It’s Friday, High Five!


Holy cow guys, we’ve had some weather here in South Carolina, rain, rain, and more rain. I don’t think the rain stopped for a single minute all last weekend and into Monday. Unfortunately all this rain has lakes and rivers overflowing their banks and many in the region are still struggling with flood waters. We are having to boil our water and the kids have been out of school all week (which they think is a high-five.) We were very blessed not to have any flooding at our house but not everyone has been so lucky. There are not many high-fives to this story other than seeing the community come together and help those in need. The other high-five is that since the storm passed on Monday the temperatures have been cooler and the sun has shined everyday. This week we’ve had the most beautiful weather since I got to South Carolina. Let’s have a high-five for it staying that way for a while so the area can start putting things back together again.

Here are a few other rays of sunshine for the week…


1. Stylist, blogger and design star Emily Henderson has a new book called Styled. The book releases next week but My Domaine gave us a little sneak peek, like the photo above from Jessica Helgerson’s living room. I think it’s time to pre-order.

2. I can’t say I miss my days as an apartment dweller but this video by Above Average created to help imagines what your upstairs neighbors are really up to is hilarious.

3. Melbourne-based designer and jeweler Britta Boeckmann is making the most beautiful wearable art from fused wood and resin. You can find her pieces at her Etsy shop BBold

4. This week Calling it Home has started a new One Room Challenge. I will be taking the challenge with my new sewing room along with almost 200 other bloggers and their challenging rooms. Be sure to head over and check out everyone’s progress each week.

5. With the weather cooling off I am starting to get excited for fall and these Lucky Brand boot are calling my name.


Have a great weekend,






One Room Challenge – Week One, The Sewing Room

Welcome to Week One of my One Room Challenge! Twice a year Linda of Calling it Home challenges bloggers to makeover one room in six weeks. This is my fist time participating in the ORC but with a new house full of challenges I figured now was the perfect time to join in the fun. The big decision was which room to choose? With a house full of half decorated rooms the decision was difficult but in the end I decided that my bonus room above the garage was the winner. This room will serve as my work room and double as a guest room with a pull out sofa. Originally I thought this would be the last room I’d work on but since I have overnight guests coming in November and lots of  sewing work that needs to get done for the rest of the house this room is suddenly a priority.ORC

This is the room we are working with, a decent size with nice built in shelving and a really ugly coat of paint.

interior 2

Here it is from the opposite angle after I moved all my junk in.


This is the bonus room over the garage so the stair way up could use some love too.


Oh and did I forget to tell you the lighting is awful!


So what are my dreams for this room? Well first the ugly paint has to go! I’d like to go light and bright. Since this is my creative space I’d like to layer in lots of fun color with inspiring fabrics and accessories.  A cluttered organization of inspiring objects and all my supplies is okay but I’ like it to look intentional not like the big pile of mess I have going on right now.

Here are a few spaces that have the look I’m going for…

42143ae3b433b57376e8b4a438d36357Photo via LittleBigBell

krea_110913-1Photo via Fjeldborg

aad407383f95183ddd042c54ae77489cPhoto via I Always Pick the Thimble

cf922e8b79f2cec9dce11de5cccd107dPhoto via Brit+Co.

Camille-Styles-Office5Photo via Camille Styles

You get the idea? Bright and airy, lots of art and inspiration, colorful storage, good work space, oh yeah and a place for guest to sleep.

I have my work cut out for me so I better get painting if I want this room pulled together in six weeks…


Fashion for the Home – Dalmatian Dots


I’ve spent a lot of time searching for black and white fabrics for my daughter’s room and the more I see Dalmatian dots the more I love them. I am always a fan of a good polka dot but they can sometimes come across as juvenile and even hurt my eyes if they are too small. For my 15 year old daughter I was looking for something a little more grown up. I think I found that in Dalmatian dots. There is something about the organic pattern that makes them feel more grown up, maybe even a little sexy. It is an animal print after all. I ended up ordering a few yards of Premier Prints Togo to use for accent pillows but check out all the other great ways to incorporate these dots into your decor…

ATN3iPU7E0NIs2AFILLciXjpaCskEkKKXAqcE954ls8-e1407811558990Photo via Glitter Guide

bWrd2tvhyAylPhoto via Lonny

interior-classicecc-powderoomPhoto via Style at Home

52c0535459d70$!x900Photo via Style Me Pretty

Hunted Interior - Spotted Drapery - ReducedPhoto via Hunted Interior

main.original.585x0Photo via My Domaine

904cdc067de8Photo via DecorPad

Home Tour – Brittany and Justin’s Springfield Bungalow


Today I’m excited to share the home tour of Brittany and Justin’s perfect little Springfield, Missouri bungalow.  I met Brittany on Instgram where I fell in love with her gorgeous thrift and mid century finds. She also happens to be the brains behind the blog White Dog Vintage where she shares here timeless, affordable, collected style. When I reached out to her to share her amazing home she was more than willing to share and even answer a few questions.

