Thrift Score Thursday No. 130

It’s #ThriftScoreThursday and time rock those thrifted goodies. This week I scored a great pair of Dixie furniture nightstands that with just a little bit of love were ready to go. When I spotted them in the thrift store they were sitting on the floor and looked like this. I thought to myself those would […]

Thrift Score Thursday No.129

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday guys! This week I finished a project I wanted to share but also tell the story of a lesson learned (again!) Spoiler alert, it has a happy ending but still is a valuable lesson to share. I ran across a yard sale not too long ago and spotted this little table from the […]

Thrift Score Thursday No.128

Hello my friends, my favorite day of the week is here…#ThriftScoreThursday! I love that each week I get to share all my thrifted goodies. This week was one of those weeks when all the stars or at least the Foo Dogs aligned. I’m not usually a hunter of blue and white decor but when I […]

Thrift Score Thursday No.127

Happy #ThiftScoreThursday everyone, how’s the junking going this week? I have bought a few little things but I have mostly been trying to get some of my “project” pieces finished up so I can get them out of my garage. This week I finished up this cute vanity set to take over to my store […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 126

It’s time again for #ThriftScoreThursday and this week my find is pretty colorful. I actually bought this pretty little needlepoint pillow on a trip to Savannah where I did some antiquing with a friend.  The pillow was sitting right in the front of the store on an orange mid-century chair the exact same color as […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 125

Hello All, it’s time for another addition of #ThriftScoreThursday. Have you guys been out hunting this week? I have to admit, I have been a little slow on the thrift game this week. It seems like this time of year so much is going on and I’m spending so much money in other places that […]

Thrift Score Thursday No.124

Hello my friends, are you ready for another round of #ThriftScoreThursday ? I have scored some cuties this week so I am super excited that Thursday is here and I can share them with all my thrifting peeps. My first find was this little faux bamboo nightstand that I actually got from a friend. This […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 123

Another round of #ThriftScoreThursday and this week I’m going Bohemian. I have been spending a lot of time considering what I want to do in my sun room so I have been drawn to lots of outdoor items, bamboo and little decorative goodies. I have been gathering these items on hopes of figuring out a […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 122

Hello my friends, are you fired up for #ThriftScoreThursday? I always am and as usual, I have thriftd my little heart out so I can share with you all my bargain goodies. This week we also have a guest host, Linda from The Home I Create, so be sure to stop by and say “Hi.”  […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 121

Hello #ThriftScoreThursday friends! Today I feel like I have been on vacation. I went to an estate sale where I found a huge collection of collectible state plates. These few were $.50 a piece but they had a set of all 50 state for $30. I have to say I was a little tempted if […]