It’s Friday, High Five!

cadena-asociados-bones-collector-hueso-restaurant-guadalajara-mexico-designboom-101How have I survived this week? I have made hundreds of cookies, muffins, and treats for every school, office and activity Christmas party imaginable. But ladies and gentleman it is Friday and amazingly I survived this crazy week. That is one big high-five right there!

Tomorrow morning we are planning our family Christmas celebration, Santa is coming early to our house, because our big present to ourselves is a five-day trip to Paris. It has been years since my last visit and the first for my kids and hubby so we are getting very excited.  Everyone has been working on their list of must see, do and EAT plus I’ve gotten advice from others on their favorites too. Anyone out there visited lately? Feel free to share your recommendations. I’d love to hear your Paris high-fives.

Another busy week next week but this time in a much nicer way. Hopefully I will have some amazing photos to share when I return. Until then, I hope you enjoy some of my other high fives for the week.

friday1. How beautiful is this concept restaurant, “Hueso,” in Mexico decorated with over 10,000 bones.

 2. This city guide Paris en Familie I purchased from Life and Lemons for our big trip. Can’t wait to put it to use!

3. Hipster portraits of world leaders by Illustrator Amit Shimoni, loving JFK’s new do!

4. The gorgeous wallpaper mural Valorie Hart used in her master bedroom makeover.

5.  These two Brooklyn artists are creating sets on the street using discarded furniture, just like my house!

For My Locals: Remember this is the last weekend for Christmas markets here in Germany (most will close on Christmas Eve.) Plus there will be an Antique market at the Ansbach Stadthalle on Sunday, maybe you have time for a few last-minute Christmas gifts for yourself.

Master Bedroom Bedding Update

masterLast week I was busy getting my master bedroom painted a new Pearl grey. Not a big departure from the blue but a bit more neutral.  I am really liking the new color so I was very excited when my new bedding and fabric samples arrived Saturday I could figure out how I was going to pull it all together. I have the bed made up with the pieces I have so far as you can see below. I love the Lauren Conrad bedding from Kohls and my H&M duvet set together, both pinks are so subtle. The think the first layer is a success.

The Duralee JoAnn Blend Coral I plan to use for the curtains maybe adding some sort of valance to the German style track valance that is already installed. I love the idea of a contrasting trim or a greek key shape. I will have to figure that out once the fabric arrives, but for now I will enjoy how this fabric reflects a bit of coral from the rug.

curtainsThe Premier Prints Zapp Felix/Natural I will use sparingly in a few throw pillows because I love the contrast of the graphic next to the floral.

bedThe fabric samples photos I uses to make my mock up layouts are a little off from the true colors so here are all the samples together in the same light.

???????????????????????????????Super excited to move on to this phase. Stay tuned for another update once my fabrics have arrived!

It’s Friday, High Five!


It’s Friday again, that means we are getting close to the big day, are you ready? I am, well sort of. We leave for our big trip to Paris in 9 days so we plan to have our Christmas celebration a little early that means time is almost up for me. I think I am about done, with only a few more small things and stocking stuffers to gather. The bigger job is all the holiday parties that require a dish to share. I think I may just need to bake cookies for the next 7 day. Wish me luck!

Hope you survive all your festivities too…friday1. Who wouldn’t want a Barbie like these? In a new editorial for Vogue Paris, Paris-based set designers at Neochrome created sets that look like the famous doll boxes to represent several luxury brands’ iconic looks. Can I live in this box please?

2. The new Pixar movie Inside Out looks like it’s going to be a winner! As a wife and mother of a teenage daughter this looks exactly like what I imagine is going on in my families brains. You can watch the trailer HERE

3. Nothing says Christmas like Beard Baubles, and apparently I am not the only one who thinks so because these are all SOLD OUT. Looks a good DIY for the holidays…

4.  Can’t pick a color, decide over dinner with these paint chip placemats

5. And Audrey because everyone should be wearing glitter eyeshadow for those holiday parties, Right?

For my locals: If your up for the cold there is a small Trödelmarkt at the Rewe in Ansbach and of course Christmas markets galore. Ansbach and Nurberg both are going strong.

