Another Chair Makeover

I hope your not tired of seeing my chair makeovers yet. I really have a thing for chairs. Maybe its because I can lift them by myself, or that the task of updating them is not as daunting as a sofa, or maybe I just have a problem. I’m not sure, but I love to […]

Man Cave – Chair Makeover

Do you remember these guys? I got the whole set for 50€ at my local thrift store. I bought the chairs and just as I was walking out the door I saw this great yellow table. The store had it set up as a children’s table with little chairs but I knew I could totally […]

Room #4 – Will’s Nautical Bedroom

Below are the before photos My son is absolutely obsessed with all things Titanic so for his room it was a no brain-er, Nautical or nothing. The room is the smallest in the the house but has  tons of personality, just like him, or at least it does now. Lucky for us  the landlord installed […]

Room #3- The Living Room

After I eat and sleep I must watch TV and of course blog. So I must move on to the living room. The living room started with a coat of yellow paint that is about two shades lighter than the kitchen since this room a little darker and needed a little brightening up. The layout […]

Room #2 – The Master Bedroom

Once the kitchen was finished and we could finally eat, I figured it best we find somewhere to sleep. After almost two month sleeping in hotels and on air matresses I was more than ready to have my own bed back. The master bedroom was a little easier project than the kitchen since I had […]

Room #1- The Kitchen

One month after arriving we finally got access to our new home in Heilsbronn, Germany. We had no furniture and were sleeping on air mattresses, but I figured sooner or later we were going to have to eat. First priority, getting the kitchen together. The room is a pretty good size but there are ugly […]

65€ in Nuremberg

Saturday is a great day to find a bargain. In Germany there is a website dedicated to finding organized Flea, Junk, and Antique markets and the antique stores are always open on Saturday. Here are some of the great finds I purchased this weekend. 1. These two vintage clock were 12€ the little one was […]

In Love with Chinese Chippendale

All of the sudden I am  seeing these chairs everywhere but I have loved them forever. The chair above on the left is from Jonathan Adler and retails for $495 (yes that is per chair, and if you want arms on them you will have to sell a kidney.) I love you Jonathan but I […]