Found it at the Market – September 2014

It has been a busy week and an even busier weekend. Every Sunday is market day so I had to find some time for my favorite activity.  I was only able to hit one market this weekend and even though it was one of the smaller ones I scored some great stuff at some great prices!market

  1. Flower paper cut silhouette 2.50€ ($3.50)
  2. Würzburg Lithograph 4€ ($5.60)
  3. 20″ West German Pottery Vase 285 /53 3€ ($4.20)
  4. Pine wood cabinet 60€ ($84)
  5. Hunter and Hound paper cut silhouette 2.50€ ($3.50)
  6. Mid Century magazine table 20€ ($28)
  7. WWII Deutsches Einheits Familien Stambuch (German Unit Families Stampbook) 4€ ($5.60)

Great Critter Plates

critter plates 8One of my first purchases when we moved to Germany was a set Lang Ebrach animal plates with artwork by Hans Arndt (above.) I found them at a yard sale and thought they were beautiful. I was told the set originally had four plates but I was okay with the broken set. After doing a bit of research I found out the fourth was a deer, it would be amazing to have all four but still love the three I have. Unless of course I would like to have dessert for four.

Well I found, when searching for my missing fourth plate, there are quite a few critter plates out there in all different styles, colors, and critters that will happily serve four.

critter plates 2Gilded Dapper Animal Dinnerware Set by West Elm

critter plates 4

Nature Table Dessert Plates by Anthropologie

critter plates 5Melamine Bazaar Dinner Plates by Thomas Paul

 critter plates 6

Safari Appetizer Plates by C. Wonder

critter plates 7

Plum & Bow Critter Plate by Urban Outfitters

critter plates 1

Bonjour Paris Plates by World Market


Should you happen to need to serve a few extra desserts check out these amazing designs by  Rory Dobner

Apartment Therapy Room for Color 2014

UntitledWell I have to say today did not start out the best. I woke up this morning feeling like I had a cold coming on, tired and groggy after a full nights sleep, ugh. I got the kids off to school, probably not my best work but they made the bus and I headed back to bed. A little extra sleep had me feeling revived but still I decided today was a “day of rest.” Let me clarify, a “day of rest” for me means no house work and lots of thrift stores. After six thrift stores and about 15 “Fat Lava” purchases later I was feeling a whole lot better. Things were looking up, I returned home to an e-mail informing me that my Master Bedroom submission for the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest was accepted. Pretty cool!

All in all the day that started off pretty yucky turned out pretty good, I think a “day of rest” may be in order more often.

If you want to vote for my submission please do so HERE and have a look at some of the other colorful submissions. Lots of color and inspiration.

Beach Living Room and Dining Room

Beachy Elegance

Beachy Elegance by maggieoverbystudios

You may remember my recent post Ektorp Beachy where I shared some living room ideas for one of my clients. The theme is mostly monochromatic but has an elegant beachy style that is light and neutral with a few rustic accents. Using the Ikea Ektorp sofa and many pieces the client already owns the above mood board shows the direction we are headed (there will be photos soon.) With the living room mostly decided the next phase will be the dining room. This room is pretty much a blank canvas other than an industrial style buffet that the client already owns. We have already decided on a few things, hard work since the options here in Germany can be a little limited when looking for American style furniture.  Ikea to the rescue for most items but we are still deciding on the end chairs and lighting for this room. I think both of the options below will work but will result in very different feels, one casual, one elegant. I lean toward the casual because I love the texture but I always love to hear your options, what do you think?

Found it on Etsy – Gold

If you’re like me a glance at products on Esty can turn into hours. This week was no different, so many pretty things to see. In my browsing I couldn’t help but notice all the glittery gold and brass in just about every department. The more I looked the more gold I saw and it’s no surprise that the super stars on Etsy  are using gold in the most creative ways.  Gold, Gold, Gold, I just can’t get enough.  Even just a touch of gold  instantly adds warmth and elegance, so gild it up.


Rain or Shine, Junking at the Nürnberger Trempelmarkt

photo 2 - Copy (2)

All summer I have waited for the Nürnberg “Trempelmarkt” which takes place only twice a year. For two days in May and September the Old Town or “Altstadt” of Nürnberg is home to a gigantic flea market. The Trempelmarkt is normally one of the largest flea markets in Germany, with almost 4,000 booths. Here they sell everything from clothing and toys to antiques and collectables.

This past Friday, the first day of the market, was nothing but rain all day long. I had plans to go to the market on Saturday and it was not looking any better. I was bummed thinking there was just not going to be much turn out. Saturday morning came and the rain let up a bit so my husband and I decided to head to Nürnberg. As soon as we arrived the rain started coming down. We were still not sure there would be a market  but the “Altstadt” is full of retail stores we could shop if nothing else was going on so we decided to brave the rain.

photo 1 - Copy (2)With umbrellas in hand, we walked to the center of the “Altstadt” and I was amazed to see the number of vender who were braving the weather. Some came prepared with tents or umbrellas and plastic sheeting while others with more weather proof wears were just letting it rain.

photo 2 - CopyWe endured the rain for a while as well and then after two days of non stop rain the sun came out. The crowds got thicker and there was junking to be done.

photo 1 - CopyAll this hard work paid off because I scored this amazing W. German Fat Lava vase that my sweet husband was kind enough to carry it all over Nürnberg.

photo 3Great junk is not the only things you will find at the market. Along with the Trempelmarkt you will also find the usual weekend farmers market vendors selling flower and vegetable along with all sorts of booths selling breads, olives, meats and cheeses.

photo 2 If you are local or planning a visit and missed the market this go round be sure to plan to visit the next market which will take place May 11th and 12, 2015. There is no excuse not to check it out because now you know, there will be junking at the Nürnberger “Trempelmarkt” no matter what the weather.

photo 1

Pairing Pink and Orange

Photo via

While thumbing through my October issue of HGTV Magazine I ran across the photo above featured in “Wow! What color is that?” (by the way the color is Regal Rose by Mythic Paint.) My daughter asked me if we could do these colors the “next time” we redo her room.  Ahhhh, the girl knows me too well. I have to admit she has good taste, something about the pink and orange together really pops.  In my hunt to find the origins of this photo, I ran across several more that really have me itching to try pairing pink and orange. Here is my head start and a few more photos to inspire you.

