It’s December, High-Five!

With just one day left of 2016 I thought I’d share some big news for 2017!  Just two weeks ago on a complete whim we went and looked at a house and did a really crazy thing. We made an offer on it! Okay, so that is the short story. The long story is that my husband can retire from the military in the next year if he wants and we have been spending some time thinking about finally putting down roots. With our kids in a good school and me now in a job I love those roots look they will be in South Carolina…at least for a while. So in a few months if all goes as planned we will be closing on this beauty which means lots of work but for me, it also means a whole lot of fun. Finally a house that will be mine.

Let’s take a tour.

I’m calling this room the library just because of the three walls of built-ins screaming for some West German Pottery… and maybe a few books.


The library leads into the formal dining room. I have nothing to put into the formal dining room but I suppose I can figure that out…


From there we head to the kitchen. Not a perfect kitchen but it is definitely in good working order with plenty of counter space and lots of storage.

kitchen kitchen-2

From there we go into the living room…


which has a gas fireplace that backs up to the one in the library.


Along the back of the house is the sunroom which used to be a covered porch. Here is where the paint gets a little over the top.


At the far end of the sunroom is the master bedroom, more paint required.


But the view is pretty great!


I think the previous owner really liked green because the master bath has more green paint but it’s a great canvas for something new.

master-bath master-bath-2

But how about the master bedroom walk-in closet? I might need more shoes! Okay, probably not but a girl can dream right?


Along the hallway to the master bedroom, there are two additional bedrooms and an office that opens onto the sunroom but the room that everyone is fighting over is the bonus room over the garage.


The house has a three car garage so it also has a three car bonus room with its own bath. My daughter has bee putting in some pretty strong arguments on making it her own…but we’ll see.

bonus-2 bonus-1bath-3

What I’m most excited about the three car garage, the third garage is climate controlled and ready for projects 24/7


while the two car portion still has room to hold the cars… What a novel idea!


But the real selling feature that had my husband sold from the get go was the yard.


It backs up to a waterway which means no backyard neighbors and a very private yard,


not to mention a great view.lake-2

I can’t wait to get my hands on this place and share the progress with you guys but you’ll have to wait just a bit.  Since we have a lease on our existing house we can’t leave for a bit so we are going to put off the closing and move in a little at a time while we update some of that crazy paint. I’ll keep you posted!








2016 Traditional Home New Orleans Showhouse – Part Two

Who is ready for day two of the 2016 Traditional Home New Orleans Showhouse. Today I’m taking you upstairs and out to the guest cottage for the rest of the tour. Let’s head up the stairs first…

Gallery Hall by Southern Style Now My favorite thing about this house is the amazing art in every single room.

IMG_7946 IMG_7905

Including the Laundry Room by Margaux Interiors Limited


Den (Bedroom) by FlynnSide Out

IMG_7910 IMG_7911

Master Bath & Closet by Graci Interiors, LLC

IMG_7917 IMG_7918 IMG_7916

Bathroom by Olasky & Sinsteden

IMG_7913 IMG_7944

Bedroom by Paloma Contreras Design This was one of my favorite rooms, the wallpaper is hand painted and so delicate.

IMG_7921 IMG_7919 IMG_7924

Sitting Room by CBG Interiors LTD I want those chairs! #moschairjunkie

IMG_7933 IMG_7935

Bathroom by Laura Burleson Interiors Even the bathroom has a gallery wall, my kind of house.


Now lets head outside for my favorite part of the tour, the guest cottage. I would move into this space in a heartbeat.

Terrace by Jade Interiors Plants by The Plant Gallery

IMG_7877 IMG_7879

Guest House Living Room & Kitchenette by Lisa Mende Design The colors in this space make me so happy.

IMG_7882 IMG_7890

and this tiny kitchen just enough, and way nicer than mine at home.


Bedroom by Savage Interior Design

IMG_7892 IMG_7891

There are one or two spaces that I was unable to get great photos of but otherwise that’s the tour. What did you think? There were some rooms I loved and some that were just nice but either way I loved taking the tour. I never pass up a house tour even if the house is empty. Even better if the house is as beautiful this one and full of inspiring design ideas. Hope you enjoyed it too.





