Thrift Score Thursday No.124

Hello my friends, are you ready for another round of #ThriftScoreThursday ? I have scored some cuties this week so I am super excited that Thursday is here and I can share them with all my thrifting peeps. My first find was this little faux bamboo nightstand that I actually got from a friend. This […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 123

Another round of #ThriftScoreThursday and this week I’m going Bohemian. I have been spending a lot of time considering what I want to do in my sun room so I have been drawn to lots of outdoor items, bamboo and little decorative goodies. I have been gathering these items on hopes of figuring out a […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 122

Hello my friends, are you fired up for #ThriftScoreThursday? I always am and as usual, I have thriftd my little heart out so I can share with you all my bargain goodies. This week we also have a guest host, Linda from The Home I Create, so be sure to stop by and say “Hi.”  […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 121

Hello #ThriftScoreThursday friends! Today I feel like I have been on vacation. I went to an estate sale where I found a huge collection of collectible state plates. These few were $.50 a piece but they had a set of all 50 state for $30. I have to say I was a little tempted if […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 120

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday guys! I have to tell you this week your going to feel a little green with envy over my thrift finds. Well you’ll be feeling green at least, because I certainly was. It seems like every where I turned this week I was finding pretty green numbers. I even found a faux succulent […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 118

Hello my #ThriftScoreThursday friends! Yes it’s that time again, time to share my favorite second-hand goodies of the week. You know I’m sucker for anything with an Asian flare so I’m sure you not surprised that I grabbed all these goodies. I’m in love with my bamboo handled ice bucket and my daughter has her Ramen […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 117

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday everyone! Today is a very happy #ThriftScoreThursday because I am sharing a score I have been hunting for a very long time. Years ago I was on a home tour when I saw a vintage Tonka Winnebago Indian on the book shelf, I fell in love. Although I wasn’t actively pursuing my own […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 116

I know all my thrifters out there know what it’s like to see that find that takes your breath away. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it just plain ugly. When I run across these items I just can’t help but take a photo so I can remember the things I didn’t buy. […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 115

This week my thrift scores were blessed! Finding a “Last Supper” paint by number is a blessing, especially at $11, but this is actually the second one I’ve scored this year. I guess that means I am a doubly blessed and this week the blessing kept coming with lots of cute coordinating finds. I love […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 114

Hello guys, It’s #ThriftScoreThursday again and today I want to share with you my very manly thrift find. Literally it’s a man! Actually it’s Casey at the Bat a 1980’s limited edition Avon mug that came with Avon’s Weekend after shave. I found him at the Goodwill for $3 (well actually it was one of […]