Teen Girls Room in Black, Aqua and Coral

Teen Girls Room Black, Pink, and Aqua
We are spending the summer in New Orleans taking a little break before moving into a new house in South Carolina but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about what I want to do once I get moved in. I don’t know what this house will look like or what street it will be on but I do know we will all need a place to sleep. I always try to give the kids room an update for each move and you may remember a few months back I was doing some musing over what to do in my daughter Katie’s room. I had fallen in love with a fabric and I wanted to incorporate it along with some of the pieces she already has. Turns out my almost 15-year-old daughter has strong opinions about that fabric. She hates it, so back to the mood board.
The new look started with these Martha Stewart Whim Sheets we ran across at Macy’s when we first came back to the States. Katie loved these instantly. The colors she originally wanted to work with were navy, aqua and coral but she loved the zebra sheets so much we decided to change the navy to black. This ended up being a perfect change since many of the items like the bed, chair, rug, and aqua chest are items we already have that will transition pretty easily. The bed will get a new coat of paint changing it from its current pink to black which will work well with the rug and chair. We will create a vanity type set up that will double as a desk that she has wanted for a long time. Add in the new bedding, some minor changes like lighting and artwork and we should be able to tie the new room together without too much expense.
This new plan is the beginning of something that will make everyone happy.
Now for to the part that I know makes me happy, shopping!

I’m not Alone, #MOSChairJunkie

entry hallMy mid-century circle chairs.

This is not the first time I have shared my problem! I just can’t stop buying chairs. Vintage chairs are one of the best deals around. They are so much fun and come in so many styles it is hard for me to say no. A while back I started a hashtag on Instagram to share my #MOSChairJunkie finds.

Well guess what, I am not alone. Turns our there are quite a few chair junkies out there and they have shared their finds with me, so I thought I would share a few of them with you.


Cate_Stylemutthome from Style Mutt Home found these office swivel chairs and gave them a whole new look by adding mid-century tapered legs. Genius!


BBkingery from White Dog Vintage is always scoring amazing thrift finds including this cutie.


LifeWithaDashofWhimsy who also blogs at Life With a Dash of Whimsy found this full set of Chinese Chippendales for only $39.95, what a score!


SGardnerStyle from SG Style scored these mid-century beauties for $40 and they look like they are in perfect condition.


AnatomyOfDesign who blogs at The Anatomy of Design found these cuties that look great on the patio, and absolutely perfect once she added a coat of yellow paint.


So you see if you are not out there hunting vintage chairs you are missing out. These are just a few of the amazing finds that have been shared. You can check out all the amazing chairs at #MOSChairJunkie and by all means join in the fun.

Feel free to share your own, because it’s always nice to know your not alone!

Please note that by linking up with #MOSChairJunkie, you are giving me permission to share your finds via social media or on my blog.

It’s Friday, High Five!

86ab2bd7fa8690bd2eccc32d2b6db060Photo via Ensemble Architects

This week has been busy with house repairs and trying to line up contractors to do some of the bigger jobs at our house in Alabama (seen on yesterday’s blog.) If you have every tried getting quotes from contractors you know 20 phone calls may result in only one or two responses. Well this week that is pretty much how it went, until today. I finally got the contractors lined up to replace the deck, put in a new pool liner and repair part of the fence. High-five to that!

Now if I could just find a good yard man to get on board I’d be good to go. Wish me luck!

Here are a few more high fives for the week…


1.  The photo above of a Brooklyn Heights Loft designed by Elizabeth Roberts has me drooling over built-ins. I think I may have a few goodies to fill those up.

2. Anyone else watching Astronaut Wives Club? It is filmed here in New Orleans and is full of the most amazing furniture and costumes, I think I was born in the wrong decade.

3. Kissing Pillows from Urban Sweethearts just might be the inspiration I need for my daughters new room, I think the flamingos are my favorite.

4. Decorenvy shared photos of restaurant Anahi in Paris and its beautiful gold accents including gold grout, how luxurious!

5. You know I’m a chair junkie so Wild Chairy and their amazing upholstery is right up my alley.

Have a great weekend,


Our Alabama House Tour


Earlier in the week I was busy at our rental house in Alabama doing some repairs before we get new tenants. The house looked really good and just needed some touch up paint and a few minor repairs but being there made a little sad for the days when we lived there. It also made me realize I don’t have a tour of this house on my blog.


We lived in this house from 2009 until 2013 and did a lot of improvements while we were there. I took pictures of the renovations but at the time I was not blogging so the pictures were mostly for my documentation. That also means did not take pictures of the entire house, but since I am feeling nostalgic I thought I would share anyway.