2016 Traditional Home New Orleans Showhouse – Part One

IMG_7820Today I have a big treat for you guys. Last Thursday had the opportunity to visit the 2016 Traditional Home New Orleans Showhouse. This year’s tour house was a million dollar Queen Ann Victorian built in 1895 on St.Charles Avenue one of the most prominent streets in New Orleans. Tours to the 4,000 square foot home closed yesterday but lucky for you I took lots of pictures to share. The house itself was gorgeous even before the designers got to work but now it pretty fabulous.

2016 Traditional Home New Orleans Showhouse

Actually I took so many pictures I think I’ll break the tour up into two posts…  So today we’ll start downstairs.

Foyer & Stairwell by MMR Interiors This Foyer is breathtaking and I have to say one of my favorite spaces in the house.

IMG_7832 IMG_78331

Study by Michel Smith Boyd Interiors

IMG_7947 IMG_7952

Living Room by Shaun Smith Home I wish I could have captured this better in a photo. This room had high gloss lacquer walls and ceilings that were so amazing. Shaun Smith was at the house and explained the process, seven coats and extensive prep work were required to achieve the look.

IMG_7855 IMG_7848

Parlor by Reagan Hayes, Inc.


In the parlor there was more drama on the ceiling mimicking the lines of the light fixture.


and the entire house was full of the most amazing art.


Dining Room By William Rankin McClure IV

IMG_7839 IMG_7900

Family Room by Parker Kennedy Living


You know I love this wall, does it look familiar?

IMG_7857 IMG_7899

Kitchen by James Farmer Design

IMG_7868 IMG_7875

Butler’s Pantry by LCH Interiors The butler’s pantry was another favorite of mine, but who doesn’t want a pantry full of champagne and caviar?

IMG_7870 IMG_7871 IMG_7872

And that’s just the downstairs! and I haven’t even got to the guest cottage yet…Stop by tomorrow for more of the 2016 Traditional Home New Orleans Showhouse

It’s Friday, High-Five!

a0f53c_9dc4fd59d3ad446caba9378e47ef4fa2Photo via Rachael Meadows

After some long hard driving (ten plus hours long) we have arrived in New Orleans and are ready for some good eating and lots of relaxation. Okay so maybe not complete relaxation, my family always puts me to work when I come to visit and I don’t plan to be totally MIA from the blog. I have plans to visit the Traditional Home Showhouse 2016 so I’ll be sure to take pictures and I have a few projects I’ll be working on bringing you while I’m here. I’m sure in between all of that I’ll be able to fit some relaxation in somewhere…High-Five to that!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1.The above Laurel Canyon Residence by designer Rachael Meadows recently caught my eye, while most of her work is centered on modern design but in this home I love that she has also incorporated vintage pieces, for a warmer homey look.

2.  I have to brag a little because this week I participated in the Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour with 19 others and everyone knocked it our of the park. If you are looking for some weekend reading here are all the participants in one spot…

Blue i Style Polished Habitat Bright Green Door Maggie Overby Studios

CiburbanityThe Striped HouseStyle Mutt HomeThis is Our Bliss

Copper Dot Interiors {Home-ology} Modern Vintage Up to Date Interiors Bigger Than the Three of Us

Rain on a Tin Roof Pretty Practical Home 58th Water Street Domicile 37

Primitive & Proper A Designer at Home Suburban Bitches Casa Watkins Living 

3.  I love succulents but I admit I kill them every time, so I kind of love this post by A Beautiful Mess on the most real, faux plants.

4.  So glad that Emily Henderson‘s post on Designing a Budget Living Room includes furniture normal folks like me can actually afford.

5.  Check out Los Angeles–based artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz who has a charming side business making tiny treehouses for potted bonsai trees, cacti, and succulents. Apparently he can actually keep them alive…

Have a great weekend,




Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour 2016


Hello all! Welcome to the Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour 2016 hosted by Jess of Domicile37. All this week an amazing group of eclectic interior bloggers will be sharing  a peak inside of their homes. This comes at a perfect time for me because we have been in our new house almost nine months and I haven’t had a chance to share a full tour and it is for sure eclectic.


