Fashion for the Home – Sophisticated Leopard Print

Photos via Atlantic-Pacific

Lately I have a fever for Leopard print. This bold print has always had a place in fashion and when done right adds an amazing sophistication. The key to leopard print is keeping it subtle. In other words NOT a full body spandex cat suite. A few key leopard print accessories like those in the outfits above make for a perfect combination of sexy and chic.

Using leopard print in you home works the same way. Rather than a Graceland Jungle Room, a few rich leopard print accessories will add  flare that is not too over the top. Keep it simple with a few leopard print focal points and the result will be pure sophistication.

Have a look at these designers that got it right.

living room 2 .jpg.jpgPhoto via Dimples and Tangles

1-1Photo via Dwellings By Devore

28da9b38f0d2d6c1c38ed5786f529f92Photo via Erin Gates Design

055f03e22607f762d4ade6ebb288d42dPhoto via Lonny

d63e566550532e6e518e68060743ba21Photo via Nomad Luxuries

47-Sally_diningPhoto via MMR Interiors

High Five, It’s Friday!

BA00051139Photo Via Brittany Ambridge

Our house is now in week three of a nasty round of a cold/flu virus that will put down for a week straight. My husband thought he had escaped the evil but Monday morning he was spiking a high fever and has been down all week. Today will be another day of  Survivor marathon! That is not a metaphor my husband has used his week in bed to watch season after season of Survivor, and I am about ready to get off the island. He also happens to need ice cream, coke and maybe just a small bag of peanut M&Ms to keep his strength up.(No one got me ice cream and peanut M&Ms when I was sick.) Hopefully he will get well soon and this cycle of illness will leave our house for good, Momma has things to do. Plus we have a ball we are supposed to attend tomorrow night that I am hoping he is well enough to go to. My dress is awesome by the way and it won’t be nearly as much fun wearing it around the house while I nurse my sick patient. So if we can get everyone in this house back into good health I will be ready for a HUGE high-five! Here are a few non health related high fives…


1. SF Girl by Bay’s article on the talented photographer behind Domino magazine, Brittany Ambridge and her amazing photos. did you know she is Domino’s sole photographer?

2. This tumbler feed by Bianca Luini called Where I See Fashion. Bianca matches fashion photos to photos of just about anything that looks like it could have inspired the design. The matches are completely unrelated and totally beautiful, check them out!

3. Dreaming of Spring and Anthropologie always has the prettiest dresses, maxis are my favorite. I think I might need to order this one for my cruise, hope it’s warm enough.

4. This tile pattern from the portfolio of London-based architects Cousins & Cousins, via Desire to Inspire. I’m inspired!

5. This wall stencil by Royal Designs Stencils on Etsy. Love the modern take on the herringbone pattern, just might have to use this in Will’s next room.

For my locals: As the weather gets nicer, the markets will be getting more abundant and I am super excited about that. This Sunday my favorite market in Wörnitz will be going on and there is also one scheduled in Ansbach, so lets hope for a continuation of the beautiful weather.

Have a great weekend,


Modern Persian

DSC07164If you thought Persian rugs were traditional and stuffy you thought wrong. More and more I am seeing bold Persian, Oriental, and Turkish rugs used in combination with modern furniture. The juxtaposition of traditional and modern makes for an eclectic look that is almost timeless. Even in the most minimalist spaces these rugs seem to blend seamlessly. Even better they work in almost any room of the house.

(Sorry guys, I just had to use the word juxtaposition there. In architecture school they loved that word and really how often can you work that into a conversation? Just insert “contrast” if you don’t want to humor me.)

With visions of beautiful interiors dancing in my head I could not pass up this great rug I found at the thrift store yesterday. It is only a 3½’x5′ but it is the perfect size for the entry hall or maybe a bathroom. I’m not sure if it will live in the entry permanently but I do love it with colors in the art seen in the photo above.Modern Persian Have a look at these great spaces mixing lovely traditional rugs with modern design.

