Found it at the Market – June 2015

I’m so sad to say that this is my last post dedicated entirely to items found at the German markets and thrift stores. Not to say that this is the end of “Found it at the Market” posts but that the next one will be a combination of U.S. and German found items. I’m sad […]

Found it at the Market -May 2015

1. San Marino Italian Ceramic vase 15€ ($18) – This vase was a little more than I normally spend on my ceramics but I loved the girl’s profile and the lava glaze on this one. 2. Painted Red Antlers 15€ ($18) – Thought these guys would be fun for my son’s room and at 18″ […]

Found it at the Market – April 2015

Pair of large and small antlers 6€($6.60) to add to my husband’s collection in the “Man Cave.” Set of 4 Oil Portraits 60€ ($66) I love to buy a piece of art where ever I travel so when I ran across these at a market in Barcelona, I had to have them to remember the […]

Found It at the Market -January 2015

Winter has settled in which means a lot of cold, snowy weather, not the best conditions for markets, but that doesn’t mean there is not shopping to be done. German flea market vendors are petty hard-core so unless the conditions are severe the show will go on. While markets are scheduled less frequently they are […]

Found it at the Market – December 2014

Small antelope horns –  12€ ($16) Signed paper cut Silhouette in frame 11″x16″ – 20€ ($26) East German GDR ceramic vase  – 1€ ($1.30) Signed Snow White paper cut Silhouette in frame 9″x12″- 15€ ($20) 3 piece Pewter and Brass Duck jewel box set – 8€ ($10) Ceramic Flamingo in Teal (origin unknown) –  15€ […]

Market Shopping in Leipzig, Germany

Back home from a busy Thanksgiving weekend of travel and shopping and slowly getting back to the grind. We spent Thanksgiving day and Black Friday in Dresden seeing the sites and doing some Christmas shopping and then Saturday was market shopping in Leipzig about a 45 minute drive from Dresden. The Leipzig marketis a monthly […]

Found it at the Market – November 2014

1. Composition sawdust and glue animals 3€ ($3.75) They may be deer or moose but they have holes in the top where antlers should go, I have a little project planned for them. 2. 1958 Dress pattern catalog 5€ ($6.25) 3. Fox Beer Stein (or maybe root beer since I bought it for my son) with […]

Found it at the Market – Bamberg Part 2

As promised, today I have photos of all the great loot we Found at the Market this weekend. There were hundreds of things I wanted to buy but these are the few we came home with.My husband has decided on a new collection of portraits and being a military man he particularly likes the portraits […]

Found it at the Market – Bamberg Part 1

I hope you guys aren’t tired of my market finds yet, because this weekend was market extravaganza! Plus the weather was perfect for lots and lots of shopping. My husband and I started on Friday with the Bamberg’s yearly antique market that takes place every October 3rd on the holiday of Tag der Deutschen Einheit […]

Found it at the Market – Summer 2014

Summer has been so busy and we have done so much traveling that it seems I have barely had time for my favorite activity, going to the Trödelmarkts. Now that we are back home and getting back to our normal schedules that means back to the Trödelmarkt.  These last few weekends have not been disappointing. […]