It’s Friday, High Five!

Grummet-artworkPhoto via Design Files

Every week I spend hours scouring the internet for ideas an inspiration and often see things that are wonderful but don’t really call for a full blog post but I so want to share. So, I have decided to start a new column. Friday will now be dedicated to the curious, interesting and just plain inspiring things I find across the internet every week that make we want to give somebody a high five!

And for my local friends I will be sharing any high-five “junking” event I know about or am planning to attend.

So here is the

1. Look at the picture above, suddenly feel inspired to rearrange my “Fat Lava” collection after seeing THIS inspiring home.

2. Ready to place and order on Rooms to Love by LeeAnn Yare after seeing this lovely post by Mel at  Armoire Pegs and Casserole

3. A map of amazing colors, just replaced my desktop back ground with one of these amazing images from an Exploratory Soil Map of Kenya

4. Ikea finally found a way to get your husband to Ikea with their  Mänland concept, not sure 30 minutes is nearly long enough though…

5. These shoes from Modcloth… Need I say more?

And for my local peeps a market you may want to visit…

School House Antiques (near Ramstein) is having a huge warehouse sale this weekend in their 10 STORY warehouse.

Thanks Kim for passing this on!

Have you seen anything amazing this week? Feel free to send them my way via

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


Growing Up, the Big 4 – 0

Ladies and Gentleman, Today is my Birthday and I am proud to say I am 40. No hiding my age or being 29 forever, I am 40 and fabulous. To tell the truth this last year has had some pretty amazing changes, things that finally make me feel like an adult. It is weird how sometimes you don’t feel like you have aged at all. Well, until you see an 18-year-old and suddenly they look like babies. Still I am not getting older they are just getting younger right? Either way I am embracing my maturity and all that is new and different.

So,what is new and different?

First off, this blog. Blogging was something I considered doing for a long time but just didn’t feel I had the time for. Now I wish I had started long ago. The blog just turned one year and has brought so much satisfaction and inspiration to my life in that short period. I have met some amazing people all over the world. Most of all it has encouraged me to live a fuller life so I can share it with all you amazing readers out there.
Magazine Day
This one may seem small but definitely brings me up to speed with the rest of the planet. Crazy but after avoiding it all my life I am now drinking coffee. Like, REALLY drinking coffee. My 9-year-old son actually got me started. He loves coffee milk but is very concerned about the temperature being too hot. I got the be the temp tester and before long I just had a taste for it. Now I am a 3 to 4 cups a day person. How very adult of me!


Another grown up thing I am trying are “Real Sunglasses.” After years of $10 Target sunglasses I decided to buy a pair of Ray Bans. Maybe it was that I moved to land of NO Target, but I felt like to was time.  Putting them back in the case instead of throwing them in my purse with the rest of my junk has been the hardest part of this grown up activity. They have survived a whole year I guess that makes them cheaper than a monthly pair of Target glasses and some how un-scratched lenses work so much better!

Okay this  is a pretty big one for me. I have never been a runner, even at my peak physical fitness in college two miles was my max. I would gladly walk ten miles but running was never my thing. Well this summer I started slow, jogging small stretches at first and working my way up. I now regularly run 3 to 5 miles at least 3 days a week. Last week I RAN the 10K (6.2 miles) at the Munich Marathon. What?  It took me 1 hour and 4 minutes but I would say that is fairly respectable for someone who has only been running for a few months. I have learned that running is more in your mind than your body, mostly keeping you mind off your body. If I get really involved thinking about something else I can forget that some part of my body hurts or aches. I don’t know if this makes me more of an adult but it does make me pretty feel good about myself.

Finally for the whopper, last year we moved to Europe. Germany to be exact. Sometimes it is amazing to think that we are “those people,” like on House Hunters International or something.  This has been an amazing opportunity for our family, to immerse ourselves in another culture and travel to places that some people don’t get to go in a lifetime. I thought it would be difficult leaving everything we know behind but it has been a wonderful adventure. I have to say, I will be sad when it is time to go.

Lots of big changes but over all 40 is looking pretty good and since you CAN teach an old dog new trick, I say bring it on!

Color Theory, I’m Spring!

blog mood boardIn all my years in Art and Architecture I have never taken a class on color theory. Well this month I am taking another Blogging Your Way class Blog Boss with Holly Becker of Decor8 and guest instructor Fiona Humberstone. If you ever get a chance to take one of these classes I highly recommend it. This is my third class and I have learned so much about blogging, branding, and networking that I could never have learned on my own.

This weeks lesson was given by Fiona who is a creative director who has styled brands and created websites for years, so when she gave a lesson on branding I was all ears, or eyes I guess since we are in cyberspace.

The focus of this branding is rooted in Color Theory.

I know the term sounds familiar, it did to me too, but I could not have given you a real definition before taking this class.

This is the way it works:

“Color works at an instinctive level: faster than words or images and has the power to make people feel something for a brand  By using the right tones, textures, shapes and hues you can communicate your key brand values and influence how people respond subconsciously.”