So today I welcome you to my eclectic home. Eclectic is a collection of ideas, styles, or tastes derived from a broad and diverse range of sources. This could not be a better explanation of my style. I have always been a collector and over our ten moves I have gathered objects and furniture from all over the U.S and the world. I definitely lean heavily towards mid-century styles but I feel perfectly at home mixing in traditional as well.  I love what I love and anything goes.


For those of you that don’t already know we are now living in South Carrolina and the house is a rental. That means I have been limited to making changes that can be reversed when we leave so with the help lots of paint, lighting, fabric, and budget friendly DIYs I have slowly worked my way through each room to make this house a home.


In my last house I used a lot of color on the walls but this house is very dark so here I chose paint colors that were light and neutral, for everything else color has been key.


You will also find that almost everything in my house is a vintage, thrift store, or flea market find.


You can see by the “Man Cave” that my husband is on board for the hunt as well.


He tends to go for historical significance (and dead things)


While I go for just about everything else…

DSC01148ig DSC01144ig DSC01142ig DSC01143ig

The one room in this house that has taken me a while to love is the kitchen. Being a rental I can’t really make big changes in this room and at first I hated it.


But adding a bit of my personality has helped me appreciate the fact that it is functional, neutral and at the very least a nice background for the things I love.


It is also the one room that has a big beautiful window with lots of light.


Perfect for my growing urban jungle.


This house also has a bonus room over the garage that is mine all mine! The work space I’ve always dreamed of is finally a reality.

DSC09324IG DSC09309ig

The opposite side of the house leads to the bedrooms and baths which are pretty typical for the no frills 90’s rancher that this house is.

DSC00019ig DSC00037ig

Like the kitchens the baths are functional and neutral, definitely nothing from Architectural Digest, but with a splash of color and collected accessories they come to life.


The bedrooms are a good size and have been easy spaces to add lots of personal touches, and of course color.


Bold fabrics and lots of pattern have also played a big part in bringing these rooms together.

DSC00480ig DSC00466ig

My son’s room even got a bold striped accent wall.

DSC09257IG DSC09246ig

and the master bedroom has become my favorite spot for a quiet retreat.

DSC00964IG DSC00978IG

with a master bathroom that is just enough.


I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit…


If you’d like to see the full tour including the before photos and links to the original posts for each room you could probably spend the day HERE.

But first be sure to stop by and visit the other Eclectic Interiors Home Tours scheduled for the week. I’ll be adding the links each day this week as the tours go on so be sure to check back in for a whole load of amazing tours.

Monday, May 30th

Blue i Style // Polished Habitat // Bright Green Door // Maggie Overby Studios (Me)

Tuesday, May 31st

Ciburbanity // The Striped House // Style Mutt Home // This is Our Bliss

Wednesday, June 1st

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Thursday, June 2nd

Rain on a Tin Roof // Pretty Practical Home // 58 Water Street // Domicile 37

Friday, June 3rd

Primitive & Proper // A Designer at Home // Suburban Bitches // Casa Watkins Living 


Home Tour – Ariel from PMQ for Two


Good morning everyone. Today I am super excited because I get to share the home tour of one of my blogger friends from across the border (the Canadian border that is.) Ariel from PMQ for Two, (FYI: PMQ stands for Private Military/Married Quarters (PMQs) are housing provided to members of the military and their families.) Ariel, like me, is a military spouse. She is always on the move but you’d never know it by the looks of her perfectly styled home. Today Ariel has been kind enough to share her home along with a few tips for those of you who may have a big move coming up, be living in a rental, or just decorating on a budget.


So let’s get to it!

How often do you normally move? What number move is this? (the house we will be touring)

We’ve moved every 12-16 months since we met, and before that, we had each been moving about once a year during university. Together, this was our third home, although we’re moving again shortly to our fourth! At this point I think of myself as a turtle hauling my precious belongings along from spot to spot.


If you could give one piece of moving advice what would it be?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Much like deployments and courses, things won’t go perfectly and you’ll often feel frustrated with the process. As long as you, your family and most of your belongings get to the end destination in one piece I’d say it was a successful move. I have a big file folder that I take with me everywhere: full of agreements, forms, moving slips and every piece of paper that has been signed or given to me during the process. Even if it’s not particularly ordered, at least I can say it’s all there!  



Moving can suck, but what is the plus side of moving often?

