Thrift Score Thursday No. 105

Hello my #ThriftScoreThursday friends. I hope you’ve had a great week, I did because I ended an 8 month search for the perfect sofa side table. (That’s good right?) I’ve had a little cabinet next to my sofa ever since we moved into our house in August and I’ve tried switching it up a few […]

Circle Chairs get an Update

On Monday my kids went back to school, Momma’s day to celebrate! This week all those kid free hours  have spiked my enthusiasm to get things done. I feel like I have gotten more done in the last three days than I have all summer. Those little projects that seemed so big just last week are […]

Hopper and Space – Mid Century Restored in the UK

This weekend while scouring Instagram I ran across these two guys, Joe and Ben. These two admitted architecture and design geeks also happen to be the founders of They lured me in with photo like these. Mid century furniture and West German ceramics, show me more! A few more clicks and I was at […]