Circle Chairs get an Update

circle chair

On Monday my kids went back to school, Momma’s day to celebrate! This week all those kid free hours  have spiked my enthusiasm to get things done. I feel like I have gotten more done in the last three days than I have all summer. Those little projects that seemed so big just last week are finally getting done.

You may remember back in May I found these amazing chairs at the trödelmarkt. They were miss matched and one was missing the back rest but I still loved them and for 50€ ($70) I could not resist. They appear to be Yngve Ekstrom Circle Chairs or something similar. Either way I think they were a good deal plus I saw a similar pair on 1stdibs for $1,350 (that’s just crazy business.)

circle chairI took them home and found them a place of honor in my entry hall. I even removed the back rest so they would be a better match, but that is as far I got. There they sat mismatched for 3 months.
circle chair 2This week they finally got the respect they deserve. A scrub with a magic eraser got them surprisingly clean. Those scuffs I thought were scratches in the paint came right off.

circle chairNext was a fresh new cover for the seats. I used a grey slub linen I found at Ikea to match the existing rug and hopefully work with this amazing Robert Allen Neo Toile Coral fabric I found thanks to a great post by Emily A. Clark.236518_d_1My thought is to use it in this area across from the chairs. It has two grey ottomans that I would love to slipcover in this fabric to bring in some color. This means maybe a small lumbar pillow for the chairs as well.

circle chair
The fabric is on order so we will see what it looks like once it arrives. I love it so it I will make it work somewhere even if it does not work here.

circle chair Now for another day of the kids at school, what can I get done today?

Easy DIY Terrarium – Update

DSC03697I receive a lot of questions about my Easy DIY Terrarium post so I thought today I would give you an update on how it’s going in there.

I wrote the original post back on April 30th so it has been exactly four months since I planted the terrarium you see above. I have not watered it (not even one time), I have not interfered with its growing habits in any way, I may remove the lid and wipe off the inside of the glass with a paper towel if it looks dirty but I do this very rarely, maybe once a month. Below is a picture of the terrarium today.


It is growing like wild! I keep it on my kitchen island out of direct sunlight and it seems very happy.

In case you were wondering that is Ozzie my assistant in the background, he likes to tear off leaves occasionally to see if my plants are getting the proper hydration they need.

terrariumHere is the overhead view of the day I planted the terrarium and today, may be time to give the plants a little trim. It’s a jungle in there!

There is my little dog, lost in the jungle. Look to the left, even the moss is growing like grass.

terrariumSo if you have a black thumb here is proof that complete neglect can have amazing results.

Hopper and Space – Mid Century Restored in the UK

UntitledThis weekend while scouring Instagram I ran across these two guys, Joe and Ben. These two admitted architecture and design geeks also happen to be the founders of

They lured me in with photo like these. Mid century furniture and West German ceramics, show me more!

A few more clicks and I was at the Hopper and Space home page jamming to some groovy tunes (check your volume before you click) and feasting my eyes on some beautiful sights. Hopper and Space is a London-based webshop where Joe and Ben sell re-upholstered and restored pieces from 1950′s right through to the 1980′s. You may think you know what that looks like but one glance at the website and you know you have found something different.Hopper and Space UKHopper and Space UK Hopper and Space UK
Ben and Joe like the idea of reviving quality, well constructed furniture and offering people the chance to own a piece of design history. “Our furniture collection invites you to invest in functional objects of beauty for your space. Bright colours, stylish lines and sturdy timeless design is what we are all about. Our upholstered pieces offer a unique opportunity to snap up a unique piece that is designed to last; something to use, cherish and become part of your history.”
Hopper and Space UK Hopper and Space UK Hopper and Space UK

So often I find the mid-century crowd takes themselves a little too seriously. “That fabric is not historically accurate.” A piece of 1950′s of furniture in 2014 is not historically accurate either but we still love it. At Hopper and Space their use of bright colors and nontraditional fabrics are helping us remember what design in all about. It is supposed to express our individuality, it is supposed to be fun. A piece of history with a modern flare.Hopper and Space UK Hopper and Space UK175986_480358731985832_867636665_oAt Hopper and Space it is all fun, I just wish I lived a little closer so I could see all this fun in person. For now I will just live vicariously through Instagram, checking out their freshest finds on Facebook, and keeping up with Ben and Joe ‘s design style on their blog. However you choose your inspiration be sure to check them out, I think you will really enjoy what you see. Maybe one of these days I can swing by London for a look. Hopper and Space UK