Our first major project was the kitchen which you may have seen in an earlier post HERE

This is the kitchen before…


Here is the After…



We also tackled some large and small fireplace dilemmas…

The large dilemma before…


And after… You can read the details of how we got to the after HERE


The small dilemma in the second living space…

We also added bamboo flooring in these two spaces as well as in the master bedroom.



Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the rest of the house but at least these give you a peak. In the end we loved the results of all our work. I still miss our big living space and our nice new kitchen. Hopefully we will find another house in South Carolina that we can love just as much.

If you’d like to see more there are some photos of the rest of the house on the rental and sale listings if you’d like to take those tours.


It’s Friday, High Five!

60529f22751b5e7311c948768de24f76Photo via Old Brand New

This week has been a week of rest, shopping, eating (more eating) and basically trying to recover from phase one of our move. I may have recovered just a bit of my sanity but full recovery it may take a while, and maybe more eating. This week I’m heading to Alabama to check on our rent house and do some repairs before we either sell or rent to a new tenant. Anyone looking to move to Alabama? If so I know the owner, I could hook you up…)  So this week will not be one of  rest but it will take a few things off my plate which is always a big relief. High-five for that. and then maybe another week of rest.

Here are a few more high-fives I found this week.

friday1. The photo above from a blog I just ran across for the first time today called Old Brand New the blogger Dabito is a “freelance graphic designer, photographer, and vintage vulture” and this living room for West Elm is right up my alley. Turns out he also lives in New Orleans.

2. Have you heard that the U.S Treasury is redesigning the ten-dollar bill. Alexander Hamilton will be replaced this time go round the ten-dollar bill will feature a woman and you can help decide who will be featured, the even have a new hashtag, #TheNewTen

3. Ohhsit combines photos with a passion for chic seating and decor. I can’t get over this chair featuring old photos of owner and designer Brittan Goetz’s mother and grandmother.

4. Your never too old for a good coloring book and I think The Wall Paper Coloring Book might be just the one I’ve been looking for.

5. Jenny at Little Green Notebook shared some amazing ways to upgrade your plain closet door, some of them are really simple and others are just plain fabulous!

Have a great weekend,


Found it at the Market – June 2015

Market June 2015

I’m so sad to say that this is my last post dedicated entirely to items found at the German markets and thrift stores. Not to say that this is the end of “Found it at the Market” posts but that the next one will be a combination of U.S. and German found items. I’m sad for that time to be over but I am already finding some great new items to hunt here in the States.

1. Paper Cut silhouettes to add to my collection Man 8€ ($9), Woman 20€ ($22.50), Child 3€ ($3.35)

2. Marbleized glass pendant light with tassel 20€ ($22.50) – how pretty would this guy be in a powder room.

3. Brass and turquoise jewelry box –  3€ ($3.35)

4. French porcelain leaf bowl 4€ ($4.50)

5. Porcelain/Iron Stone Beer Stein, to add to my husbands collection 8€ ($9)

Here are a few detail shots of my pretty pendant. I just love the tassel on the bottom!

PicMonkey Collage

What I didn’t buy: Wow this guy is everything, a clock, a light (hard to see but there are fiber optics coming out of the tail) art (breathtaking) and according to the label a gift because it is from the “Gift Collection.”  How I’d love to see the rest of the collection…

Luckily, for my friends and family no one was in need of a gift this month!


A Trip to the Bank – Architectural Salvage New Orleans


Being a New Orleans native I am probably a little biased but I think New Orleans has some of the most beautiful architecture around. If you have never visited you may remember a post I did last year on a few colorful examples. Unfortunately a post Katrina New Orleans saw the destruction and demolition of too many of these turn of the century homes. Lucky places like The Bank are around to salvage what can be saved and reused from this amazing architecture.


I hadn’t been to The Bank in years but this week I stopped in for a visit. The selection is amazing, an entire block of anything and everything you could possibly imagine from feet for your claw foot tub to beautifully carved porch brackets.


You name it they’ve got it, and they’ve got a lot of it!

Vintage door hardware, Check.


Door or all sizes, Check.


Fireplace mantels, Check.


Are you getting the picture?


While you can easily see why these architectural elements are worth saving what you may not know is that the quality and durability of these pieces far surpass anything you could buy new.


In the late 1800’s when many of these pieces were produced the primary building material in Louisiana was local old growth cypress. This slow growth wood has a tight golden to red grain and some pretty amazing qualities. Cypress heartwood naturally produces a preservative called cypressene which means it is resistant to insects, rot, decay and other damaging elements. What better proof than these architectural elements that have survived a hundred years in the New Orleans heat and humidity.


While The Bank offers an array of architectural salvage they also sell antiques and offer full service repair, stripping, even custom furniture construction. Anything you can dream up is possible.


If you’re looking to restore an old house,  add character to a new house or just looking for a one of a kind piece to add to you collection stop by The Bank online or in person at 1824 Felicity St. New Orleans, LA.

