Taming of the Rug Fringe


I’m sure you remember my new(old) rug from my master bedroom post and as much as I love it, there is one little problem.  After having the rug a while I notice that my bare feet kept getting tangled in the fringe on one end, very annoying in the middle of the night in the dark.  As I looked closer I noticed that one end of the rug had a twisted tight fringe about 4″ long while the other end (the annoying end) had a 6″ cut fringe that was full of tangles and loose threads.

After talking to a rug dealer I learned that the tight end was the looped around the loom while the other end was cut once the rug was complete. The biggest problem (other that getting tangled in it every night) is the loose end can begin to unravel over time, if this continues into the rug’s pattern it is very expensive to repair. So I decided I needed to do something about this mess…

DSC07486After doing some research I learned that knotting the fringe on the loose end of the rug would keep the weave from continuing to unravel. The knot that I used is fairly simple and looks like this. If you would like more detailed instructions on how to tie fringe you can find it HERE

After about an hour of knotting I ended up with a nice even row of knots but an uneven fringe.


Fortunately my fringe was extra long so I use my quilting ruler and scissors to give it a trim.


After a nice haircut my fringe is feeling much more manageable.


and my little late night footsie are very thankful!


Jonathan Adler New for Spring 2015

modern-furniture-turner-vitrine-spr15-jonathan-adlerPhoto via Jonathan Adler

Recently on my Friday High Five I mentioned that the New Spring 2015 Jonathan Adler catalog was out. I am a huge fan of Jonathan Adler and while most of his line is way out of my price range I always find it inspiring. From my favorites like his reproduction Chinese Chippendale chairs to his newly designed animal sculpture I always find something I love. Here are a few of my favorites from the new line up.



It’s Friday, High Five!

mad men 2Photo via Interior Design

Crazy busy week but it is finally coming to an end. We have company coming in town tomorrow and a Mediterranean cruise the following week so I have tried to get ahead on top off all the regular craziness. I have blogged my little heart out so you guys won’t miss me too much. I have finished projects for others so I can get them out and on their way.  Today I must scrub the house (good times.) But the good news is, come tomorrow if it didn’t get done, too bad! Time for a break before the real chaos begins…THE MOVE.  So high-five for a couple of week of R&R to preserve my sanity.

Here are a few more high-fives I found this week…


1. This week Season 7 (Part 1) of Mad Men is streaming now on Netflix, I’m on episode 4. In honor of one of my favorite sets of all time I thought I’d share Interior Design’s Mad Men Set Design slide show. When they sell off the set, can I be first in line, pretty please?

2. When I first moved to the Seattle area, years ago, Domino published a Seattle shopping guide in their magazine. I hit every store on the list and they were amazing. With our move to South Carolina looming I’m thinking Domino’s Charleston city guide might come in handy.

3. Society 6 presents illustrator Guillaume Cornet’s Parisian Neighbourhood a 75 hour illustration in under 2 minutes. Could watch this over and over again, so amazing.

4. Bradford Shellhammer home tour on Refinery29 is full of color and so is his new e-commerce site, Bezar. The online shopping site features feel-good, design-minded accessories, art, and home decor that’s full of color, just like I like.

5. Feeling a little nervous about committing to mural wallpaper? How about a hanging it as a large scale art like this one in  Vogue. For me the plus, I can take it with me when I go, if it will fit on the truck…

For my locals: Saturday there is a fabric market in Nürnberg, I missed it last year but maybe this year I can squeeze it in. I am a total fabric junkie!

And while you’re in Nürnberg remember the Easter market continues everyday until Easter.

Have a great weekend.


Getting Organized In the Sewing Room

sw1I’ve shared my sewing room before but today I wanted to share some of the organization ideas that work best for me. A place for everything is the key to staying organized but sometimes all the little items and scraps of fabric that go along with sewing can be a little challenging to find a place for.

In my sewing room storage is the key. Lots of drawers and shelves so I can create a place for everything but I also use lots containers that you might not have thought to use in your sewing room.

DSC07445One I really like to use is clip boards, whether it’s paper of fabric you need to keep contained they work great. I order lots of home decorator fabric samples and since there is a charge for them and I often have clients looking for a fabric I like to keep them handy. When you sort them by color it makes locating a specific fabric a quick job.


