It’s Friday, High Five!

11Photo via My Domaine

The countdown is on! Seventeen days until I step on the plane heading back to the States for good, ten days until the movers arrive, and zero days before all hell breaks loose. The house is turned upside down with stuff going everywhere. I try not to think about the move itself too much because it will be so sad to leave Germany. It is a beautiful country full of amazing things. I have also made some really great friends here that I will really miss. That is Military life for you, lots of goodbyes in the hopes our paths will cross again. My other sadness about our departure will be my amazing German markets and thrift stores. I am already feeling withdrawals. What will I do with myself?  I will think about that tomorrow because this weekend I plan to pack in as much “junking” as possible. High-five for scoring some awesome “junk” before I go!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1. The photo above is from Charleston-based interior designer Angie Hranowsky and her amazing work at Darius Rucker’s Charming Charleston Home. Her use of color makes me so happy!

2. Heather Freeman at The Decorfix has put together an amazing online shopping guide sharing the best places on the web to shop for your home. Bookmarking this one!

3. The combination of this chair and wallpaper from the Harlequin Momentum Volume 2 Collection.

4. Photographic Portraits of Famous Artist’s Paint Palettes by Matthias Schaller, It is remarkable how much you can tell just from the palettes, many are just as beautiful as the art and reveal so much about the artist technique. See if you can figure which one belongs to which artist.

5. Ikea is testing out mini store for locations in smaller towns. Hope one comes to me!

For My Locals: I only have two more weekends of market shopping in Germany so here is where I’ll be. Sunday there is a market in Rednitzhembach and since Monday is a German Holiday there will markets in Wendelstein, Ornbau, and Rednitzhembach as well.

Have a Great Weekend,


5 Tips on Hanging a Growing Gallery Wall


I love a gallery wall but as a collector I am constantly adding to the gallery. I don’t want to have to wait until I am done collecting all my beautiful art to actually get it up on the wall so I developed a system to help me hang my constantly growing galleries.

When I moved to Germany two years ago I had just a few paper cut silhouettes but have since added quite a few pieces to the collection.  I wanted to share with you a few of my secrets on hanging a growing gallery wall without having to rehang the whole collection every time you add a new piece.

First have a look at how my gallery has grown and then I’ll share my tips.

1.  Use art pieces of a similar size. It will be hard to add a really large piece to a growing collection of small pieces and keep the gallery balanced.

2. If you do have large pieces it is best to begin with those first and add in around them.

3. Keep the distance between the pieces close and consistent, about one to two inches. If you are working with larger pieces you can add a little more. By doing this you give the feeling of one large piece of art rather than a bunch of pieces floating randomly around the wall.

I started my gallery with just these few pieces and added as I collected.


4. As you add pieces, work in a circular pattern adding around the edges on each sides to keep the balance as you go. arrow 1

5. Line one edge of the new piece your hanging with the edge of one already up creating several axis. This will give a more organized look.arrow 2

Have another look at how my gallery grew. Notice that each frame of the GIF can stand alone as its own gallery still looking balanced as pieces are added over time.

Now get out there and start collecting!

Found it at the Market -May 2015

may 2015

1. San Marino Italian Ceramic vase 15€ ($18) – This vase was a little more than I normally spend on my ceramics but I loved the girl’s profile and the lava glaze on this one.

2. Painted Red Antlers 15€ ($18) – Thought these guys would be fun for my son’s room and at 18″ they were a steal at only 15€

3. 3.5’x5.5′ Hand Knotted Rug 20€ ($22) – Found this rug in great condition at my local thrift store, a perfect size for an entry hall or bathroom.

4. Porcelain Enameled Street Sign 10€ ($12) – Love a good vintage sign.

5. On the same day as I ran across #1 I found this San Marino Italian Ceramics Rollers Skating Girl plate 10€ ($12) – I think a new collection may have started.

6. Okay so I don’t normally include my West German Pottery in the Market posts but this one made my heat race when I saw it. When the lady said 1€ ($1.20) I grabbed it and ran!


What I didn’t buy….

These posters which are really creepy and might keep me up at night. You must find a home elsewhere ladies!


Happy Hunting,


It’s Friday, High five!

5547b8c8697ab025e8005fd1._w.540_Photo via Apartment Therapy

It has been a busy week getting things ready for our big international move in just three weeks away. All the pictures are off the walls, the rugs are vacuumed and rolled, the curtains down for cleaning, and the house looks so sad and lonely. My son even noted that the living room now has an echo. With so much to do I am trying to focus on one thing at a time. Looking to far ahead at all that needs to be done makes me a little crazy. One thing at a time we are getting there. On Sunday we’ll take a little break from the chaos for a quick trip to Legoland which seems like a must before we leave Germany. Hopefully a little time away from the house will be a good thing. High five for keeping my sanity up until now!