101338050.jpg.rendition.largest Photo via BHG

main.original.585x0Photo via Domaine Home

small-IMG_65841Photo via Design Crisis

Gastrike4_900 Photo via Pelle Lundquist

Modern PersianPhoto via Domaine Home

Modern PersianPhoto via Emily Wheeler

I think I may need to do some more rug shopping…

Dan and Robin’s German Rental

DSC07107Being in a rental doesn’t mean boring. Today some of my very good friends and a fellow military family have let me share a tour of their home. Dan and Robin along with their three children moved to Germany less than a year ago. In that time they have managed to turn a bland all white rental into a fun family home full of color and pattern.

“We picked this house for its spaciousness and character. We loved the balconies and the views of the village. After living here, I still enjoy those things, but have grown to absolutely love the amount of light we get through our many windows. This house definitely has more windows than I have ever had before which made my new best friend.”

DSC07148The fabulous views from all those windows…

Many designers will tell you that interiors evolve over time but for military families we do not always have that luxury. Our collection of furniture and accessories may evolve over time, and most likely thousands of miles, but our interiors must pull together pretty quickly once we arrive. Dan and Robin’s home is no exception. They have been in Germany just over nine months and their home already feels cozy and settled.

“Moving a lot, I’ve learned to only keep the decor that really makes me happy. If it doesn’t bring a smile, then it’s gone so I don’t have to unpack it at the next house. This concept has kept me from becoming a pack-rat for sure” Robin∼

“A house becomes a home for us as soon as the boxes are cleared away, the decor is in place, and I can enjoy my own things once again. We love colorful things so as soon as the bright stuff comes out of the boxes and the rugs get unrolled, it truly becomes our space. Plus, I tend to like quirky things like our bear painting from Gatlinburg, TN and our ostrich picture from an artist in Indiana. So things that you don’t see in other people’s homes, makes this one seem like our own unique space.”Robin∼
DSC07108This house may look a little familiar to you from my Almost Built In post. When Dan and Robin first moved in I built them a set of “Built Ins” that are actually free-standing and can be removed when they leave. When making a rental your own cosmetic upgrades that are removable are essential. Paint of course is always the easiest up grade. Dan and Robin’s landlord gave them the go-ahead for paint as long as it was returned to white when they move out.

“Even though we move a lot and often times they are rentals, I think it is important to still make it ours. Painting is a must. We are not white wall kind of people and need the warmth of color on the walls! In this house we’ll have to paint the walls again before we leave, but it was definitely worth it”Robin∼

Robin uses bold patterned curtains in almost every room to bring impact to the space. “I’ve definitely improved my sewing skills over the years so I find the fabric I like and make my own pillows and curtains. I love patterns so this is the most affordable way to get the look I want without a high price tag.”Robin∼

DSC07131Living in a new home every few years also means sometimes you need new furniture to fill the space. For those times thrift shopping is the key. The piece above is an old TV cabinet found in a thrift store here in Germany. A little green paint goes a long way to bring big impact.

“I love to go to thrift stores and find a great deal on something that maybe just needs painted or tweaked a little to make it pretty. That’s also the best place to find little treasures that are unique and bring a smile!”Robin∼

You can see in the kid’s rooms more of these pieces that were refurbished with a little paint and made new again.

And of course lots of fun fabrics and bright colorful rugs.

One of my favorite space in Dan and Robin’s house has to be the master bedroom. It has two huge windows and wide balcony for sitting. The light in this room is amazing with pops of yellow that make it feel so sunny, and of course who doesn’t love an Ikea MASKROS pendant which they added after they moved in. This room feels like sunshine.


Dan and Robin prove that moving constantly and living in rentals does not mean you have to give up on style and personality.Color and pattern make a statement whether you paint the walls or not but most of all objects and are that you love make a house a home.

If this doesn’t inspire you to spice of your rental I don’t know what will.

Thanks to Dan and Robin for sharing their home and their style.

Photos by Maggie Overby

It’s Friday, High Five!

1Photo via Apartment Therapy

Last week the kids were sick but when I finally got everyone back in school, I came down with the crud too. Why does this always happen?

I have tried to take it easy but I am SO not good at it. I paint a little, take a nap, scrub a little, have a hot cup of coffee, move some furniture, take some more Dayquil. I have things to do, I don’t have time to be sick! Actually, I’m just not very good at sitting still, I feel better when I’m getting something done which means being sick just about kills me.

