HENRIKSDAL Chair Spray Paint Update

Just about everyone is familiar with the Ikea HENRIKSDAL dining chair. These simple slip covered chairs are probably sold everyday by the thousands and while they have a great look they are a little generic. I only have one HENRIKSDAL chair that I use at my desk which means all you ever see is the […]

Man Cave – Sofa

Yesterday my husband came home from work about an hour after he left. He had forgotten he didn’t need to be in until late afternoon and was kind of feeling grumpy. I knew what he needed, a little retail therapy. Okay, he probably didn’t think that was quite the “pick me up” he was looking […]

48 Days – Oh My!

This morning I have been very busy, yes that’s right I have been wrapping Christmas gifts. Now before you get mad at me for being ahead of the game, I have good excuse. We will be heading to the U.S. to spend Christmas with our families so all gifts have to be bought, wrapped, and […]

Making Room for Baby on a Budget

There is nothing more fun than making room for a baby, especially a sweet baby girl. Oh the things I would do if money where no object but unfortunately that isn’t usually the case! So when a good friend of mine needed help getting some ideas together I was more than happy to help. She […]

Room #2 – The Master Bedroom

Once the kitchen was finished and we could finally eat, I figured it best we find somewhere to sleep. After almost two month sleeping in hotels and on air matresses I was more than ready to have my own bed back. The master bedroom was a little easier project than the kitchen since I had […]