and Youtube videos to help you through the hard parts. I say go for it! If you are felling timid I might also recommend trying out your skills using inexpensive muslin. I light weight is much easier to sew and you won’t be upset if you mis-cut the fabric on your first try. Then you can either live with your muslin slipcover a while or use it for a pattern. Here is one I made years ago.

  4. Oh, I adore your entire color mix! REally, really nice Maggie. Amazing, really! From curtains?

  5. Martha says:

    Wow, what a fabulous update! Now I want a blue velvet sofa . . .

  6. Awesome Maggie!!

  7. Lee says:

    Great idea. I have used some curtains for stretching over canvases and hung in a friends cafe. They are great value and good quality.

    • Good call, never a need to be a fabric snob. I’ve used table clothes, shower curtains, bed sheets, whatever works. Sometimes I find buying a pair of curtains in a designer fabric can be cheaper than buying the fabric by the yard.

  8. Christine S says:

    Wow that is an amazing job well done. I love it when people think outside of the box with great results. Your sofa is just beautiful.

  9. amazing! I LOVE that you used curtains!

    • Thanks Kelly, I’m always looking for a better (cheaper) way. I wasn’t sure about the outcome so I didn’t want to invest too much money in order to give it a try.

  10. Wow, totally genius idea to use velco on the bottom. Love how lush and professional it looks!

  11. This is amazing! I can’t believe how gorgeous and professional it looks, you have definitely got some sewing skills!

  12. The genius and skill of this is blowing my mind. It looks SO GOOD. The curtain fabric was an inspired choice, and you totally make the construction look easy. So impressed!

  13. Kate says:

    I have to second what Britt said. The genius here is stunning. I actually used a choice expletive out loud when I saw the finished result. I just hauled a couch from my next-door neighbors that has great bones; now I know where I’ll get my fabric! (I found your blog because I was Googling “blue velvet sofa slipcover.”) Thank you for the inspiration! You’re awesome.

    • Haha, I love a choice expletive! Glad I could help with your slipcover inspiration. I am always hunting fabric and more particularly hunting a deal so any fabric is fare game, tablecloths, sheets, and yes Ikea curtains!

  14. Monika says:

    I just found your blog and this project…WTF!?! Genius idea and brilliant execution. I’m in love! I’m totally copying this–just need to find the perfect couch. Bed sheets and tablecloths and certain dresses have fallen victims to my decorating projects but this is truly brilliant because the color is so fab!

  15. This looks amazing!!! We are FINALLY getting an IKEA here in Indianapolis – I hope they will have these velvet drapes!!! Love this idea!! I always check the drapery and shower curtain sections at Homegoods, Marshalls, Target, etc… the fabric is always heavier than a LOT of the home decor fabric at the only fabric store nearby, which is Joanns. GEAT JOB!!! Your sewing skills are awesome! I am also a blue velvet sofa stalker! my fav has always been Emily Henderson’s ex-sofa 🙂

    • Thanks Julie, I am not a fabric snob since most of the time I can’t be. I’ve lived many places that have had a lot less than a JoAnn’s so I’ve had to get creative more than once. Lucky you to get an Ikea, our new house had one about an hour and a half away so not too. P.S. Emily Henderson and her sofa rock!

  16. Shannon says:

    have you considered making more of these and selling them? i have this same sofa and i’d be interested!

  17. YES! X 100000 a blue velvet sofa for everyone!

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