In a nutshell, pick the right colors and people will institutionally have a feeling about your brand before they even look at a pictures or read a single word. These feeling are then broken down into seasonal personalities and color palettes. Spring colors are bright and clear which feel warm and approachable, Summer colors are cool and muted which feels elegant and romantic, Autumn colors are warm and intense along with muted shades which feel earthy and organic, while Winter colors are intense and can also include black these exude luxury and success.

Pretty cool stuff, right!

So what did I learn? Well obviously I learned that my personality is Spring. If you have read my blog from the beginning you may remember my original color scheme was quite different and did not have the feeling I wanted to give off. Several months ago I re-branded my blog and without even knowing it I got the colors just right. The new Spring colors say exactly what I want my blog to represent, that it is an outgoing, fun, friendly environment that is creative and inspirational. Right out of the Springs key attributes. I also have a few Autumn tendencies which are brought out in the oranger shades of yellow. This reflects my strong sense of history and love of vintage and shows that I am ambitious and focused.

Kind of like your personal color Horoscope…

The fun part is while I want to portray my personality in my brand other brands might want to use colors that will show what their brands to represent. For luxury brands it’s Winter all the way. Romance, these brands might lean towards summer. Organics will most likely want to use a Autumn color palette.

Can you think of brands you know that exude a feeling right way? They are probably

For this weeks homework our assignment was to create a mood board showing our color season, this is what I came up with. I included my spring colors that I am currently using on my blog, lots of creative elements/art, and as always a nod to the vintage and retro I adore.

So what do you think. Is my color theory working? Do you feel the creativity and fun? I would love to hear you opinion!

Staring at the Ceiling

painted ceilingPhoto via Helen Thompson In House

Hello All,

Have you missed me? Did you even notice I was gone. Well I missed you either way!

The last week I have been down in out with one of the worst colds I have had in a while. This seems to happen when I have a million things to do and it is the absolute worst time to be sick. However,  sometimes it is nice to have a good excuse to take a break, get some rest and just do nothing. Would have been nicer to call in “well” but you know that rarely happens. Today I am back to about 90% so I figured I better get back to work before you forget about me all together.

In between the hours in bed “resting” I was able to find the strength do a little pinning with my poor weak fingers.

I was first  drawn by the photo above and was compelled to do some hunting. Maybe it was all my time staring up at the ceiling that got me wishing mine had a splash of color. I think this concept would be great in my bathroom, especially since here in Germany most bathrooms are tiled all the way up to the ceiling. This leaves only one thing left to paint.

You could go bold…

painted ceilingPhoto by Florian Braun via Fashion Communications

or subtle…

painted ceilingPhoto via SISSY+MARLEY

painted ceilingPhoto via BHG

Or somewhere in between…

painted ceilingPhoto via Guehne-Made

painted ceilingPhoto via Apartment Therapy

What do you think? Too much or Just right?

I think these painted ceiling were a great way to add color and contrast to these otherwise stark rooms.




I have seen the new Ikea STOCKSUND sofa all over the blogs and I have to say this pink color is amazing. Although they are not showing this color as an option at the stores yet, the neutral options are cuties as well. Great design at a great cost are always good when your on a budget. So three cheers for IKEA, again.

But wait, yesterday I went to my mailbox to find my Ikea Family flyer waiting for me. When I opened it up look what I found. The Ikea EKENÄSET. What, how great is this? I love this guy and although I am not seeing it on the U.S site yet here in Germany it is running 399€ (which at today’s exchange rate is only about $500.)

Ikea EKENÄSETFinally someone is making an affordable sofa for the mid-century modern crowd! Thank you Ikea!

Time for a Change – Coral Master Bedroom


Something strange is going on with the paint in my master bedroom

You can see it slightly in the picture above. Along the corner of the wall the paint seen to be separating creating dark and light patches. This was one of the first rooms I painted and I used a pre-mixed color from a German hardware store which is now gone out of business (maybe it was their sub-par paint) so there is no buying more to touch up. I’m sure what went wrong ??? It could have been me, but since I painted the whole house and no other room is having this problem I have to think it was the paint.  All that being said, I think I need a new paint job. Maye grey and coral is the way to go…

coral bedroom 1Photo Via DecorPad design by Meredith Heron Design

You didn’t think I was gonna repaint the room the same color did you? Well that would just be silly!

Thinking about paint also got me thinking about bedding and giving my room a little update. Obviously the major pieces like the rug and furniture will stay but the bedding and curtains are an easy change for a quick update.  So the black and white will stay but I feel like changing out the gold for coral would be simple.  Look I already have the black and white bedding in these photos.

gray-walls-trellis-linens-cg Photo via Centsational Girl

Do you see where I am going with this? Switch a few things out here and there and I have a whole new look.

grasscloth and coral 2Photo via Sara M. Dorsey Designs

coral-navy-bedding-set-040814-b Photo via Decor 2 Ur Door

3764c3869598525e00c4c8044caa146e-1383855171Photo via Echelon Custom Homes

I think that rug look a bit familiar too!

I am still in the planning stages on this one but definitely feeling inspired.