In order to speed my recovery I have committed to completing a project I started over a year ago. I know, I know, it is not something that should have taken this long, so for the sake of my health and space in my garage it will get done.(Stay tuned for the results.) I am hoping I will be back to normal soon, but even if I’m not getting the never-ending project completed will definitely make me feel better.

High-five to a health filled week to come and getting projects done.

Here are my high-five for the week…


  1. Everyone here knows I am a huge fan of vintage, but not in a traditional way. I am a fan making vintage your own and using it in a different way. Apartment Therapy did a great job sharing How to modernize your favorite vintage finds.
  2. Is J.Crew the Next Big Home Retailer? With there home & gift selection steadily growing, rumor has it this may be a sign of a future in home goods. I vote yes!
  3. I’ve seen yardsticks used as wainscoting but I love the idea to use them as flooring as seen in this  SCAD a project that explored micro-housing and the future of urban living.
  4. I have been hoping to run across a vintage Sputnik light in my market searches but if not I love this one Julia at Cuckoo 4 Design shared in her recent post.
  5. Dash and Albert‘s new Gypsy Stripe Woven Cotton Rug, if you’re not sure have a look at how Mandi at Vintage Revivals styled it up Basic Boho.

Have a great weekend everyone,


Craving Copper Shopping Guide

After yesterday’s post on some amazing interiors featuring copper accents I decided to do a little shopping. Some online browsing had me drooling over a variety of copper home accents and furniture. One of my favorite copper features I am seeing over and over, are the Tom Dixon Copper Shade Pendants which retail a bit out of my price range. I was excited to find them for a fraction of the price on Ebay. Check it out along with some my other favorite, budget friendly, copper finds.

copper mood board1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Coming Around to Copper

poppytalk-copper-jessica-hanson-sam-mcadamcooper3Photo via Poppytalk

Metallic have always had a place in home decor. For years I would have said I was loyal admirer of silver and chrome but in recently my eye has begun to wander. Golden metallics are so warm and inviting how could I not be smitten, the more I see them the more I love them. Recently a new metallic has popped on the scene, Copper. This new metallic has the best of both worlds, while it feels crisp like silver it has the warmth of gold. When shined and glossy it is sleek and modern but aged and tarnished it has a vintage feel. I have to admit when it first turned up again on the interiors scene I was a little torn.

Most importantly, will it work with color?

wallcabinetVia BHG photo by Adriaan Louw

cushandnooks5Photo via Crush and Nooks

 I love mixed metallics, does copper play well with other?

myths-my-house-shermans-officePhoto via Dwell

Home-Tour-Career-Contessa-Full-Gallery-0053-e1393303975307Photo via Glitter Guild

Does it blend equally well in modern and traditional design?

NNcZX7Y8iyrxPhoto via Lonny

P80_0131_027RPhoto via Yellows

Does it work just as well outdoors as in?

5ce4ced1d2b24665af14764c059ca7baPhota via Barn Light Electric

6fac0c997596cb4153e0eac8072bab30Photo via TracyRapisardiDesign

Check, check, check, and check…

Hhmmm, I may just be coming around to copper.

Found it at the Market – February 2015

Although the market scene is a little slow in the winter it is still very much going strong. The markets are a bit smaller but if your willing to bundle up and brave the cold there are some great finds out there. I also like to do a lot of thrift store shopping during the winters months to keep me going thought the winter. Here are some of my latest finds…

  1. West German Ceramic Jewelry box – 3.50€ ($4.20)
  2. Framed needle point ship – 3€ ($3.60)
  3. Grey glass canister with gold trim – 1€ ($1.2)
  4. Mid-century turned wood lamp – 10€ ($12)
  5. Six carved wood flower bowels – 3€ ($3.60)
  6. Chinese Chippendale style bamboo chair – 10€ ($12)
  7. Set of three ceramic bowels – 5€ ($6)

Here are a few close-ups of my favorite purchase, a turned wood gourd lamp. The design is created from several layers of laminated wood that when turned on a lathe create the most beautiful geometric designs.

And of course as always I have been avidly collecting West German Pottery and “Fat Lava.” If you follow me on Instagram you know I post these finds pretty much daily. This week I visited a store that had not visited in a while and scored a whole truck load.