Have a look at how much Brittany has accomplished in the nine months since she moved into her 1921 bungalow. Though she is still in the process of fixing it up, I’d say it’s already looking pretty good.


Here’s what Brittany has to say about her home and her style:

Why did you choose the house you’re in?
My husband and I (and our 3 chihuahuas) moved into our house, a 1921 bungalow, about 8 months ago. We had been living in another bungalow in an adjacent neighborhood to our dream neighborhood and weren’t actively looking to move but more keeping an eye out for the right thing. There were definitely a lot of criteria for what would make a house the “right thing”–but there were a few things that really sold us about this place. Those were the tall ceilings, relatively open floor plan (not always easy to find in old homes!), sun room, and a landscaped back yard. We also wanted something we could improve, and we saw the potential to add back some of the charm that had been diminished by later renovations.


What would you call your style?
Good question! I like the tidiness of categories but I’m not sure my style fits into any of them. I thrift a LOT and really try to focus on buying things that I love. I have lots of mid-century furniture mixed in with Ikea pieces, colorful rugs, and plenty of doodads and tchotchkes–so I can at least rule out minimalism. :) I live in a bungalow, too, so the craftsman architecture adds to they dynamic. I’d call my style “Classic Mid-century Eclectic.” That seems to cover all the bases. 

What is your favorite spot in the house (even of it’s not finished yet.)
This is a toughy, but I’d probably say my dining room. I get to work from home part-time, and when I work from my dining room table, I can see out a window on every side of the house. We also have a lot of our favorite items on display in there, and my husband plays a lot of vinyl, so it’s nice to enjoy some music when we have family over for dinner or games.

IMG_7579 IMG_7578 IMG_7576
What is you favorite vintage piece?
Hands down this has to be our Broyhill Brasilia two-door chest. My husband found it on Craigslist a couple of hours away in my hometown for an unbelievable price. The guy who sold it to us knew what it was worth, but he said he had bought it from the Salvation Army and just wanted to get back what he paid for it. One of the greatest things about buying vintage is the experience of connecting with people and with things. You all become part of the same story. I hope the guy who sold us the chest knows he couldn’t have found anyone more appreciative to have it. It’s just a magnificent piece.

img_6683 img_6688 img_6682 img_6660
What has been your biggest project?
We painted the exterior of our last house, and that was quite a lot of work. In this house, we’ve taken on a couple of labor-intensive jobs, including refinishing the wood floors in our downstairs and making over our entire kitchen with paint and tile. I think we may be about to take on our biggest project yet in our master bedroom, though. I’m going to be overhauling it for the One Room Challenge starting October 8 and doing everything from scraping the ceiling to tearing out the carpet and refinishing the floors. It’s going to be really messy! In a good way. :)

img_6495 img_6481 img_6455 img_6450 img_6446 img_64861
What is your best advice about vintage style or owning an older home?
The thing I’d most emphasize about owning and loving old stuff is that you really have to embrace the imperfections. New stuff can seem so attractively perfect, and looking around the internet, perfection can seem like the end goal. When you buy an old house, you will probably have floors that sag in places and walls that aren’t square. You may discover that some unknown past owner did some weird thing that you may want to undo. You have to look beyond that and know that your house or other item has a person and a history behind it. I recently bought my first handmade rug, and the sides of the rug are visibly not straight. If you were to buy this in Target, when you got home and rolled it out, you’d say “Something is wrong with this.” There’s nothing wrong with my rug, but here’s what’s amazing about it–a human made it!! Humans aren’t perfect, as you know. But they are capable of incredible things. Personally, I think it’s fun (and a little humbling) to surround yourself with those things.

I couldn’t agree more! If you love Brittany’s style as much as I do you may want to check out her previous bungalow and the rest of her blog.

Thanks so much Brittany for letting me share your amazing home!


It’s Friday, High Five!

Ikea Sectional Couch SofaPhoto via Flower Patch Farmgirl

Wow, another week has flown by. Can you believe its October already?  Seems like we just moved but we’ve been in our house for two months now. I have been getting lots of little things done around here that I would love to share but it has rained for almost two weeks straight, not great for taking photos. Not that I could have taken photos anyway. My camera also went haywire for a few days. I guess it is better that it happened on a rainy days than in the middle of a photo shoot.  The good news, I think Mr. Camera has finally come to its senses, so the next sunny day I’m on it! High-five for sunny days.

