Best Posts of 2017

Well my friends, today is the last day of 2017 and it’s been a busy one! This year was my first full year back working full-time.  We bought a house. We did a ton of work on that house. My husband put in his military retirement paperwork (Yes in that order! Because we totally had […]

Fashion for the Home – Blush and Emerald

Photo via US Vogue September 2010 Do you ever find a color combination that keeps catching your eye? Well I’ve noticed lately that I keep crushing on blush and emerald-green. I’m not sure if this is a combination that is recently trending or just one that is pleasing to my eye at this particular stage […]

Making the Bed – Mattresses and 10 Great Duvet Covers

Last weekend we did something pretty exciting, we went and tried out mattresses (did I just hear a collective groan?) I know this is not very exciting but we did it. I felt a lot like Goldilocks, to hard, too soft, but my husband and I finally found a bed that was “just right.” With […]

It’s Friday, High Five!

Design by Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger. Photo by Oly. Do you ever have so many projects you want to get done that it is paralyzing because you can’t decide which to start first. Since the holidays are over I’ve had that feeling a lot. I have a whole slew of projects that still need […]

A Bamboo Look Bed, This could be the one!

Photo via Giannetti Architects I have shared in the past that I wanted to replace our master bed once we moved back to the States. Well here we are back in the States and the movers lost all the hardware to our old bed in the move. Perfect excuse to finally take the plunge on […]

Master Bedroom in Aqua and Blush

Finally, the master bedroom is complete (minus my dream bed which I must have once we return to the States.) I received my beautiful fabric for the curtains and pillows from a while ago but I needed to find a few days to get the sewing done. When the January Cure put the bedroom […]

Master Bedroom Bedding Update

Last week I was busy getting my master bedroom painted a new Pearl grey. Not a big departure from the blue but a bit more neutral.  I am really liking the new color so I was very excited when my new bedding and fabric samples arrived Saturday I could figure out how I was going […]

Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 If you read my post last week about my new (old) rug I found at the thrift store, you know my master bedroom update has taken a little swerve. Today I wanted to share the direction it’s going and how I plan to get there. This past weekend I finally got the chance to […]

Time for a Change – Coral Master Bedroom

Something strange is going on with the paint in my master bedroom… You can see it slightly in the picture above. Along the corner of the wall the paint seen to be separating creating dark and light patches. This was one of the first rooms I painted and I used a pre-mixed color from a […]

Apartment Therapy Room for Color 2014

Well I have to say today did not start out the best. I woke up this morning feeling like I had a cold coming on, tired and groggy after a full nights sleep, ugh. I got the kids off to school, probably not my best work but they made the bus and I headed back […]