Here are a few more high fives for the week…


1.  Have you checked out the entries Apartment Therapy Small Cool spaces 2015?  Vote for your favorite like Nicole and Tyler’s 914 sq ft. home in Somerville, MA. Brings back memories, our first house was only 750 sq ft.

2.  Something so satisfying about this 3D printing technique. Glad there are people smarter than me to come up with these sorts of things!

3.  Butaca Hexagonos chair by La Tapicera in Spain

4.   Two years ago Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe was unlocked and put on display after nearly 60 years. Now, these most private processions are revealed in Ishiuchi Miyako’s photographs on view at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London from May 14 to July 12.

5.  Odyssey: Otherworldly Macro Footage of Ink, Oil and Soap Shot by Ruslan Khasanov. These colorful images are so beautiful.


For my Locals: A great little market will be going on at the A6 Autohof in Herrieden both Saturday and Sunday.

Have a great weekend,


Street Art – Yarn Bombed Trees

fa5e6bc895da2c1c4a462130f5630a2cPhoto via Street Art Utopia

Yesterday I shared with you my “Tree Sweater” DIY made from crocheted thrift store pot holders. I thought today I’d share with you some more impressive yarn bombed trees that are truly inspiring. Of course I showed you mine first since it pales in comparison to these beauties but these guys are definitely an inspiration. Maybe if I save a few hundred more thrift store pot holders I can work my way up to this kind of street art.

4038a74f409a535519f425b98f7fcd38Photo via Apartment Therapy

c22ca477d8fdd4fbf9c7e1888e6a3c28Photo via 12for2012

tree-2Photo via Olek NYC

6217296b9fa08dc0958d67dddba85928Photo via of Beaten

5445e38ea7febf225a7cb2402bf7c86f Photo via KittenvonMew

50b15dda96840fb99202bbea0211677ePhoto via Street Art Utopia

img_2196Photo via Knit for Life

crochet-yarn-bombed-tree-beautiful-Photo via elodiecho

No tree, no problem check out these yarn bombs  of everything from street signs to locomotives.

DIY Thrift Store Yarn Bomb – A Tree Sweater


There are certain things that I run across at the thrift store all the time that I find so beautiful and full of potential but I’m not sure quite what to do with. Crochet work is of those things. I see tatting and doilies and these amazing, bright, colorful pot holders by the dozen. Someones creative handy work tossed aside. Does no one have any love for these little guys? Maybe no one cooks anymore or somebody just got over enthusiastic crocheting away. Either way I needed to find a way to give these guys a new life and bring them back to the party.

DSC07958Recently I decided to buy a giant stack of these colorful pot holders and make them into something just for fun.


I got fifty pot holders in all different colors and designs for only 10€ ($12.)

My mind went back to my post on Making Doilies Modern and I got the idea to make what I have been calling a “Tree Sweater.” Basically a way to yarn bomb the tree when you can neither knit nor crochet.


It is actually quite simple. On a beautiful sunny day I laid them out in the yard until I go an arrangement I liked. Then I stitching them together with a simple slip stitch, nothing fancy. If you DO crochet or knit I’m sure you could get more creative attaching the pieces together but for me this worked fine.

IMG_4065Once my “Sweater” stated getting large enough to wrap around the tree I gave it a fitting, adding pot holders where needed to make it fit all the way around. This is pretty easy since to pot holders are stretchy and can be pulled in whatever direction makes them fit together best. For my “tree sweater” I even made a “strap” to go around one of the branches to help hold it in place.

DSC08142The results are quirky, fun and completely impractical but the colorful bands make me smile every time I give them a glance. Whether you’re wanting to add decoration at an outdoor event or just add a pop of color for your own enjoyment a “tree sweater” is always ready to delight.

DSC08152Thanks to my new “tree sweater” my tree is now feeling flirty, fun, and ready for summer time parties. Plus all those pot holders have found a new life showing off their beautiful colors.


Ozzie Out and About

It has been three and a half months since a bad break required our cat Ozzie to have his hind leg amputated. I posted HERE and HERE about his surgery and recovery. I received so many kind comments from reader I thought it was about time for an update to let you guys know how he’s getting along as a three-legged cat. In my last update I shared a little of Ozzie’s struggle to get his balance and his anxiousness to go outside again. Well, he has pretty much gotten both, all on his own.