Another one of favorite storage items is covered dishes. From soup tureens to sugar bowls, these guys are great for all kinds of storage. In this one I keep extra notions like bias tape and Velcro , but it would work for all sorts of things.

sw3My under counter storage is where I keep my larger folded fabric. Big folded pieces are stacked on the shelf while smaller pieces are put into baskets. Again I sort these by color to make them easier to find.


For the drawers I use basic divider trays grouping like items together.


My largest storage piece is this Mid Century china cabinet. The cabinets in the lower part are perfect for my spare sewing machine and my scrap booking bag which is quite large. The upper storage is where I keep things I need to get to often.


Books, buttons, embroidery thread, small cuts of fabric, they all find a home here.

One of my favorites containers are the little boxes on the right. I bought them in antique store after the filming of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (filmed in New Orleans.) I don’t think the boxes are even seen in the movie (I watched for them) but they were part of the button factory set. Each has a Button’s Buttons label and a vintage button glued to it. I add a note to each label of what’s inside and use them to store things like labels and ric rac.  I love that they have a story behind them but are still useful.

For things like buttons and thread I love to use clear storage so I can find what I want quickly. You can buy fancy clear storage jars but I used mason jars, mostly because you can buy a whole case for the same price as one storage jar. You may notice I spray painted the lids silver for a different look.


When looking for storage containers don’t limit yourself to the organization isles. I keep my tall markers in a vintage straw dispenser, thread lives in a raised trifle bowl, and fat quarter fit nicely into CD baskets.

No matter what you use to store all those craft and sewing items if you can find place for everything and return everything to its place you are sure to keep a sewing room that’s ready for a project anytime.

In love with Brass Sea Urchins

34441020b0cd3dfc7b9bd85ceb71737dPhoto via Atlanta Home Magazine

This photo says it all. I can’t get enough of these brass sea urchins. Not only do they provide visual interest they also add a wonderful texture that I think every room needs. (Ask my client who laughs at how often I said, “You need some texture.”) Lately I have been searching for the perfect brass sea urchin to bring home to my house. I have a things for lighting so that light is calling my name but here are a few more options I wouldn’t mind having.

SONY DSC1/2/3/4/5/6

Have a look at these other lovely spaces that are rocking the sea urchin!

Lee-Kleinhelter-bedroom-black-white-caned-Porter-chair-sunburstPhoto via Lonny

chatelaine_042Photo via The Marion House Book

7c190278ce11Photo via Decorpad

starburst-mirrorPhoto via Crate and Barrel

2Photo via Carlyle Designs

767ec5d10ccddb0606ee4500ee9bc6a1Photo via Zhush

 Oh Yes, they will be mine!

It’s Friday, High Five!

4_naomi1Photo via Design Sponge

This week has definitely been one for playing catch up, after a month straight of at least one person in the house being sick it seem like I have gotten nothing done. With company coming in just one week, I am trying to get on the ball and try to get at least a little bit ahead or just catch up. If I can do that it will be a total high-five. Here are a few of my favorite high fives for this week…


  1. Naomi Stein‘s home seen in the photo above featured on Design Sponge. Her entire home is amazing but I love the idea of adding a simple black detail to plain flat doors to create more drama.
  2. One of my pet peeves is cords and wires everywhere, I love Mamamekko’s solution for hiding all this fun stuff.
  3. Jade flooring featured on HomeEdit, breathtaking and the herringbone pattern makes it that much better.
  4. Mid century modern daybed by Eric Berthès Jeremie for Milano Bedding, I may need one of these to swoon on.
  5. The Jonathan Adler Spring Catalog is out, need I say more?

For my locals: Lots to do this weekend, spring is here the markets are starting to get bigger and there’s lots going on.

On Saturday there  is an Antique Market in the foyer of the Huma shopping center in Schwabach. This is one of my favorites because it is inside a great place to shop antiques rain or shine.

The city of Ansbach is featuring an open shop Sunday on March 22 with stores opening their doors for shoppers from 1 to 6 p.m

And this week the Ostermarkts (Easter markets) are also getting into full swing. Most town will have one at some point but the larger one in Nürnberg gets under way today and will be open everyday until April 6th.

Looks like a busy weekend.

Hope yours is a great one,


Green For Every Day Of The Year

540f56e4e0350_-_annivdouglass0412-mscn-87063627Photo via Veranda

I know I’m a day late for St. Paddy’s day but all this green has me ready for a remodel. I just love the impact a bold green can bring to all styles of rooms. Whether it’s a floor to ceiling paint job or just a few great accents, a bright bold emerald-green is sure to catch your eye. Have a look at these beautiful room that make a statement everyday of the year!