One Year Blogging Anniversary

365 days, what? It is hard to believe that it has already been one year since my first blog post. I actually started this blog by accident. Well not completely, I had plans of creating lots of great posts and having them all cued up and ready for publishing so I could be a little ahead of myself and take things leisurely.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) one day while working on one of  those posts (probably the first one) I accidentally hit publish. It was done, my post was live and for all the world to see. I’m sure only about 3 people actually saw but still it forced me to jump right in. I was blogging!

It has definitely been a year of learning. I started this journey without a clue but I have gotten so much from classes like Blogging Your Way by Holly Becker and Photo 101 by Nicole Hill Gerulat and feel like I have made great improvement, hopefully you have noticed.  I have met some amazing people both fellow bloggers, clients, and readers who have been so supportive of Maggie Overby Studios and that is what makes blogging worth it. I have also had some great opportunities sharing my work on more established blogs and websites which I included in the links below. This has helped bring new readers to my blog which is always a big deal for a new blogger.

While my readership my still be rather small it feels good to share my work and hopefully inspire someone else. I am always glad to hear from someone who took on a project. I look forward to the year to come and all of those people I have yet to meet. Thank you all for the support you have given me through year one.

Nicole Hill Gerulat
Nicole Hill Gerulat


Here, Here, Here, Here and Here




visual vamp




Ektorp Beachy

I’m working with a client on a new project that will use the Ikea Ektorp sofa. This budget friendly sofa is very versatile and comes slip covered in eleven different fabrics so the options are endless. Unfortunately with endless options the decisions gets endlessly harder. In an effort to make the decision a little easier I usually take some of the options and put them together in a mood board. The client has a clean beach style so we are headed in a light, neutral direction with rustic accents. In the options we have looked at so far option number one is in the lead with a touch of elegance.  I love color so for my home it would probably be option number three. What about you, do you have a favorite?

Ektorp Beachy


Found it at the Market – Summer 2014

Summer has been so busy and we have done so much traveling that it seems I have barely had time for my favorite activity, going to the Trödelmarkts. Now that we are back home and getting back to our normal schedules that means back to the Trödelmarkt.  These last few weekends have not been disappointing. I found some great things and amazing deals. Here is a look at some of my haul.

  1. This amazing pendant light I found at my local thrift store for just 3€ ($4.20) Would love to rewire it with some Color Cord but I will have to do some deconstruction to see if it is doable.
  2. My West German Fat Lava ceramics collection got lots of new additions this week. This 12″ vase is one of my all time favorite Fat Lava finds for only  5€ ($7)
  3. Drawer pulls are quite expensive here in Germany so when I found this great set Vintage drawer pulls for 8€ ($11.20) they has to come home with me.
  4. This German Pottery is not technically Fat Lava but I loved the glaze for 5€ ($7)
  5. More antlers for the “Man Cave” 4€ ($5.6)
  6. Panoramic silhouette to add to my stairway collection 5€ ($7)
  7. Small 6″ West German Fat Lava vase I just could not pass up for 1.5o€ ($2)
  8. These amazing Planters of succulents were only 3€ ($4.20) and 1.5o€ ($2)
  9. This Pencil drawing dated 1929 will go great in the “Man Cave” for 4€ ($5.6)

Navy and Orange in Home Decor

Nate Berkus El ConventoI have been fabric hunting lately and every time I have logged into my favorite online fabric source El Convento by Nate Burkus has popped up on the home page. This fabric would not work in any room in my house but I am completely drawn to it. I’ve had a crush on orange for a while now but seeing it in contrast with the navy makes it even more striking. This is no surprise since blue and orange are complementary color on the color wheel. That means they are opposites so when they come together they bring out the best in each other, making the blues seam bluer and the oranges brighter. This got me thinking what products I would use to make this color combo work. Here are a few budget friendly options I found. What do you think of navy and orange together? Navy and Orange 2


Shopping for the Home in Amsterdam

???????????????????????????????In between the sightseeing and miles and encounteredmiles of walking I  was able to do a little shopping in Amsterdam.  All thru the city are amazing home stores of all different styles. I only had a chance to visit a few but there are so many more to be seen. I was overjoyed by all the options and would love to return on a shopping ONLY visit. If you get the opportunity to visit here are a few of my favorites.

