Thrift Score Thursday No. 133

It’s time again for a little #ThriftScoreThursday fun! I am always in awe of all the amazing finds out there but never surprised. If you are willing to take on the hunt, you will find! For all you hunters who have been loyal #TST followers we love you and want you keep on sharing your […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 132

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday everyone. always my favorite day of the week especially when I have an addition to one of my favorite collections to share. I kind of had to laugh when I found this one because the tag said “two frames $5” not even a mention of the paint by number I was dying to have. […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 131

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday guys, I know I’m usually sharing a thrift store makeover but this week’s find is more about the story. This weekend was our neighborhood yard sale so I went to a whole slew of sales just a block or two from my house.  I made a loop around the neighborhood scoring a few […]

No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains and Budget Rods

I’m getting so close to finishing up my screen porch. I know you guys are waiting for the big reveal but I wanted to share one last DIY before you get to see it all come together. Since we don’t have a three season porch, only screens, I decided to add inexpensive drop cloth curtains […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 130

It’s #ThriftScoreThursday and time rock those thrifted goodies. This week I scored a great pair of Dixie furniture nightstands that with just a little bit of love were ready to go. When I spotted them in the thrift store they were sitting on the floor and looked like this. I thought to myself those would […]

Thrift Score Thursday No.129

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday guys! This week I finished a project I wanted to share but also tell the story of a lesson learned (again!) Spoiler alert, it has a happy ending but still is a valuable lesson to share. I ran across a yard sale not too long ago and spotted this little table from the […]

Outdoor Rug in Black and white

Are you guys tired of seeing my screen porch yet? I hope not because we are almost to the finish. This morning I wanted to share a big success with you… We have a rug!!! I love this rug but I have to say I am most excited that it is huge 6’x9′ and only […]

It’s Friday, High Five!

Photo via Alison Damonte Yesterday was a big day, my first day at the new job. I kept the details hushed when I first told you that I was going back to work but now that I’m through all the hiring process I’m free to share. I also wanted to share because it may be […]

Thrift Score Thursday No.128

Hello my friends, my favorite day of the week is here…#ThriftScoreThursday! I love that each week I get to share all my thrifted goodies. This week was one of those weeks when all the stars or at least the Foo Dogs aligned. I’m not usually a hunter of blue and white decor but when I […]

Love Your Space Ebook

Today I have a little sneak peek just for you! My friend Kathy at Up to Date Interiors just launched an ebook called Love Your Space. I got a chance to read and review the book during the writing process and it had some pretty inspiring content that I thought you might enjoy. The goal of […]