It is definitely worth the trip…


It’s Friday, High Five!

ambersmp_074$!400xPhoto by Bryce Covey

Okay so it’s actually Saturday but I hope due to my homelessness you will give me a little leeway here. We have been in the States five days now but I’m still a little out of whack with the time change and exhaustion from the trip. I have spent the first week eating yummy New Orleans food (high-five) and probably gaining ten pounds (not a high-five but totally worth it.) Yesterday my car cleared through customs at the Port of Houston so I flew out to pick it up (my excuse why I wasn’t here) and drove it back to New Orleans. It survived the journey without any problems and I now have my own transportation again, high-five. Plus, that is one more step in getting the move completed, big high-five.

Here are a few more I found this week…


1. The photo above from Style Me Pretty‘s incredible tour of Amber from Amber Interiors home. That Kilim rugs is to die for!

2. Brain Games, a National Geographic series we have been watching on Hulu that uses real people to show how the mind work. The series goes into everything from money to memory and is truly fascinating.

3. North Carolina based artist Yumi Okita and her amazing sculptures. Yumi’s use of fabrics and embroidery turn everyday sewing items into extraordinary textile moths. Normally sold on Etsy, the store is currently on vacation but I will be waiting anxiously for their return.

4. Obsessed with finding the perfect bowl for cereal or ice cream these Latte Bowls from Anthropologie are my favorite, and they come in every color of the rainbow which make for an amazing mix and match set.

5. There is something so therapeutic about Tennessee-based photographer Emily Blincoe‘s photographs meticulously arranged collections of objects. You can follow her work on Instagram, or even buy many of the images in her shop.


No markets today but I am off to an estate sale to help curb my market blues.

Have a great weekend,


Posy/Rose Bowl Arrangements


Recently I ran across these great posy/rose bowls at one of my favorite antique shops near my house in Germany, Roth Antik.  I have used flower frogs before but I was not sure I’d ever used a rose bowl. Imported from the UK these little silver plate beauties make flower arranging super easy. I am not a floral designer so anything that can make a grocery store arrangement a little more special works for me.

Rose bowls come in a variety of sizes so I bought a large one and a small one. The larger one in this photo is 5.5″ in diameter and the smaller one is 3″ diameter.DSC08343

Each rose bowl consists of two parts, a silver plate bowl and a removable cage designed to help arrange the flowers.DSC08269

Using a dozen grocery store roses I started by cutting the stems rather short. For this arrangement I used the larger bowl and cut the stems to about 8.” For an even tighter bouquet or if using a smaller bowl you would go even shorter.


Then begin adding the roses all the way around the bowl leaving two or three space on the grid open in each direction between the roses.


The grid will help keep the roses up right and keeps the spacing between the flowers consistent.


Once all the roses are inserted you have easily created an arrangement that is lovely all the way around.


If you’d like to take it a step further grab a bouquet of mixed flowers as well and add them in between the roses. The results are a professional looking bouquet that is super easy to achieve and a fraction of the price you’d pay at the florist.DSC08293

Not bad for my very first try!

Can’t get to Roth Antik, no problem. These little cuties are easy to find online either vintage or new. I found a variety of styles in both porcelain and silver by searching posy bowls on Etsy.

On the Move – Getting There is Half the Fun!

DSC08374Hello from the other side of the pond! Yes we made it back to the States, finally!

I have been absent for a few day because honestly I needed time to recover. The time change is always exhausting and the trip itself, well that is a whole other story….

I know I titled this post “Getting there is have the fun” perhaps I should have used “being” there is half the fun, because getting there is sometimes a misery. Today I though I would share some of the good, bad and the ugly of getting my self, two kids, two pets and way too many pieces of luggage from Germany to the U.S. via several planes, trains, and automobiles.

Our flight was scheduled for Sunday at 1:50 pm out of Frankfurt which is normally a two and a half hour drive from our house. The plan was to get the house cleaned and pack up the last of our belongings we would travel with Saturday morning. Then we’d drive up in the afternoon have a leisurely dinner, a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast before the flight. My husband is staying in Germany another month so he would be the support team, driving us to the airport, helping with the kennels and luggage, and getting us checked in before heading back.

Since my SUV had already shipped and my husbands primary car is a Mini Clubman the only car big enough to transport our luggage was our 1985 Land Rover Defernder 110. Let me say that this car is my husbands toy and I have never even driven it, he purchased it in the Netherlands about a year ago because they are rarely available in the States. It is a British spec model with right hand steering, no A/C (or any other creature comforts) and tops out at about 65 MPH.  Not my ideal ride to the airport but the weather had been lovely reaching about 70ºF most days and the ride was not too long, plus we had no other choice.


