Man Cave Lighting with Lamps Plus

I received complimentary products as compensation for this post from Lamps Plus. All thoughts, opinions, and styling are my own. It has been a while since I have shared any photos of my husband’s man cave. Since then there have been quite a few changes like new curtains and additions to my husband’s collection but […]

Man Cave Lighting

I shared the almost finished Man Cave but instead of moving on to another big project I am obsessing over replacing that boob light. Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time browsing the options over at Lamps Plus. My goal is to find something fun but at the same time a bit masculine. I […]

The New Man Cave

After a month in the new house I have finally manage to get one room totally livable. I don’t say finished because one, I’m never “finished” and two, there are a few more things to be done. This room was completed first mostly because it needed the least amount of paint and all the art […]

Tulip Chair Re-Upholstery

I have been DIY ing away these last few weeks and have gotten a lot accomplished. The desk chair upholstery for the “Man cave” has been checked off the list and I am loving the results. The style of the chair is mid-century so I tried to be true to the original design (and respect […]

Man Cave – Furniture Finds and Camouflage

As promised yesterday I have an update for you on the “Man Cave.” Earlier in the month I had a list going on all the tasked that needed to be done before I could get the room completed. A lot has been happening since then and here is what the lists looks like now… Reorganize […]

Man Cave – Sofa

Yesterday my husband came home from work about an hour after he left. He had forgotten he didn’t need to be in until late afternoon and was kind of feeling grumpy. I knew what he needed, a little retail therapy. Okay, he probably didn’t think that was quite the “pick me up” he was looking […]

Man Cave – Paint complete!

Yes my friends that is a brand new, lovely coat of paint on our once ugly “man cave.” I am always amazed at what a good coat of paint can do for a space and this is no exception.  Paint complete – Check. Now it is time for the games to begin. I have a […]

Man Cave Meets Roomstyler

Today the painters are here to work on the man cave. That means we are getting close to the fun part, styling the room! So while I wait for the paint to dry I have been trying out a great little online program called Roomstyler.  I am not even sure how I ran across this […]

Man Cave Activities

I haven’t updated you in while on the “man cave” activities, so here it what is going on.  The biggest change is the walls have been re-plastered and should be dry enough for paint on Monday.  I am amazed how much the new plaster has improved the space, no more cracks and everything is even. […]

Man Cave – Welcome to the Dungeon!

Okay guys so sometimes things have to get worse before they get better and this is definitely one of those times. While we were away this weekend great strides were made on the “man cave” update but you definitely wouldn’t think so by the looks of it! Right now we have what looks like dungeon […]