Now if only I could fit one of those great upholstered headboards in my bedroom…

Found it at the Market – October 2014 Part 2

As promised, today I have photos of all the great loot we Found at the Market this weekend. There were hundreds of things I wanted to buy but these are the few we came home with.Market Oct. 2014My husband has decided on a new collection of portraits and being a military man he particularly likes the portraits of soldiers so a few were added to the wall. The large photo (18″x24″) is a memorial of a 21 year soldier old who died at Verdun in 1916, we paid 25€ ($35). We also bought a pen and ink drawing of a business man who appears to be from the 50’s for 10€($14)and a WWII photo of  a soldier from the German Luftwaffe (air force,)  also 10€($14.)  These will find a new home on the gallery wall in the Man Cave.

Now you may remember this “Fat Badger” from another market post a while back, well up till now he has sat on the floor in the man cave. (You didn’t think I gonna have him in the living room did you?) Finally we found him a table to stand on. This little cutie was 50€ ($65) and will look cute elsewhere if the badger should ever come to an unfortunate end.  I better keep my mouth shut, you know the wife is always the prime suspect…

Let’s move on.

My stairway collection grew by two very good-sized (15″x20″) hand colored lithographs that were 5€ ($7) and 10€ ($14.) Great prices for two really beautiful pieces!

Market Oct. 2014

You know for me no market trip is complete without a West German Ceramics purchase and this weekend we hit the jackpot. All these beautiful pieces (plus a few more) cost less than 40€ ($55) Market Oct. 2014

Market Oct. 2014
Market Oct. 2014I’d say the weekend was a success and for only 175€ ($245) we went home with some pretty great junk!

Found it at the Market – October 2014 Part 1

photo 10I hope you guys aren’t tired of my market finds yet, because this weekend was market extravaganza! Plus the weather was perfect for lots and lots of shopping.

My husband and I started on Friday with the Bamberg’s yearly antique market that takes place every October 3rd on the holiday of Tag der Deutschen Einheit (The Day of German Unity.) Over the years this antique market has grown into one of Europe’s biggest, welcoming 40,000 visitors and almost 500 traders from all over Europe.  Here the streets of the Altstadt (old town) are filled with venders of every kind, but remember this is one day only so arrive early and shop till you drop!

photo 9 photo 8 photo 7From fine antiques..

To mid-century fun…

and collectables of all kinds..

There is something for everyone.

This was my husbands pick, a pith helmet with photo documenting it’s use. Unfortunately this combo ran 280€ so it could not come home with us, but still fun to look at.
photo 2

I always love the amazing array of doll house furniture at the markets. It’s like a history of design in miniature, and the prices are smaller too.

photo 1The Bamberg market was amazing but it only takes place once a year so between these sorts of markets there are lots of local markets we love to shop regularly. Since Sunday was one of our favorites we headed to Wörnitz where they have a huge market that takes place on the first Sunday of every month. You will not find this market on the regular market website but you can find all the details you need at HERE. I highly recommend you stop by.

What a weekend, so many great finds. I’d say market shopping was a total success and of course we found lots of “Fat Lava.”  I scored all the great pieces below for less than 40€. Of course we got a lot more amazing stuff but far too much for one post so I will share those with you tomorrow along with some up close and personal shots of my favorite “Fat Lava.”


Feeling Blue Sofas

gallery-wall-over-sofaPhoto via Styled by Emily Henderson

Earlier this year I did a post on velvet furniture that included the lovely sofa below from ModShop.  I just love this sofa! The past few days as I have browsed Pinterest and I am seeing more and more sofas in this beautiful blue color. These photos only make me want my dream sofa more. On top of that when look at the photo above I see that I already own that rug and pillow, so this sofa should be at my house right? Well maybe one day but for now I will continue drooling over these amazing interiors with bold blue sofas.

DSC_5050_py-8zOw9rR_lPhoto via Lonny

theeverygirl-katherine-vo-Monica-WangPhoto Via The EveryGirl

Kristin-Perers-easy-living-28jan14_pr_b_426x639_1Photo via House and Garden UK

elle-01-interior-82JVav-blog-lgnPhoto via ELLE

085d705db6831b98a41c25fef83d92b6Photo Via The EveryGirl

08-hbx-tai-ping-rug-howard-1113-xlnPhoto via House Beautiful

Found it at the Market – September 2014

It has been a busy week and an even busier weekend. Every Sunday is market day so I had to find some time for my favorite activity.  I was only able to hit one market this weekend and even though it was one of the smaller ones I scored some great stuff at some great prices!market

  1. Flower paper cut silhouette 2.50€ ($3.50)
  2. Würzburg Lithograph 4€ ($5.60)
  3. 20″ West German Pottery Vase 285 /53 3€ ($4.20)
  4. Pine wood cabinet 60€ ($84)
  5. Hunter and Hound paper cut silhouette 2.50€ ($3.50)
  6. Mid Century magazine table 20€ ($28)
  7. WWII Deutsches Einheits Familien Stambuch (German Unit Families Stampbook) 4€ ($5.60)