Saturday, after a morning of scrubbing and mopping, we load up the family and the pets and our last worldly belongings and headed out. Just our luck, the temperature is beginning to hit the upper 80’s, one of the hottest days we’ve had in Germany so far. This is the day we have to take the car with no A/C for a 3 hours drive (the ride is longer when you can’t top 65.) Perfect timing!

We set off about 1:30 pm with an estimated arrival at our hotel of about 4:30. Once on the Autobahn with a little wind blowing the heat was tolerable and the kids and pets were getting along. The cat would occasionally vocalize his displeasure at being in the car but for the most part all went well.IMG_4618

That is until about 4pm…

Just 30 miles from our destination a vibration started in the steering. Chuck thought it felt like a flat which was not good because we had removed the spare from the back to fit in all our junk. We pulled to the shoulder but the tires looked fine so we decide to get off at the next exit to have a look under the hood at the power steering. As we pulled off the steering seamed to improve so after taking a break to checked the fluids, hoses and tires we decided to push on. We were so close and we had to get to our flight, we made the decision to stay off the Autobahn and take the back roads the rest of the way. Unfortunately about a mile down the road I glance out at the front tire where the vibration seemed the worst and noticed a terrible wobble. It looked like it was about to come off. Emergency!!!

We pulled off the road and were at a loss, what do we do now? We have a road side assistance policy, but have never had to use it before and when we called all the recordings are in German, not helpful. A friendly bicyclist helped us request assistance but it is Saturday and while some auto shops may have limited hours on Saturday most are not open at all. We noticed just up the road from where we pulled off an auto shop, closed but still right there…

We walked over to see if anyone was around and fortunately the barking of the guard dogs brought the owner out just as roadside assistance showed up. The owner spoke excellent English but the roadside assistance guy did not, thankfully that meant we had a translator but the news was not good. The car needed to be towed but nothing could be done until Monday when the shops opened and we still needed to get to the airport. The train was an option but I had two hot animal, six pieces of luggage, two kennels and no way to get then to the train station 5 miles away.

The owner of the auto shop turned out to be our savior, although he did not work on Land Rovers he knew someone who did. He offered to drive us and all our belongings to the train station. He would also keep the car until Monday morning when the shops opened and help us get the car in for repair.  It is now 6pm. and the next train to Frankfurt left at 6:40 so we load up into his smaller SUV with luggage and the dog in our lap for the next leg of the journey.

This part was a lot more painful than the heat…

Imagine trying to get two animal, six pieces of luggage, and a huge kennel up steep flight of stairs to a train platform and then onto the train while it stops for only a few short minutes. Rough!

We got on the first train only to find it was stopping short of Frankfurt. We decided on a system for getting off and on as quickly as possible with the kids going  first with the animals while Chuck and I unloaded the luggage, handing off water bucket style, until everything was off/on the train. I only wish I had a video of this because I’m sure we looked half crazed. Anyone else trying to get on or off the train at our door was out of luck, we were on a mission!

We ended up having to take three trains and climbed about six flights of stairs with all our piles of stuff, but we made it.

Here we are on the platform poised for the next boarding.


In all this excitement the dog seemed okay with her first train ride, at least once the train was moving.


The kids remained in good spirits, and no one (including myself) cried. Although I was painfully close at times.


Estimated time of arrival to the airport 8:27 pm and we still had to find the shuttle to our hotel.


We made it to the airport exhausted and hungry so we stopped for a dinner break in the terminal before hunting for the hotel shuttle. After missing the first shuttle we finally arrived at the hotel around 9:30pm only five hours late but still early enough to get a good nights sleep before our airport adventure.

We had to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight to get the animals checked in. Good thing, because once we got there we were told both of our kennels were too small (even though those were the kennels they came over in.) This was about the time the tears came, not hysterical tears but I did have to take a break and have Chuck go find the kennel sales to keep from really losing it. The airport generously (I’m being facetious) sold us two new kennels for the bargain price of only 380€ ($400.) Do you get a credit for the two kennels you now have to abandon with them, of course not. But what else can you do?

With the critters in their new extra-large kennels and lots of money paid to the airline we finally get all the bags and pets checked in and I can breathe a little sigh of relief.


Chuck stayed until it was time to go through security and we enjoyed a cup of coffee feeling sad to leave him behind but glad to be done with one more step of the journey.


One last good-bye and we made our flight with time to spare. Meanwhile Chuck headed back on the train to figure out the truck situation and have it towed to a local repair shop. Still waiting on the damage ($$$.)

Thankfully the flights were uneventful with only a few short delay and we arrived at my Mom’s house 24 hours later.

For all the bad luck I’d say there was a lot of good luck too. Thanks to some wonderful helpful people and the family (mostly) holding it together we made it to our destination intact, even if it was a bumpy ride.