Decorative Stars from Paper Straws

Paper straw stars, great for any time of year This year I am seeing paper straws everywhere, made in every color and pattern imaginable it’s no wonder they are so popular.  I love these guys but how often do you just want a straw for your party? I came up with these super easy stars that can be hung or just set on the table for decoration, you can literally make them in about five minutes. All you need are straws and a zip tie.  I am sure you could use some sort of string or twine in place of the zip tie but everyone knows how hard it is to hold and tighten at the same time, the zip tie makes this a breeze. The paper straw are firm so as you bend them they will flatten in the middle and the zip tie will loosen, just tighten as you go and the results are instant. I bought my straws at a local store but the options available on Etsy are amazing, anything you could possibly think of they have.

Here is how it works:
Paper straw stars, great for any time of year and super easy to makeThere you have it, I used twelve straws per star because mine came in pack of twenty-four and I could get two stars out of each pack but experiment with your straws and see what works best for you. Choose different colors for different occasions. Hang them in clusters, scatter them along the buffet, add them to you tree, or glue them to a stick to create a festive bouquet. Enjoy!


Marsala, Not feeling it!

662166-a34bcaa4-7f37-11e4-9caa-85bf895cb19fEvery year since 1990, the Pantone Colour Institute has nominated a Colour of the Year, the 2015 Colour of the Year is Marsala. This means Pantone is forecasting this will be the new IT color that designers and consumer will not be able to get enough of for the next 12 months.  Guys I have to tell you, this designer is not digging it! I have seen a lot of dark burgundy popping up in fashion this season which I do enjoy but the Marsala color they have chosen reminds me of a dirty 80’s mauve.

661729-a301fbae-7f37-11e4-9caa-85bf895cb19fWhat does Pantone say about Marsala? “Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.”  I know color is very subjective and everyone will have their own opinion but from the description Pantone gives of Marsala I would have imagined the color to be richer and deeper. I think this time they missed the mark. That being said you probably won’t find a lot of Marsala touting here. I am going to have to pass on this trend and hope that Pantone does a better job next year.

How about you, are you feeling the Marsala or just wishing you had a glass to ease the pain?

Here are a few less painful colors from previous years.

2000- 2014 color of the year

Peacock Christmas Tree 2014

DSC06382Last year you were introduced to Mr. Peacock my amazing peacock tree topper who has been with me  for several years now. This year he’s back up but with a few added  accessories in gold. I used to love silver but these last few years I have grown to love the warmth of gold and with the natural gold in peacock feathers is just makes sense to add a bit more to the tree. I even “planted” my tree on a golden urn to add some height (I’ll show you how I did this a little later this week.)

Gold ornaments in both matte and shiny finishes along with the addition of a few glitter birdies give thee tree a new glow. I also found these great glitter reindeer for a steal so they were added to the look as well.

DSC06415And don’t forget the entry hall, it needed a little holiday love too.
Peacock Christmas Tree 2014A beautiful arrangement of live greenery, glittered accents and battery-powered LEDs makes quite a statement. Oh an my new gold and clear glass VINTERMYS ornaments from Ikea hanging from the ceiling. I loved these so much I went back to grab a few more for the tree.

Peacock Christmas Tree 2014There you have it, all decked out for Christmas and Mr. Peacock still reigns, but I have to say all the vintage German ornaments I am seeing at the markets have me itching for a change…

Peacock Christmas Tree 2014Maybe next year.

It’s Friday, High Five!

101187402-crop.jpg.rendition.largestPhoto via BHG

December has arrived and the holiday season is in full force. We normally spend a big chaotic Christmas with all our family in the States but this year we will stay in Europe and go it alone. We have big plans for a trip to Paris which I am super excited about but it will still be a little bittersweet. Wherever you are planning to be for Christmas it is still only 20 days away (what??) so its time to get going. I have been busy getting the tree up and all the decor ready for the season (I will share next week) so I decided to share some High Fives appropriate to the season. Lots of amazing Christmas decor out there so it wasn’t too hard to round-up five.friday

1. This beautiful pink ornament wreath, don’t mind that china cabinet either!

2. If you don’t want to decorate the tree how about decorating our self with the tree, have a look at these dresses.

3. These amazing gold and clear glass VINTERMYS ornaments from Ikea. I had to buy a few, at $8 a pair they are a bargain but look so expensive. I think Ikea must be  channeling Kate Spade.

4. These gold dipped feathers, so pretty for Christmas or any time of year really.

5. Why wear an ugly Christmas sweater when you can wear the whole suit  at  Shinesty you can. Well maybe next year, because right now this one is SOLD OUT.