What I didn’t buy is this handsome fellow. “Why, oh Why?” you might ask. Well, would you have a place suitable for such royalty? I certainly do not, so I figured I would leave him for someone who could give him a home suitable to his status.

It’s Friday, High Five!

Domino-Decorating with bright colorPhoto Via Domino

Ladies and Gentleman I have a feeling its going to be an amazing day. I got a great nights sleep, the first in a while. The weather man tells me that the temperature will be creeping up in week to come all the way up to the 40’s and we may even see the sun, what? Of course he said that last week but this time I am sure he’s right. After a week of kids home sick from school and slushy winter weather, I’ll take it even if it’s only the hope of some sun. Now that everyone is back in good health and off to school and my husband has the day off so I’m thinking that today is a great for a little  junking and maybe a nice pre-Valentine’s lunch date. High five! And here are a few more…friday

  1. Domino’s article on decorating with bright color and oh that green velvet sofa, I’m in!
  2.  My new book on one of my favorite collectable,  “Fat Lava.”
  3. Leave it to Messy Nessy to find these amazing Afghan War Rugs decorated with helicopters, tanks, and drones. I think my husband needs one of these down in the “Man Cave.”
  4. This Ikea hack by Kimberly at SwoonWorthy, talk about bright color. Love me some campaign furniture!
  5. This fabric by Brie Harrison featured on Design Sponge, all the pretty colors!

Hope you all have a weekend full of high fives.


Dreaming of a New Bed

Master Bedroom in Aqua and BlushIf you have kept up with my master bedroom update you know I am dying to buy a new bed, unfortunately since we are living in Germany a queen bed is next to impossible to find.  Instead I have done some online dreaming.

Our current bed we bought over ten years ago from a Pier One Kids which is no longer in business.  At the time I was looking for a Mission style bed on a small budget so the oak models were out of my price range. When I happened upon this one on a trip to Houston the store was having a close out on all queen size beds since they were not a big seller for kids rooms. I got a solid wood bed and two matching night stands for under $300 including shipping. Not a bad deal but not the bed of my dreams either. I think now that I have gotten my money’s worth it may be time to consider a replacement.

What I do like about my current bed is that although it does have a foot board it does not extend past the mattress which can eat up space in a small room. Since we move a lot this is something to consider. What I don’t like is the head-board is low as well which means you can barely see it behind the pillows. This worked out well for this room since the ceiling is sloped but when we move back to the States I’d love to have something more dramatic. Here are some I found I think might fit the bill and they are all under $1,000

For drama I really like a tall upholstered head-board like these.

Skyline-Furniture-Upholstered-Wingback-BedSkyline Furniture Queen Upholstered Wingback Bed $749

2023831_fpx.tifMalinda Upholstered Queen Headboard & Rails-$798

Nail+Button+Panel+BedSkyline Furniture Nail Button Upholstered Panel Bed $564

But are upholstered beds too trendy? I’ve had my current bed for ten years, will an upholstered bed stand the test of time?  Maybe something in between may be a better idea. A traditional shape combined with an upholstered insert like these two.

JCPenneys-Gabriella-Upholstered-BedGabriella Queen Upholstered Bed $668img59cRhodes Queen Upholstered Metal Bed $549

Of course my husband thinks an upholstered bed would get dirty and with his oily skin he may be right. Will dirt and oils ruin the fabric? Maybe upholstery isn’t the way to go at all…

Maybe something in my favorite style, mid-century?

22d3d8020b1d4c1ca596cbd6d8b0ae9eQueen Mid-Century Bed – Acorn $999

Or a style that has already stood the test of time?

Magnussen-Furniture-Shady-Grove-Slat-BedMagnussen Shady Grove Slat Bed $718

So many to choose from, but honestly of the ones I am looking at, I really am leaning towards the Gabriella Upholstered Bed.


Copy Cat Chic recently compared this bed to the Restoration Hardware Maison Panel bed which at $1,000 more for an almost identical bed makes this one look like a steal. Of course it would need a good coating of Scotch Guard before anyone goes near it.

For now I still have a while still to dream so if you have a favorite bed let me know.