5aa5c72e15fe194a3286580589593b09Photo via Domino

970bc6a7b6973cd646489c5268e799f3Photo via Domaine Home

388358a7021919cc8bb30c0093828fe2Photo via Interior Design

ab7704449cbf11785be50ec184b16eebPhoto via Traditional Home

view-from-doorPhoto via Bliss At Home

entryway 2Photo via City Dwellin

I really want this green dresser! Emerald City, here I come…

Comfort Works Slipcover, Coming Soon!

Comfort works color optionsRecently I was contacted by Comfort Works, an Australian based Slipcover company, about reviewing their slipcover for the Ikea FRIHETEN sofa. You probably remember my FRIHETEN sofa from my husband’s “Man Cave.” We bought ours in grey a little over a year ago and while it is still in great condition having another option is always a plus, especially in a family like ours that moves every two to three years. While the FRIHETEN in grey has worked great for the “Man Cave” in this house it may need to serve a different room in our next home. So when Comfort Works offered to supply a brand new slipcover for me to review I jumped at the chance.

I have always been a huge advocate of slip-covered furniture. They are great for anyone with pets or children who may need to clean their upholstery often but they are also great for people like me who change homes or just change their minds. Of course the next big step for me would be to decide on a fabric. Let me share how the whole process works.

I started by going to the Comfort Works website and selecting from the menu “Custom Ikea slipcover”. I chose my FRIHETEN but there are thirty five different Ikea sofa slipcovers, as well as slipcovers for Ikea chairs, and ottomans. They also do Pottery Barn Basic slipcovers and custom slipcovers from your own measurements at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere. As a seamstress who has made slipcovers and purchased them from others I was amazed by the pricing at Comfort Works. Slipcovers require a lot of fabric and a lot of work so for a good quality sectional slipcover to start as low as $349, I was impressed.

For the FRIHETEN there are two slipcover options; the loose-fit and the snug-fit. The loose fit is fitted to either the right or left hand chase but the snug fit will work on either configuration. It does require you to disassemble the sofa when you put the covers on which could be a negative for some. The snug fit option is also slightly more expensive but for my vagabond lifestyle I liked having the option to switch the layout if necessary. I also like the snug fit because it looks more like upholstery than a slipcover.

Comfort works color options


Once I decided on my slipcover style it was time to choose the fabric. With fifty different options including three in leather this was the hardest part (that’s right leather slipcovers are an option.) Fortunately Comfort Works will provide you with eight free fabric samples and to help make the decision easier the website also shows many of the samples as they would appear on the sofa.

I chose my favorite fabric samples including two in leather which arrived via airmail in just a few days. The airmail option does cost extra but the cost is rebated when you order your slipcover. Regular delivery of your samples is free but takes a bit longer so if you’re in a hurry the airmail option is well worth it. Here are the samples I ordered.

Comfort works color options


The leathers options I received were amazingly soft, high quality and quite pretty. One was a very dark chocolate brown and the other a black. Unfortunately I was not wanting to go that dark so I decided against those two.

The two lighter natural swatches are nice but I was concerned they would require more frequent washings. Since the snug fit requires some dis-assembly to install I think they would be more work than I wanted to deal with even though a white sofa is quite pretty.

Eliminating those two left me with three colorful favorites.Comfort works color options

l love them all for different reason. The navy blends easily with the existing man cave décor and the green is the same color as some of the other upholstery in my house so you know I am already a fan of the color. But if I am going to be honest, the orange jumped out at me as soon as I opened the sample envelope. I have been crushing on orange for a while now so it was no surprise that I loved it the moment I saw it. The fun part is because I am choosing a slipcover I can pick something I may not be brave enough to choose for upholstery. While the orange may be a temporary crush I can feel confident knowing I can switch it out later if I change my mind, or my house.

Kino Orange it is!

All of this decision making happened a few weeks ago and I am excited to share that my slipcover is just about ready for shipping and should be arriving very soon. Stay tuned for the big reveal and my review of my Comfort Works FRIHETEN slipcover.

While I wait I’m thinking a little throw pillow fabric shopping may be in order!