Here are a few more high fives for the week…

friday 1. Since I’ve seen nothing but rain all week this sunny Living Room from Flower Patch Farmgirl made me so happy. Plus check out the thrift store art collection, a girl after my own heart!

2. Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge Fall 2015 starts next week, anyone else going to take part? I have plenty of challenging rooms around here!

3. Harry Smith spent the 1960s & 70s Collecting Paper Airplanes off the Streets of NYC  This fall a new book by the Anthology film archive and J&L books will be released sharing the surviving airplanes from his collection. There are all sorts of shapes and different papers used which make quite an interesting visual.

 4. Jim Thompson Textiles has a new collection called studio B which is looking super cute on this little slipper chair. I actually have two vintage slipper chairs I bought in Germany that are in need new upholstery and I’m loving this look.

5. I love a good idea and these rubber bands that include a little bow are just about the cutest I’ve seen in a while.

Looks like we are in for more rain this weekend so I’m off to find my umbrella.

Have a great weekend, and I hope you stay dry.


Boy’s Room In Navy and Orange, and Painting Stripes.

Boy's Room In Navy and Orange

Boy’s Room In Navy and Orange by maggieoverbystudios

Working on my son’s room started with a fresh coat of paint and a bunch of ideas. While we were still in Germany I refinished a German wardrobe, you may remember it as the Longest Refinishing Project Ever I knew this piece would be a focal point for the new room. I used the orange as my jumping off point and came up with a plan. Using the a Pottery Barn crewel throw pillow I found on clearance as my inspiration, the new room will be navy orange and green. The first step to this new room was getting the walls painted.
The room started off a builder beige/brown that seems to come with every house I move into. I hate brown so I repainted the room Valspar Morning Lake, a nice grey with a hint of blue that really brightened up the room.
Next addition, a striped accent wall. I will show you how it’s done using Valspar Indigo Streamer and my good friend Frog Tape.  The only other tools needed are a pencil, tape measure, and a long level or yard stick.
The first step involves a little math. My wall is 93″ from base board to ceiling. I knew I wanted 10″-12″ stripes and that I wanted the top and bottom stripe  match the wall color. I will admit this last decision was out of laziness since avoiding the base board and ceiling made for less work. Having the top and bottom stripe the same means I needed an odd number of stripes.  So dividing my 93″ by 9 gave me 10 1/4″ stripes, five light and four dark, perfect!

Starting at the ceiling I measured down 10 1/4″  all along the wall, then using my long level I drew a line connecting the marks at the same time making sure my marks are level. I continued down the wall measuring 10 1/4″ down from the line above marking and adding a new line. Once complete I tape outside of the stripe to be painted. I also made sure to put the tape just outside my pencil line so that they would be painted over, leaving less clean up.


One extra step I like to take is to add a few small strips of tape inside each stripe I will not be painting. I have been known to paint the wrong stripe so this is a safety measure before the paint comes out.

Now for the most important tip of stripe painting. Using your wall color paint over the edges of your painters tape inside your stripes. Even the best tape does not account for human error.  By painting the wall color on the seams will seal them before you add your contrasting coat, and any bleeding paint will match the wall color and not be seen. This does not have to be a thick coat of paint just a quick brushing around the edges.
Once the edge coat is completely dry your ready for your contrasting coat. I like to use a small foam roller for better control. I roll up and down being sure to get good coverage along the tape edge for a crisp clean line.
The photo above shows the wall after one coat of paint. I used two coats but use as many coats as needed to get full even coverage. Once the painting is complete remove the tape. I find it best to pull the tape while the paint is still wet. Due to the elastic quality of latex based paint it will sometimes tear away with the tape once it is dry so pulling the tape while the paint is wet will prevent this from happening.
The end result crisp, clean stripes.  The process took only a few hours and with a little patience it is not nearly as hard as it looks.
 Now I just need to get the rest of the room together…

It’s Friday, High five!

1lancePhoto via Design Sponge

Back from the beach and revived! It was nice to take a break from the chaos that is my house for a few days and have some time to rejuvenate. I returned  home refreshed and ready to conquer the world, or least the living room. This week I focused on clearing the living of all the extras that had accumulated there during the unpacking. I managed to get all the furniture we will not be using out to the garage and get the rest of the things put away so I can get a better idea of the space (note: don’t open any closet doors, I’ll worry about that later.) I will share the details of my progress next week but for now I’m just glad to be able to sit in the living room after a hard day without having to look at a growing pile of mess. High-five!