Raw Materials
Rozengracht 229
Th perfect place to find unusual furniture, interior accessories and decorations. There is a story behind each product. All products in this store are unpolished, weathered, used, recycled, made from natural materials or simply old. raw materials 1

de Weldaad
Noordermarkt 35-36
Reestraat 1
With two shops in the historic center of Amsterdam you are sure to find something you can’t live without. This shop has a unique ambiance and amazing selection of furniture and interior decorations form around the world. The owner loves the hunt and finds household effects everywhere from demolition firms to antique markets.

Kitsch Kitchen
Rozengracht 8
For a southern girl this store is like visiting Mexico. Home accessories in every color, bolts of oilcloth, tons of kitschy items and party decor including piñatas. This store is just plan fun.

Van Woustraat 4
Rozengracht 204-210
One of my favorites. This store started as a pop-up and has expanded to two locations. Hutspot searchs for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs and gives them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shops. Open to new approaches, Hutspot is always on the lookout for unique products that are created with care. Full of beautifully crafted home decor , clothing, accessories, and tons of mid-century furniture this store is a must see. Everything in the shops is for sale even the seating and tables in the coffee shop inside the store.

Hustpot 3Hustpot 2 Hustpot 1
Dille & Kamille
Nieuwendijk 16
This is a chain store with 20+ locations thought Belgium and the Netherlands but it is still a must see. A beautiful store full of lovely displays of functional products, your everyday basics including gadgets for home, garden and kitchen.  From tools to tea each item is simple but beautiful and preferably made from natural materials. Dille & Kamille is also known for living in harmony with the environment, everything they do is with respect and care for nature.

Tuschinski Theater Amsterdam

Tushinski TheaterAmsterdam is full of amazing architecture but one of my favorites is the Tuschinski Theater. Built in a style that is a mixture of Art Deco and the Dutch Amsterdam School of architecture by Polish immigrant Abraham Icek Tuschinsk, the cinema first opened in 1921.  The Tuschinski is considered as one of the world’s most beautiful cinemas and one of the most cherished buildings in Amsterdam. When I first encountered the building there was no question as to why.  The exterior of the building is designed down to the finest detail, stained glass windows, light fixtures and even the door handles have been considered.

Tushinski TheaterIf you think the exterior is extravagant then the interior is nothing short of amazing. The lobby was designed to make theatergoers feel like they were stepping into an illusion. When it first opened, the theater contained electro-technical features, then considered revolutionary. Today it still has color changing neon that lights the elaborately paint dome in the main lobby, plush colorful carpet hand-woven in Morocco, and a concession bar of bronze and marble.

No detail has been spared. In 2001-2002 the theater underwent a painstaking restoration to return it to it’s former glory. The Tuschinski’s main auditorium that has served as both a movie theater and a live performance space since its opening is still used today. In addition to the original screens of the old cinema, a modern annex has been added with three more screens. While in Amsterdam we took advantage of the fact that all  films are played in their original format at the Tuschinski and took in a film ourselves. While the price may have been a little higher than at a modern day cinema the view of the theater was worth the price.

Amsterdam Green Glossy Doors

Amsterdam Glossy doors

Years ago I remember running across a paint swatch labeled “Amsterdam Green.” I figured it was just a made up name but after my visit to Amsterdam I realized that “Amsterdam Green” is very real. It is a green that is almost black and is used on almost every entry door in the city. The preferred paint jobs looks like lacquer, the glossier the better.

Amsterdam Glossy doors


On occasion you may run across an “Amsterdam” red, blue, or even and eggplant but green is definitely the favorite and glossy is a rule!