It’s Friday, High Five!

f07332ad43871c3c5ac8fc93d23798f8This week has been the fist week in a very long time that the entire family is healthy, everyone out of bed, everyone going to school and momma actually getting some work done. With family coming in from the States in just two weeks and our spring break cruise scheduled I will have to give a big high-five if I can keep everyone healthy through this busy time. For now I will just be thankful for feeling good today. Here are my other high-five for the week.


1. This bold bathroom by Natalie Clayman Interior Design, I love the combination of traditional and modern elements in bright bold colors.

2. Just this week the women’s group I belong to was discussing charity and giving back. I commented how amazing it is when you can use your special talents to help others. The I ran across Emily Henderson’s post on her involvement in a Family Shelter Makeover using her talent and connections to give back. She even put a call out to anyone else that would like to share their skills to help the shelter get up and running. Don’t have a skill to share, you can still give HERE.

3. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson gave a surprise Zoolander-Style Walkoff at Paris Fashion Week this week to promote Zoolander 2. Blue Steel anyone?

4. Brazilian interior architect Paula Neder featured on Desire to Inspire got me with this amazing chair along with a his other colorful spaces.

5. Apartment Therapy’s Trend alert on Navy, Marble and Brass in kitchens and baths. I have to say, I am really liking this combination.

For my locals: there is market in Spalt on Sunday. If the weather is nice as it has been it is a beautiful drive for a Sunday afternoon. If you’re looking to get out I highly recommend it, and you know I’m always ready to get out for a market!

Have a great weekend,


The Longest Refinishing Project Ever!

DSC07284Today I am beyond proud to reveal the longest refinishing project ever! Even my husband commented, ” I’ve never seen a project take you this long.” It may have been his nice way of saying get that mess out of the garage, but still he was right. Let me share with you the back story (excuse.)

I pulled this before photo from my Instagram feed and yes the upper right hand corner says posted 60weeks ago. It has officially taken me over a year to finish this project. So long, that I have actually lost my “real” before photos. Let’s settle on this one and I will tell you the long harrowing tale.IMG_0079

It starts with this friendly enough looking cabinet which I purchased from the thrift store for only 80€($90.) You can see it had a really dark finish that was pealing of on the left. From the interior of the cabinet I could see it was pine but the outside looked like an oak veneer. I thought easy, a little stripper to clean up the the finish and add new coat of polyurethane or wax and it will be good to go. I had recently bought this piece which also had an oak veneer in perfect condition, this was my goal.


Well, that is not what I got at all. I took the piece home and got it started fairly quickly, but I soon realized this was not the project I thought it would be.

I’ve bought and resold furniture for years and for resale a big project is not worth the effort, so normally I am a pretty good judge of how much work I will need to invest. If the piece is something I am going to keep I may be willing to invest more time but I hate a full stripping project, Unfortunately this is what my new (old) cabinet was going to turn out to be.


As I started the stripping process I realized the cabinet was not oak veneer at all, the cabinet was actually entirely pine with an oak grain tooled into the soft wood. Worse still the golden color showing trough the stain was actually a layer of paint applied to help simulate the oak finish. I have seen some pretty pine pieces here in Germany so I figured it wasn’t a total loss, just a lot more work and a full strip job. I was not excited about this but figured I was going to keep the piece and it was a good solid wood so I would put in the effort.

Fast forward through lots of stripper and even more scraping and sanding only to find not very pretty pine full of knots and filler.  This is where the wheels screeched to a halt. There the half stripped cabinet stood in my garage for months. Winter came and it got too cold to work in the garage so we just stepped over it and worked around it until I finally decided enough was enough. This job has to get finished!

I had my husband help me drag the cabinet into the basement so I could finally finish the thing once and for all. One of the major reason I had stalled on painting this cabinet was my concern that what was left of the orange paint would bleed through if I tried to paint it a light color. I had originally wanted a pale gray but didn’t want to get half way through he paint job only to have the orange start bleeding through. I had ran across some vintage pulls that gave me just the inspiration I needed. I decided instead of fighting the orange to just go with it and the orange became my friend.DSC05539

With a little white accent on the recessed panels and my vintage orange and white pulls everything came together perfectly and the orange and white really made the green stained glass pop where you barely noticed it before.

DSC07278I’m pretty sure this little number will be the inspiration piece for my son’s room at our next house.

DSC07287But no matter where it finds a home next, one thing I know for certain, I’m glad to finally have this project complete!