Finally, A Blue Velvet Sofa!

It is no secret that I have a thing for blue velvet sofas. I have been drooling over them for a while now but guess what? I finally got my own, well sort of… My blue velvet sofa is actually an Ikea Hack! Here is what I started with, my 8-year-old mid-century style sofa with […]

It’s Friday, High Five!

Photo Via Domino Ladies and Gentleman I have a feeling its going to be an amazing day. I got a great nights sleep, the first in a while. The weather man tells me that the temperature will be creeping up in week to come all the way up to the 40’s and we may even […]

HENRIKSDAL Chair Spray Paint Update

Just about everyone is familiar with the Ikea HENRIKSDAL dining chair. These simple slip covered chairs are probably sold everyday by the thousands and while they have a great look they are a little generic. I only have one HENRIKSDAL chair that I use at my desk which means all you ever see is the […]

Instant Upgrade – O’verlays

When we first moved to Germany and were faced with NO CLOSETS I knew we needed more storage space in the master bedroom, so I swapped our nightstands for dressers. I would have loved to buy some beautiful antiques dressers but I could not have giant piles of clothes on the floor until I found […]