It’s Friday, High Five

argangcPhoto via Apartment Therapy

It has been a busy week getting ready for winter, snow tires and heating oil on the to do list but I have to say this week I was feeling pretty glad I live in Germany rather than the U.S. While feet of snow where falling in the northeast and the entire country was under 32º I have enjoyed our toasty 48º. I shall not brag though because I know the cold is coming so I will enjoy it while it last and prepare for the worst. For now though it is Friday so for all you snuggled in for the weekend here are my High Five.

1. I was super stoked to read that IKEA is launching a limited edition collection called ARGANG, this collection will feature their “greatest hits”of furniture and accessories from their 70 years of design.

2. Mandi at Vintage Revivals is almost done with “The Nugget” and is gearing up for the final reveal. I love a travel trailer remodel…

3. This article on How to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Decor by Lonny Magazine

4. Illy container café created in one of  Adam Kalkin’s Quick Houses  gives a whole  new meaning to “Pop Up Shop.” You can see it in action HERE.

5. A supper yummy BHG recipe for Shrimp and Roasted Red Pepper Pasta that I tested out this week.  It was so good there was not one bite left after dinner.

For my locals: This Saturday, November 22nd I am excited to be headed to Schwabach for an antique market at the Huma shopping center. This is an indoor antique market that takes place in the open area of the mall,  so rain or shine it’s a great event to attend.  Plus you can stop by Toys ‘R Us while you are there and get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

Postage Stamp Art

Postage Stamp ArtI am a total flea market junkie and I share with you lots of things I “found at the market, ” I’m sure you guys think I am a total hoarder. I guess I am, kind of, but they really do find a home somewhere. Just to prove it I figured I should share with you what I have done with one of my recent finds. You may remember these vintage stamps I bought not too long ago.

DSC05968 Well they were turned into a piece of art for less than $20. It started with a print I saw at a shop on Etsy of arranged postage stamps, unfortunately this store is no longer open. I thought the print was great and I loved the idea so when I ran across this bunch at the flea market I knew exactly what I could do with them.

I started with and Ikea RIBBA frame which is about 20″ square and comes with a nice wide matte, but any size or shape you like would work. I wanted the art area to be larger than the pre-cut matte size so using and Exacto knife I cut the matte opening a little wider.

Then came the sort. First by color then by laying them out in an arrangement I liked. Using a piece of white foam core as my back ground I laid out an ombré sort of effect. Don’t be limited by my idea though, you could do all one color or even lay them out into a shape.

TIPS: When you are doing your layout, if you’re opting to just fill a square matte draw a line that will be just outside of where the matte will fall to guide you (see photo below.) Once you apply the matte it will be hidden and not one will be the wiser. Just remember how far the stamps should be from this line so they don’t get hidden by the matte.

For my adhesive I went back to my days at the School of Architecture, I remembered doing a paper piecing project that had a lot of small pieces and I remembered using rubber cement (super cheap.) The great thing about rubber cement is it rubs right off once it dries. That means if it gets on the front of the stamp or on your foam core you can rub off the extra later. Just remember to wait until it dries before you try to get it off. Once it dries just give it a rub with a clean finger and it will ball right up and you can brush it off with a clean paint brush.

So pleased with the results and I have lots of stamps left so maybe another will be in the works soon…

Postage Stamp Art

Found it at the Market – November 2014

DSC062841. Composition sawdust and glue animals 3€ ($3.75) They may be deer or moose but they have holes in the top where antlers should go, I have a little project planned for them.

2. 1958 Dress pattern catalog 5€ ($6.25)

3. Fox Beer Stein (or maybe root beer since I bought it for my son) with boars hair whiskers 5€ ($6.25)

4. Ceramic pups 2€ ($2.50) These guys had a matching Momma dog that went with them but I had a klutz incident and she was the unfortunate victim.

5. Miniature portrait 10€($12.50) I think he is probably a reproduction but he will still look good with Chuck’s military portrait collection.

6. Framed paper cut silhouette 4€ ($5) When I started my collection it seamed like I saw these everywhere but lately they have become a little scarce so I am always glad to find one to add to my collection.

7. As always a few pieces of West German pottery or “Fat Lava” 2€($2.50),  .50€ ($.63), 3€ ($3.75)

Today I am starting a new addition to my “Found it at the Market” posts, sharing what I DIDN’T buy at the market. Every week I see some things that just make me say WOW! I will leave it at that and let you be the judge. This week it was this amazing piece of taxidermy, I think it may be a dog but really, WOW.

marrket 2

It’s Friday , High Five!


