January Cure 2016 – Week Four

Last week was the final push for completing the January Cure hosted by Apartment Therapy, it was along month but I feel like I really accomplished a lot. A few of the assignments I have not fully completed (re-lining the shelves in the kitchen cabinets) but they have at least been into motion. The others […]

January Cure 2016 – Week Three

Week three down and we are in the home stretch of the January Cure hosted by Apartment Therapy. I participated in the Cure last year so I was a little concerned that this year would be a total repeat of last years tasks. Instead, I was excited to find that this year’s tasks were completely […]

January Cure 2016 – Week Two

Week two of the January Cure hosted by Apartment Therapy has come to a close and it has been a busy one. I have to admit that I have not been able to dedicated as much time to the cure as I was last year but even a small amount of effort is helping me […]

January Cure 2016 – Week One

Even though I didn’t get back to real life until January 4th I still decided to take on the January Cure hosted by Apartment Therapy.    The cure started January 1st which meant I was four-day behind from the get go, but I was so pleased with the results last year,and badly in need of […]

January Cure – Made It Through!

Last week was the final push in Apartment Therapy‘s January Cure. For the first time, I am proud to say, I made it through. A month of cleaning and organizing myself to a better home. January is a dreary winter, post holiday, downer but the January Cure has kept me to busy to notice (much.) […]