Just a few days after my last update Ozzie was out on one of his “escorted” walks around the yard when he slipped through one of his secret holes in the back fence. This was about two days after having his stitches removed and he is still quite a stumble bunny. Our street is a dead-end but the street behind us has a bit more traffic. I was very concerned when he ran out that way especially since we had to go all the way around the block to get to him. The whole family had to go on alert looking for this crazy cat. My husband and I took the car around the block, while the kids manned the balcony that overlooks the yards behind us. They were to call if they caught a glimpse of the cat. You wouldn’t think a three-legged cat could get too far in just a few minutes but Ozzie was on an escape mission.

After cruising the neighborhood we still had not found him. One of the neighbors happened to be out washing his car fortunately I knew two German words that might help, “rote Katze” or “red cat.” He patted his leg and pointed so I figured we were on the right track. Then I caught a glimpse of him in the man’s back yard, but when  Ozzie caught a glimpse too and took off again. He was not done with his “unescorted” walk. After a bit of a chase I was finally able to corner him between the back fence and the man’s shed. After a bit struggle I was able to bring the little rascal back to his incarceration. Ozzie was not pleased and I’m pretty sure the neighbor thought we were crazy. He got to watch the whole show, with no commentary. Maybe if there had not been a language barrier we could have pleaded our case.

After his taste of freedom, Ozzie began more and more to try to escape. One day I saw him out front when I swore he was in the house. That is when I gave up. Wobbly or not he did not want to be kept in the house. In the end letting him out again was for the best. Being outside gave him the freedom to run and learn to use his leg again. He has slowly gotten better at his balance and is definitely much happier. My one restriction was to block the hole in the back fence in hopes he would stay in a safer area on our dead-end street. He still has what we call his “spin start,” a little spin he sometimes does before he can get his balance but it is not as often and much less dramatic. Have a look…

It makes me so happy to see Ozzie finally learning to navigate his new situation. He is now running, jumping and climbing trees again even if he has an occasional struggle to keep his balance.  He is also quickly out growing his nickname of “Ozzbald” since the hair on his nub has started to fill in. We are all a little sad about this since the peach fuzz is so soft and pet-able. We have moved on to a new nick name “Hop Along Cat-sidy” and I am certainly glad to see this sweet kitty hop along.

Lazy cat






It’s Friday, High Five!

4623ff9fc46a5027f03a9ca9bf84e3f6Photo via Domino

Finally, Finally, Finally things are moving forward. We have orders, we have tickets, we’ve scheduled movers and shipped the first car. I can’t tell you how much better that makes me feel. Normally I would be planning our move several months in advance but this move will have to come together in just one month.  To top it all off, everything is going overseas which takes a minimum of 30 days. A little stressful to say the least.  This move will have so many parts it feels good to get even a few items out-of-the-way. So high-five to relieving  a little pressure. I’ll let you know how the stress level is going next week…

Until then enjoy a few of my other high-fives…

friday1. This bedroom featured on Domino got it all right – colors, patterns and metallics working together in perfect balance.

2. Kate Middleton is gorgeous even hours after welcoming a new royal princess but aren’t we all thinking what Liz at A Mothership Down is thinking? How does she do it?

3. 271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book. What a beautiful find!

4. The stunning floors in this industrial space designed by Paola Navone in Spello, Italy. (images by Max Zambelli)

5. These architecturally inspired graphics by Federico Babina, I could look at these all day!

For my locals: Look forward to a busy market weekend everyone. The biannual Nurnberg Trempelmarkt  is finally here this Friday and Saturday. This is one you don’t want to miss. On Sunday you can check out markets in Lichtenau and Rednitzhembach. A bonus, since Thursday is a German holiday they have a market in Schwabach on that day too.

Have a Great Weekend,


Thrift Score Thursday


Today I am super excited to be a guest host for #ThriftScoreThursday, all the way from Germany. If this is your first visit to my blog I will let you know I am a thrift store, flea market, classifieds junkie. I stop by my local thrift store almost everyday and Sunday afternoon are dedicated to the amazing flea markets they have all over Germany. I am always amazed at the great finds that can be had for just a fraction of their original cost. I also love that I can find or create a one of a kind pieces that can’t be found in every store. The photo above is of my #ThriftScoreThursday find of the week. Of course that is not what it looked like when I scored it for 25€ ($27.50) at my local thrift store.

The little brown number you see below is what I started with. This is a pretty common style of furniture at the thrift stores here in Germany. Straight lines with a veneered finish over plywood, kind of a mid-century look, but not quite.


Although the piece is solid and sturdy the veneer was not in great shape. Lots of nicks, scratches, and watermarks on the finish that might be worth fixing on a nicer piece but too much work for this little guy. I decided painting was a better (quicker) way to go.

I started with white gloss paint on the body if of the cabinet. This worded out well because I was trying to use up all my spray paint before our big move back to the States next month.