Not everybody agrees with me on this one, but I see the constant moves as a huge plus for me. I love that I get to try new things in each house and only bring the “best of” forward with us. For example, I really wanted to try a vibrant raspberry pink bathroom accent wall so I did it in this house. I loved it here, but I won’t be bringing it with us to the next place.  A lot of my design choices are contingent upon the home we have at the time, but overall I love that my style gets to evolve and grow as we move from base to base.

What would you call your style?

I still struggle to define my style to be honest because it’s not easily pegged as one thing or another. I love mid century modern design items, but I rely on a heavy dose of IKEA to fill out more practical elements like bookshelves and desks. I’d say I’m a cross between mid-century modern and classic design elements used in a contemporary way ex. The bookshelves in the dining room, the sitting room etc. Above all though, I am colourful!

You are in military housing, what is the extent of the changes you can make?

I’m in Canadian military housing, so this may be different than American military housing. We’re not technically allowed to do much. We need to request to paint or change light fixtures, and you need a permit to put up a fence or an above-ground pool. I’ve painted with impunity and always return things to approved colours before we march out. I switch out light fixtures all the time and replace dome lighting with drum shades for more colour and dimension.

Other then that, no renos allowed.IMG_5171b

Do you have a favorite item that seem to work perfectly in every home?

Nothing has been around long enough to say it’s the perfect piece… not yet at least. In our first home we were combining items from his household and my household, so style was a mish-mash. Our next place was what survived the cull. Our two houses since have been different enough that we’ve acquired furniture in the process. Our dining room table has been with us since our first home and was the first thing we refinished together, although our sitting room couch and chairs are our new favorites, and will be reupholstered for our next home.


What is our favorite spot in this house and why?

I love our sitting room. It was the first space where I felt free enough to experiment with form vs. function, and got creative with the walls. It’s also the most acclaimed space in the house, having been feature on Martha Stewart and won the Apartment Therapy The Big Reveal 2015.

It’s right off the kitchen and is the hub of our entertaining. We don’t have a TV in there so it’s really a conversation room full of textures, colours and throw pillows. Our bar cart is also there and gets quite a bit of use. I’ve spent many hours looking out the windows at falling snow, watching birds in the backyard, watching the leaves change in the fall and then napping on the couch. Our friend who passed away this fall helped us paint the room so it holds a special place in our hearts. I’ll be sad to paint it over in a few weeks.


What is the biggest project you’ve ever tackled in a rental/PMQ?

Honestly, building a fence. In our first PMQ we had to build a backyard fence to keep our dog in and delimit our space from other peoples. It took planning and permits and we snagged the fence at the right time so everything was on sale. It only took a day to assemble but required the most prep work.

Since then, we’ve laboured over our 12 foot harvest table, but that has less to do with the PMQ and more to do with access to tools and time spent staining.


Do you have any tips for making a rental your own?

Hang things on the walls. This sounds pretty pointless as far as advice goes, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t hang anything because they don’t want to have to patch holes and paint when they leave. It’s silly really. I love seeing our art and pictures up on the walls, I don’t think it would feel like home if there was nothing on the walls. Patching and painting will take a weekend – at most – and that’s definitely worth it to me. If this doesn’t interest you though, I’ve also got a post with my tips for decorating post-move.



Do you have any tips for design on a budget?

Thrifting DIY and planning are a girl’s best friend! I purchased our sitting room and living room furniture from our local thrift stores and paid a fraction of what they would cost new! I got fantastic items at great prices that are built to last.

When all else fails, DIY it! We wanted a big table for our backyard entertaining, so we built one! I wanted fancy new upholstered headboards so I built them! Buffet? No problem.

Planning is the mother of all time and money savers though. If you take the time to plan out the progression of furniture and items within your household over moves and homes, you’ll be able to justify the cost of an item over several years and utility cycles.


If you love Ariel’s style and great tips as much as I do you’ll want to stop by PMQ for Two and learn more.

Thanks so much Ariel for letting me share your amazing home!



It’s Friday, High-Five!

4a39edeaf7244d024ce5d0543ab16f77Photo via Lottie is Loving

Who else had their ass kicked by the first week of 2016?