1. Emily A. Clark’s DIY fabric wall in Robert Allen Neo Toile.  I  just bought a few yards myself thanks to her, love what she’s done with her’s.

2. This week I also found out I’m totally a Hustler and I didn’t even know it. Are you?

3. Saw the coolest doll houses ever in 41 Dollhouses That Will Make Wish You Were A Tiny Doll. I think the one above by Jess at Craftiness is not Optional is one of my favorites for sure.

4. Repetto a ballet store in Paris with the most beautiful window displays and full length tutus and ballet slippers in every color. A must see for our trip this Christmas.

5. The Sophia Webster 2014 Butterfly Shoes that make me happy because they are so amazing. You can see the full collection HERE

Have a great weekend,




Onesie Cupcake Tutorial

Onesie Cupcake TutorialTomorrow one of the groups I belong to is putting on a brunch for expectant mothers.  The group wanted to give each new mom a small gift to take home with them, so I offered to come up with an idea. I love cute little favors but I hate when it is something I can’t really use or just isn’t my style. My goal was to come up with a gift that was practical, that could be done quickly, on a tight budget, and was super cute. So of course I began my search on Pinterest, aaahh baby shower overload. The options are endless and many are quite elaborate, fortunately I ran across an idea for cute little cupcakes, I was sold.

Onesie Cupcake TutorialOnly problem was they had all kinds of cupcakes made of socks, onesies,wash clothes, and even blankets. The cherry on top varied too, some used socks, some used little fuzzy pom-poms, one even used a lollypop.  Almost all of then had the whole bundle tied together with ribbon. You know how much fun tying something with one hand you are trying to hold in the other can be. There had to be a better way.  Since my socks were colorful and I was using plain white onesies I knew I wold see more color if I could use the socks to hold everything together.  If you have every paired socks you know how this idea works. After about ten tries rolling and unrolling I came up with the technique below. Onsie Cupcake TutorialYou may have to practice a few times to get the process down but once you have the hang of it each cupcake takes only a few minutes to make. The best part, by buying multi-packs of 12 month size socks and good quality newborn onesies from a discount store, I was able to make each cupcake for under $2.50.

For this brunch I decided to add a colorful baking cup and wrap each cupcake in cellophane candy bags tied off with a colorful ribbon. I will put a cupcake on each guests plate as part of the table setting, but these cuties can be presented in all kinds of ways. Display them on a cupcake stand (as shown in the first photo) as part of the shower decor. For larger gifts they could be presented together in bakery bakery box tied up in string. Any way you might see a cupcake. The more creative the better.

I am so pleased with the results of this super easy project and I sure hope the new moms love these guys too!

Onsie Cupcake Tutorial

Splash of Coral – Master Bedroom

Coral bedroom text1/2/3/4/5

Last month I shared my inspiration for some change in my master bedroom, well this week has me doing some serious online shopping. I want to change it up a bit but I don’t have the budget for a full remodel so I have gathered some accents that I think could make the transition.  I am seriously coveting the studded storage boxes from Z Gallerie. These may have to be a “Merry Christmas to Me”gift!

It’s Friday , High Five!

daydream_wallpaperPhoto via Boston Home Magazine

friday1. Loving this “Daydream” wallpaper by Julia Rothman for Hygge & West

2. DJERBAHOOD is the village of Erriadh in Djerba which hosted 150 street artists from thirty different countries to create an open air museum. The art is amazing, follow their work on Instagram to see them all.

3. Mid Century lamp by West Elm, please come home with me.

4. SPROUT Little Green Bookmarks by Fred And Friends, will make you want to sit down this weekend and read a book.

5. Pretty Pansy Vase from Anthopologie. My mom got me one of these for Christmas last year but I would love to have the whole set.

For all you locals, This weekend is Shopping Sunday in Ansbach, the Brücken Center and stores in the Altstadt will be open from 1-6pm and a kids lantern parade at 5:30pm.

I also plan to hit the trödelmarkt in Windsbach on Sunday if the weather permits.

Have a great weekend!



Cozy Guest Room Reveal

Cozy Guest RoomAs promised today’s reveal brings a bit of color. Don’t the colors look great with my blog theme? This was an accident, I promise, but I do love the colors.