A pretty emerald-green for the doors and drawers that a friend had leftover from another project (free!)


To get a high-end look I added some pulls that were a little more modern. This was actually the most expensive part of the  project at 27€ ($30) but with the whole piece coming in at under $60 I think it was totally worth it.


And just a FYI, almost every item in this photo is thrift. The art on the wall is an original pastel I got at a garage sale. The vintage blue vases I collected from my local thrift stores and the rug I go just this week for 100€ ($120) on my local online classifieds site. To top it all off the orchid I got for free, leftover party decor from an event my friend hosted.


thrift score thursday10

Before I share with you my favorite Thrift Score Thursday finds from others I thought I’d tell you a little about how it works if you’d like to join.

How #thriftscorethurday works:
– You can share any thrifty finds  – whether they hail from a thrift store, Craigslist, estate sale, garage sale, side of the road, or apartment dumpster! The fun, the funny, the awesome, the odd – this hashtag party is open to all!
– Feel free to use #thriftscorethursday any day of the week! They’ll be keeping up with the hashtag all week-long to find our favorites for the following Thursday.
– Each week, Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Cassie from Primitive and Proper, Corinna from For My Love Of and Brynne from The Gathered Home will pick a few favorite thrift scores to feature! So please note that by linking up with#thriftscorethursday, you are giving us permission to share your finds via social media or on our blogs.

My #thriftscorethurday Picks:

I have to say there were some pretty amazing thrift finds this week. It was so hard to choose just a few but here are a some of my favorites.

futuristichumanEveryone knows I am a mid-century freak so this credenza from Sabrina at Futuristichuman on Instagram is to die for.Her #thriftingwithsabrina makes me want to go shopping with her.


lecrafteurThis vintage art from Anna at Lecrafteur on Instagram has me thinking of my paint by number collection even though Anna says it is more of a watercolor up close.  You can see more of her finds on her blog Le Crafteur.

midsommarflickaI am a huge fan of marquee letters, this one from Elena at  Midsommarflicka on Instagram would have made a perfect addition to my collection.


And last but certainly not least this blue velvet loveseat from Kayla at Thegildedbear on Instagram. You know how I feel about blue velvet sofas. I’m thinking this one would be quite sexy if you removed the skirt and had it show off some leg and those embossed pillows, swoon…

What great finds this week! if you are on Instagram feel free to check them all out or even add your own #thriftscorethursday items.

If you’d like to see my co-host’s favorites, be sure to stop by and check out Brynne, Trisha, Cassie, and Corinna’s favorites at the links below…

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Happy Thrifting,





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Feeling Positive about Swiss Cross Design

Petite VintagePhoto via Petite Vintage Interiors

Big plans are happening this week. Our move back to the States is just one month away. In a whirl wind of worry about packers, shipping cars and finding new schools I also need to think about the fun parts so I can keep my sanity. As part of every move I like to redo the kids room a bit, give them something new and fun to look forward to. Not a full makeover (well maybe) but at least bedding and accessories they can get excited about. I usually end up painting at the new house anyway, so why not.

For my daughter there are always a million ideas for updating her room but for my son it always seems a little more difficult. His current room has a nautical feel but as he is getting older (ten this year) I think its time for something new.  I want something a little different and since I just redid a vintage storage cabinet in orange I’d like to try to make it work in his new room. I am always looking for ideas but the one I keep going back to is the photo above by Petite Vintage Interiors which I pinned long ago long ago while doing a blog feature on their work.  I still love the look especially the Swiss cross pattern used in the rug and throw. I think for Will’s room this pattern would work great, it has a masculine look that is interesting but not too juvenile so he won’t outgrow it in a year or two.

That means it’s time to shop. If you love the Swiss cross design too I have gathered some ideas and products to help you (and me) get the look!

If you want to make a big impact try adding a Swiss cross rug.


5×8 Rug by Pattern Society $199

Add a little pop of fun and color with a throw blanket

BelgiumHomeTour_HollyMarder_decor8-12-683x1024Photo via Decor8

Blanket by Pia Wallen

Blanket by Pia Wallen $97

An easy addition of throw pillows means you don’t have to change everything up, just add the Swiss cross graphic.

KimGray-38photo via Kim Gray


Pillow cover by Zana Products $29

For a bigger impact add Swiss crosses to the whole bed with a new duvet.

stikwood-headboard-199Photo via Sugar and Cloth


Twin Swiss Cross Duvet $139

And since the Swiss cross design is so simple it is easy to add as a DIY like this washi tape wall treatment

IMG_13821Photo via Everything Emily

If you have some sewing or upholstery skills fabric by the yard means you can add a Swiss cross just about anything.

2Photo via Zana