If you’re like me you put off all the “fun stuff” until after the holiday which meant this week was full of vet visits, doctors appointment, and haircuts, you know, the “fun stuff.” Every single day this week has been filled (did you notice I have been a little absent?) While I was running around crazy all week there really didn’t seem to be a high-five in sight. Mostly I was exhausted and trying to keep everything straight. But guys I got all that ‘fun stuff” done! (or at least scheduled) I can mark it off the list and that is one of my very favorite things…High-Five!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…friday


1.The home above of Paddo to Palmy founder and creator, Heidi Correa is so full of light and art it can’t help but make you smile. See the rest of the tour at Lottie is Loving

2. The January Cure at Apartment Therapy, because I need more to do… I’m going to give it a go. I accomplished so much last year and this year I could really use a jump-start on the organization so I’m going to spend the weekend catching up on my projects.(I’ll share how it’s going next week.)

3. This tongue in cheek article on fashion ads had me cracking up. Looking Bad Is The New Looking Good will give you some insight on why all that glamorous apparel is on models made to look sad/greasy/hostile, you name it… (credit to my sister for sending me this one.)

4. Sarah K. Benning’s  shop on Etsy that she started to earn a little extra income has turned into much, much more and it’s no surprise when you see the embroidery rings she fills with beautifully stitched plant life.

5. 11 of The Most Magical Houses In The Entire World, need I say more?

Have a great weekend,



On the Move – A New Home in South Carolina

exterior 2

Drum roll please…. the decision is made! We chose the house with the fenced yard in the great neighborhood with the dreamy sewing room!

I was really surprised that almost everyone who shared their opinion on the houses cast their vote for this one. That is except my brother-in-law who voted for one on the lake that wasn’t in the running. He’d have us living in a tent for the next three years if it meant we were close to fishing.

Yesterday we picked up the keys to our new house and we are very excited to be out of the hotel very soon. The house we chose is a brick home on .4 acres built-in 1990. It has 4 bedrooms (the bonus room over the garage is considered the 4th), 3 full baths and is 2,627 sq-ft

Let me take you on a tour so you can see what I have to work with.

This is the main living area with a wood burning fireplace and access to the screened in porch that goes out to the backyard.


The opposite view shows the built-in storage. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the storage in this house after living closet free in Germany for two years.


This room is the formal living/dining area which I will probably try to use as an office/sitting area since I need that more than I need a formal dining room.


The kitchen with a peninsula bar and an eat in dining area. The green in this area is not horrible but I might have to do a some painting just to brighten this area up.



The master bedroom, and yes the wallpaper border must go, but the walk in closet is amazing!


The master and hall bathrooms are almost I identical with double vanities and paint colors that ABSOLUTELY must go. I’m thinking those movie star vanity lights may be heading to the attic during my stay as well.

The hall to the bedrooms is very spacious, which I always love since that gives me a little room for an extra chair and a little decorating. Notice, a linen closet in the hall as well, SQUEEL!


This is the smaller of the two bedroom the kids will be using, both are nice sized and have pretty spacious closets.


We also have a nice sized laundry room that is off the kitchen an another full bath. (The new washer/dryer delivers today, progress!)


Up the stairs from the laundry room is the bonus room over the garage which I have claimed for my own. I love the built-in shelving and the fact that this room gets a lot of light.interior 2

Last but not least the screened in porch, one of the selling features on this house. I love this little room and am dying to get some plants and furniture out here.

The fenced yard allows for plenty of outdoor space for the kids and pets and bonus, the two trees are already hooked for a hammock.

I can see tons of potential in this house so I am excited to get started. Our furniture is scheduled to deliver on Friday so I had better rest up because that is when the real fun begins.

It’s Friday, High Five!

1d3b4435aa68794f644ed3c0fab81024Photos by Henny van Belkom via  Anthology

Surprisingly, this week has been somewhat restful, or at least a week that has put my mind at rest. This is because it has been a week was full of accomplishments. I spent the week back in Alabama finishing up all the projects at our rental house. I managed to get contractors lined up for all our jobs, including the yard man (high-five) and everything should be finishing up today. I am amazed by amount of stress having these things complete removes (high-five.) I also found out this week that we have new tenants scheduled to move in on the 17th of this month, another huge stress relief and absolutely a high-five. All this resolution means I can spend the next few weeks enjoying myself and relaxing, a BIG high-five to that!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1. The above shot from Kim Schipperheijn’s home tour feature on Anthology. This house is full of all the colors I love and certainly makes me smile!