Here are a few more high fives for the week…


1. The above photo from Design Sponge of Lance DeWalt and Quoc Nguyen‘s  Eclectic Philadelphia Loft, I love a collected home.

2. These time-lapse videos of spontaneous sand paintings by Joe Mangrum, each takes about 11 days to complete but here the whole process is captured in less than 2 minutes.

3. Get the look of the colorful rug apartment above with the Kaleidoscopic Blooms Rug from Anthropologie.

4. Queen of the Conservatory Dress, Summer is coming to an end but I think I can squeeze in a few more flowers  with this vintage inspired dress with flower applique.

5. I painted my front door last week but now I’m considering going two-tone like A Beautiful Mess and their diagonal door paint.

Hope your week was full of high-fives.

Have a great weekend,


Found it at the Market – September 2015

It has been a few months since my last Found it at the Market post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any shopping. All through my summer in New Orleans and my travels to and around our new home in South Carolina I have been on the hunt for great vintage finds. This post has a few from out last weeks in Germany as well so consider this a global market post.

Market September edit1. Marble top brass plant stand (10€) $11.20, great for any corner or even as a small side table.

2. Pair of California Originals peacocks $25, I took a trip to Washington D.C. over the summer and ran across these guys at an antique fair. I was only going to buy one but when the vendor offered me a deal on the pair how could a say no?

3. Clam shell with pearls (6€) $6.75, found this in a local antique shop near out house in Germany. I always though the pearls grew in the shell not on the shell.

4. Framed lithograph (3€) $3.35, one of the final German lithographs for the collection.

5. Pink and gold mid-century lamp $10, found this perfect pink lamp down at Myrtle Beach now she has a home in my living room.

6. Framed lithograph in color (8€) $9. always love the delicate pen and ink quality of a lithograph but the color versions are my favorite.

7. Porcelain Lamb (8€) $9, this little guy was so sweet I just couldn’t pass him up.


What I didn’t buy: This artful flower and fruit basket I ran across at the thrift store, that’s right my friend that is 3D!


Because who would buy 2 dimensional fruit basket art when you could get one in 3D?


I went back to the thrift store to show this marvel to my husband but some lucky soul had already snatched it up. Something for everyone…

Happy Hunting,


It’s Friday, High Five!

Rue-20thSt-77Photo via Rue Daily

With all the painting that needs to be done at the new house it is hard to get much else done. This week I have taken a break from painting and have committed myself to getting some things on the wall. For the past month I have had a giant pile of art and objects that have yet to find a proper home covering my living room floor (and tables and chairs). Now that some of the painting is complete I am motivated to get this space cleared so at least the common areas of the house are livable. With the “man cave” complete I’m moving on to the living room, and high-five I can finally see the floor. all this work is finally starting to pay off. Whoo-Hooh! Tomorrow as a reward f we are headed to the beach for a little fun in the sun before the cool weather sets in. I’m hoping a day away from the mess house will have me ready to tackle the rest of the painting next week. Maybe…

Here are a few more high-fives I ran across this week…


1. The sunny San Fransisco home of designer Lauren Nelson, the perfect balance of light and color.

2. This year-long exchange between a street artist and city worker on a red wall in London, gotta appreciate a good sense of humor.

3. MO Bordeaux and the collaboration that has created tapestry fashion that has the look of a paint by number, you know I love a paint by number!

4. The German Crew street artists who collaborated with Mexican government to bring a vibrant splash of color to the district of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico.

5. This Richloom Solarium Balmoral Opal fabric which will find a place in my home somewhere, maybe the kitchen curtains…

Now I must find my sunscreen because I’m headed to the beach!
Have a great weekend!


Man Cave Lighting


I shared the almost finished Man Cave but instead of moving on to another big project I am obsessing over replacing that boob light. Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time browsing the options over at Lamps Plus. My goal is to find something fun but at the same time a bit masculine. I have to say I found hundreds that were better than that boob light and quite a few I would love to have in my house. Have a look at the top contenders I’m cave lighting


Can’t decide? Maybe this will help have a look at how each would look installed in the room.

lighting 7 lighting 5 lighting 2lighting 6 lighting 1lighting 4lighting 3

I thought I would be totally in love with Number 5 the chrome Sputnik light but I am actually favoring the more industrial looking lights in this room. Number 3 and Number 7 are the top contenders so far and my husband agrees. Which one is you favorite?