For my locals, It’s that time again, if your up for the cold. This weekend is one of my favorite Markets at Wörnitz Autohof off the A7. This market is year round and take place on the first Sunday of every month. And of course Christmas markets are in progress all over Germany so don’t miss out.

Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

Aqua and Blush Master Bedroom1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

If you read my post last week about my new (old) rug I found at the thrift store, you know my master bedroom update has taken a little swerve. Today I wanted to share the direction it’s going and how I plan to get there.

This past weekend I finally got the chance to shop at an H&M Home store which inspired my master plan. At H&M they have beautiful products at reasonable prices. This is just what I needed to get my master bedroom update off the ground. If you don’t have an H&M near you check them out online. I cannot say enough good things about the quality and the price. I purchased the aqua duvet cover and shams to match that you see above plus a few throw pillows just for fun. The pattern has birds in a darker aqua and cherry blossoms in the palest pink that I thought would be perfect with the new rug and my 50’s chair. From there I knew the direction I was going. I ordered a pink quilt from Kohl’s and some fabric sample for curtains and pillows that look like winners. The walls will be the color of the grey circle in the upper right. Painting begins tomorrow. Then I just wait for everything to arrive in the mail and see if the colors are true.

Cross your fingers for me. This is the hardest part of e-design you can never be sure of what you’re gonna get until you see it in person.

Oh yeah and the other hard part, the waiting…

Found it at the Market – Leipzig

Found it at the market LeipzigAre you drooling over this retro dollhouse furniture? If your like me you are wishing for a full size set just like these for yourself. I got a whole box full of furniture for 25€($37.) These are my favorite pieces but there are a few others I didn’t get to photograph.  The German markets always have a vast collection of doll houses and furniture but I have never run across such a great deal on a whole set. I could not resist…Found it at the market Leipzig
1. Black Vintage buttons two sets of six 4€($5.50)
2. Vintage Sparta hand cream tin 1€ ($1.40)
3. Hand cut paper silhouettes with Asian theme 12€ ($16.) Love the color on this one, you don’t see this often.
4. Hand cut paper silhouettes 15€ ($21) This one has great details.
5. Some amazing West German Pottery. You know by now I can’t go home without a few pieces of this but since Leipzig is in the former East Germany there really was not a ton of it at this market but the pieces I did fins were great! Large 21″ white vase 8€($11,) Large 17″ Blue vase 6€($8,) Small 8″ red vase 3€($4)

This set of chairs I got at my local thrift store this week but I saw a pair almost identical to them at the market for 40€ ($56) which I thought was a great price. Lucky for me I paid only 20€ ($28) for mine!

Market ShoppIng in Leipzig

Market Shopping in Leipzig, Germany

photo 2Back home from a busy Thanksgiving weekend of travel and shopping and slowly getting back to the grind. We spent Thanksgiving day and Black Friday in Dresden seeing the sites and doing some Christmas shopping and then Saturday was market shopping in Leipzig about a 45 minute drive from Dresden. The Leipzig marketis a monthly antique and flea market which is held on the last weekend of the month (Saturday and Sunday.) It features over 1000 stalls and is held in two large indoor halls and on the open fields around the hall. I recently had a dealer from one of our other markets recommend this market so I was eager to check it out.

We arrived  around 10 am Saturday morning, kids in tow, to a near freezing field full of hundreds of venders (these guys are hard-core.)  The amount of venders made my heart race and I was ready to shop cold or not. We decided to split up the boys shopping together and the girls shopping together. Me and Katie looped through the first field eying all the goodies but it didn’t take long before the cold set in. We had to make an emergency purchase, Hot tea and fur headbands to keep our ears from freezing off. This was an excellent investment! Reinvigorated we were ready to soldier on.

10445128_10152997110971019_80188154638020911_nOver the course of the day we saw just about anything and everything you could ever want. Baskets of buttons, linens and hardware along with furniture from every era. The prices were reasonable and the choices breathtaking.

And of course you guys ARE aware of my chair obsession, right? Leipzig is not the place for a chair addict, or maybe it was the perfect place. Everywhere I looked were piles and piles of amazing chairs. A blessing and a curse…

Needless to say I was in heaven. That was until the boys returned with their purchase…

I never should have left those two alone!
10301936_10152997112421019_826041817564731826_nLeipzig gets two thumbs up from me and even the kids had fun. I will definitely be heading back, maybe this time in the Spring…

Stop by tomorrow and check out some of our purchases (other than the ugly boars head.)

Market ShoppIng in Leipzig