2. This development by CoeLux amazed me. A new light source that recreates the look of sunlight through a skylight so well that it can trick both human brains and cameras. This type of technology could have so many amazing applications.

3. How cute are these  Vintage Radios, looks like I have something new to hunt for at the market.

4. Fun textile designs by Ellie Pashley. I love how the creative mind works.

5. The colorful photos of  Matthieu Venot follow him on Instagram for your daily dose!


Hope you guys have found some rest this week.

Have a great weekend,

Dan and Robin’s German Rental

DSC07107Being in a rental doesn’t mean boring. Today some of my very good friends and a fellow military family have let me share a tour of their home. Dan and Robin along with their three children moved to Germany less than a year ago. In that time they have managed to turn a bland all white rental into a fun family home full of color and pattern.

“We picked this house for its spaciousness and character. We loved the balconies and the views of the village. After living here, I still enjoy those things, but have grown to absolutely love the amount of light we get through our many windows. This house definitely has more windows than I have ever had before which made my new best friend.”

DSC07148The fabulous views from all those windows…

Many designers will tell you that interiors evolve over time but for military families we do not always have that luxury. Our collection of furniture and accessories may evolve over time, and most likely thousands of miles, but our interiors must pull together pretty quickly once we arrive. Dan and Robin’s home is no exception. They have been in Germany just over nine months and their home already feels cozy and settled.

“Moving a lot, I’ve learned to only keep the decor that really makes me happy. If it doesn’t bring a smile, then it’s gone so I don’t have to unpack it at the next house. This concept has kept me from becoming a pack-rat for sure” Robin∼

“A house becomes a home for us as soon as the boxes are cleared away, the decor is in place, and I can enjoy my own things once again. We love colorful things so as soon as the bright stuff comes out of the boxes and the rugs get unrolled, it truly becomes our space. Plus, I tend to like quirky things like our bear painting from Gatlinburg, TN and our ostrich picture from an artist in Indiana. So things that you don’t see in other people’s homes, makes this one seem like our own unique space.”Robin∼
DSC07108This house may look a little familiar to you from my Almost Built In post. When Dan and Robin first moved in I built them a set of “Built Ins” that are actually free-standing and can be removed when they leave. When making a rental your own cosmetic upgrades that are removable are essential. Paint of course is always the easiest up grade. Dan and Robin’s landlord gave them the go-ahead for paint as long as it was returned to white when they move out.

“Even though we move a lot and often times they are rentals, I think it is important to still make it ours. Painting is a must. We are not white wall kind of people and need the warmth of color on the walls! In this house we’ll have to paint the walls again before we leave, but it was definitely worth it”Robin∼

Robin uses bold patterned curtains in almost every room to bring impact to the space. “I’ve definitely improved my sewing skills over the years so I find the fabric I like and make my own pillows and curtains. I love patterns so this is the most affordable way to get the look I want without a high price tag.”Robin∼

DSC07131Living in a new home every few years also means sometimes you need new furniture to fill the space. For those times thrift shopping is the key. The piece above is an old TV cabinet found in a thrift store here in Germany. A little green paint goes a long way to bring big impact.

“I love to go to thrift stores and find a great deal on something that maybe just needs painted or tweaked a little to make it pretty. That’s also the best place to find little treasures that are unique and bring a smile!”Robin∼

You can see in the kid’s rooms more of these pieces that were refurbished with a little paint and made new again.

And of course lots of fun fabrics and bright colorful rugs.

One of my favorite space in Dan and Robin’s house has to be the master bedroom. It has two huge windows and wide balcony for sitting. The light in this room is amazing with pops of yellow that make it feel so sunny, and of course who doesn’t love an Ikea MASKROS pendant which they added after they moved in. This room feels like sunshine.


Dan and Robin prove that moving constantly and living in rentals does not mean you have to give up on style and personality.Color and pattern make a statement whether you paint the walls or not but most of all objects and are that you love make a house a home.

If this doesn’t inspire you to spice of your rental I don’t know what will.

Thanks to Dan and Robin for sharing their home and their style.

Photos by Maggie Overby