Pink and Orange



lynn_zps5992b479Photo Via Lynn Morgan Design

4-Twin-Beds-HPhoto via MMR Interiors

07-clx-righting-the-ship-girls-room-0813-lgn-3695554Photo via  Country Living

Palmer+Weiss+Large+scale+photographs+above+k7uiTLpfkWslDesigner Palmer Weiss via Lonny

IMG_8433Photo via The Lettered Cottage

Taunted by Jonathan Adler Fall 2014

JA fall 2014Today a special treat arrived via my inbox, a link to Jonathan Adler’s Fall 2014 catalog, Sigh… I have been a giant fan of Jonathan for years and while much of his merchandise is completely out of my price range it is always inspiring. The Fall 2014 catalog is no exception, with plenty of mid-century references (my favorite) and lots of that “Happy Chic” Jonathon is known for, I am loving every page. Some of my favorites are the newest additions to the catalog like the Maxime Daybed on the catalog cover (above). Look at all those lovely hair pins .
JA 4. modern-lighting-vienna-chandelier-jonathan-adler

And this  Vienna Chandelier, how can you not love this. I can only imagine it all lit up.

Jonathan Adler Fall 2014All this beautiful design keeps me up at night, taunting me, just waiting for me to win the lottery.

JA 2But until then I can look and dream to my little hearts content.Jonathan Adler Fall 2014

And of course work on my shopping list. Check out the full Jonathan Adler’s Fall 2014 catalog if you want to start working on yours…

Jonathan Adler Fall 2014Photos via Jonathan Adler

Return of Rattan

return of rattanPhoto via Apartment Therapy

From the Victorian style rattan of the early 20th-century to the to the Tropical Deco styles of the 1930’s -1950’s and then it’s resurgence in the 1970’s we have seen rattan furniture go in and out of style. Well guess what guys, today rattan furniture is definitely “In.”  Not the room full of rattan from past but instead the addition of one or two well placed pieces that really add impact. I love these rattan pieces because they are open and airy so they don’t feel heavy or weighed down, plus they add a texture you just can’t find in wood or upholstery. Whether it’s natural or painted  I have seen some amazing rooms featuring rattan. Here are a few affordable pieces that will help you add rattan into your decor in a new modern way.

Return of Rattan



Or if  you up to it and want a real bargain, get out there and find some of those pieces from an “In” past and feature them in a modern way.

return of rattanPhoto via Apartment Therapy

return of rattanPhoto via Lonny

return of rattan Photo via Deja Vu

return of rattanPhoto via Nate Berkus

return of rattanPhoto via Country Living

HENRIKSDAL Chair Spray Paint Update

HENRIKSDAL UpdateJust about everyone is familiar with the Ikea HENRIKSDAL dining chair. These simple slip covered chairs are probably sold everyday by the thousands and while they have a great look they are a little generic. I only have one HENRIKSDAL chair that I use at my desk which means all you ever see is the back of the chair. I figured this was a blank canvas in need of some art.

I wanted to do a geometric design on the back and since I have the short slipcover add a dipped look to the legs of the chair. I knew spray paint would work best for the legs and I wanted them to match the slipcover. I got the bright idea to paint my slipcover right on the chair using the same spray paint.  YES, you can use spray paint on fabric. Better yet, since its fast drying and goes on in light layers it will not bleed out on the fabric. It will also not bleed through so you can paint the slipcover while it is still on the chair.


I started off by masking the back of the chair off with painter’s tape in the design I desired. The options are endless here just remember what you tape off will remain white while what is exposed will be the paint color you choose. If you have not tried the green Frog Tape yet I highly recommend it over the blue painters tape for a project like this. It has much better adhesion and for use on fabric you will need that.

Once you have taped off your design you will need to mask of the rest of the chair.  Make sure you tape off everything. Spray paint is fine and will squeeze through even the tiniest crack. I used a plastic garbage bag for the large areas and more tape to finish off the legs and chair. You also want to go over all the tape in your design making sure it is smooth and secure.


Now your ready for paint. I used Krylon ColorMaster in Watermelon. I found upside down is best way to paint this chairs, This allows you to  get all angles of the legs and a good flat surface for spraying the back.  To paint the fabric you use the same technique as you would for spray painting anything else, thin even coats. The fabric may take a few more coats since it absorbs the paint but be patient and you will get good even coverage. Take extra care at the edges to get good coverage this will make for a crisp design when you remove the tape.


Give the chair some dry time and then remove the tape and masking to reveal the results. This is my favorite part!

Be careful of your hand on this step. The spray paint will leave a dust on the the tape, you don’t want to get this all over you white slipcover so wipe your hands before you handle the slipcover.

Now for about $10 I have a chair with some impact, no more blank canvas…