Fat Lava- A West German Ceramics Collection

If you have read my blog for a while you may remember my fist post on collecting  West German Pottery, then I had only acquired a handful of these ceramics. Almost two years have passed since I wrote that first post and things have changes, a LOT. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook […]

Found it at the Market – February 2015

Although the market scene is a little slow in the winter it is still very much going strong. The markets are a bit smaller but if your willing to bundle up and brave the cold there are some great finds out there. I also like to do a lot of thrift store shopping during the […]

It’s Friday, High Five!

Photo Via Domino Ladies and Gentleman I have a feeling its going to be an amazing day. I got a great nights sleep, the first in a while. The weather man tells me that the temperature will be creeping up in week to come all the way up to the 40’s and we may even […]

Found it at the Market 2 -October 2014

Sunday’s are market days and my husband and I had about 2 hours between places we had to be so we thought we could squeeze in a market we knew of close by. In some of the towns that don’t have regularly scheduled markets the occasional markets are small, maybe in a grocery store parking […]

Found it at the Market – Bamberg Part 2

As promised, today I have photos of all the great loot we Found at the Market this weekend. There were hundreds of things I wanted to buy but these are the few we came home with.My husband has decided on a new collection of portraits and being a military man he particularly likes the portraits […]

Found it at the Market – Bamberg Part 1

I hope you guys aren’t tired of my market finds yet, because this weekend was market extravaganza! Plus the weather was perfect for lots and lots of shopping. My husband and I started on Friday with the Bamberg’s yearly antique market that takes place every October 3rd on the holiday of Tag der Deutschen Einheit […]

Found it at the Market – September 2014

It has been a busy week and an even busier weekend. Every Sunday is market day so I had to find some time for my favorite activity.  I was only able to hit one market this weekend and even though it was one of the smaller ones I scored some great stuff at some great […]

Found it at the Market – Summer 2014

Summer has been so busy and we have done so much traveling that it seems I have barely had time for my favorite activity, going to the Trödelmarkts. Now that we are back home and getting back to our normal schedules that means back to the Trödelmarkt.  These last few weekends have not been disappointing. […]

Found It At The Market- Fat Lava Pottery

Before moving to Germany a good friend of mine, Justin at Patina Antiques/Wiregrass Estate Sales, told me his favorite pottery came from Germany. When he mentioned the style “Fat Lava” I was not familiar with the pottery and had to look it up. Wow, what a variety of shapes and colors both bold and subtle.  […]