See that vase on the nightstand? That vase was the inspiration for this whole room. My client, Maddie, found this vase on clearance and loved the colors. She knew she already had a lamp and rug (below) to match  so she bought the vase and we launched from there.

Cozy Guest RoomUsing yellow NYPONROS bedding and Floral Fantasy throw pillows by Pip Studios on a LEIRVIK white metal bed we easily created a cozy bright space perfect for the guests.

DSC06003Luckily the light turquoise SANELA curtains were a perfect match to our throw pillows. These thick velvet curtains darken the room when needed and add a touch of luxury.

Cozy Guest Room
Loving the results and while almost everything in this room is an Ikea finds by adding few traditional accents the room has a personal feel.

I love the results, maybe just because color make me happy.

Hope this happy guest room doesn’t have guests staying too long!

More Reveals, Client Entry and Kitchen

DSC05903 DSC05997More reveals of the project I just finished. You didn’t think we could get through the whole house without any color did you? Well this space welcomes you with just enough.

I don’t know if this is true for all the homes but most of the German homes I have visited have large gracious entry halls. This home is no exception with a good-sized entry vestibule opening into a huge entry hall. When I first visited the house the hallway looked as it does below, with creamed colored chairs that were small and blended into the wall. Since these chairs worked better for the living room space we switched them out for the Ikea STORSELE which have more contrast with their black finish , plus the chairs higher back fill more space.  The cute STOCKHOLM table brings in a bit of color paired with black and white curtains that bring the eye up. I also made custom lumbar pillows to add a bit of green.

photo 4In the entry vestibule you might see a familiar sight, you may remember this little blue piece from one of my Found it at the Market posts. Paired with a collection of thrift store plates and of course a little green. I love a plant to fill in an empty space. Cheap and easy and if it doesn’t make it, just buy another. I have learned over time which one I kill and which ones will make it so they have become my best friends.

DSC05994This large entry hall actually leads into another smaller hall “The Wine Room” where Oz built a wine shelf out of an old pallet. It is great to have a handy husband!

DSC05998The last room we worked on downstairs was the kitchen. Not much you can do with a rental kitchen but add a bit of color. Using a straight valence I made from a Premier Prints fabric and a light weight roman shade I was able to soften the hard lines of the kitchen and bring in a little color at the same time.DSC06016

DSC06002Come by tomorrow for the guest room reveal. I think all the color may have flown up the stairs!

Beachy Living and Dining Room Reveal

DSC05899Last week I shared a quick curtain DIY and sneak peek of my clients new Beachy living and dinning room. Today is the big reveal, and I am so pleased with the results.

The home belongs to Oz and Maddie Martell, a fellow military family that moved to Germany just a few months ago. The family moved from a beach cottage in Hawaii to a huge rental house here in Germany which left them with lots beachy accessories and several rooms with almost no furniture. These kinds of moves can be daunting and expensive so getting the space together quickly without breaking the budget is the key. You can see here what I started with, pretty much a blank canvas.

The house has some great bones, beautiful floors and lots of light so I was already off to a good start. On this project I spent a lot of the budget at Ikea. I know I share Ikea product often on the blog and I stand behind that, for affordable good quality basics they just cannot be beat. Besides who does not love a MASKROS pendant? This dining room makes me want to run out and buy one for myself.

Starting with the basics and mixing in industrial accents and a few pieces the home owner already had I ended up with a homey yet elegant space.

DSC05897DSC06017The modern elements form Ikea in contrast with industrial pieces keep the almost all white room from feeling too cold. Warm wood tones and few vintage items found at the local markets and thrift stores add just enough history to make the space feel like a home.

DSC05982The upgraded MERETE drapes and custom widow seat cushions make a lovely spot for additional seating.

Ready made Ikea to custom curtains For more product details you can check out the dining room mood board HERE

I can’t get over how much I love this space!

DSC05992The dining room opens up into this bright living room seating area where I was able to use more of the clients existing furniture adding an Ektorp sofa and Isala coffee table from Ikea. Maddie bought the slipcover for the sofa in grey and in white so Summer to Winter change ups will be easy.

DSC05988In this room the accent pieces were almost all already in Oz and Maddie’s collection.

DSC05888For more product details check out the Living room mood board HERE

These light, bright rooms just make me want to sit down and enjoy the space.

What do you think? Is an all white space for you? I love color but this space is big on drama without it!

Later this week I will share some of the other spaces we worked on in this lovely house. You will see that maybe just a bit of color creep-ed in…