Bold Painted Library Dreams

It has been a long while since I’ve done a round-up post but with just 45 day before we close on the new house and not very much beauty to share at our current house (as you can image.) I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about things to come and even more time on Pinterest. In between filling nail holes and packing boxes I thought I’d share a little inspiration for the new house. The library in particular.

Right now this is the room I am most excited about getting my hands on. Maybe it’s the built-ins galore or all of the room for my West German Pottery collection but either way I can’t get this room out of my mind. Ever since my  blue mantel experiment I’m hook on the idea of going bold in this room. Have a look at some of my inspiration.

Lindsey Carol Harper

Meredith Heron

Charles Spada

The Design Daredevil

Achitectural Digest

Elle Decor

Nicole LaMotte

Angie Hranowsky

Now all I have to do is pick a color… Easy, Right? What color would you choose?

Maggie Overby Studios Top Ten Posts of 2016


Wow, 2016 has been a busy year for me. Since it started off with a fresh move under my belt, there have been updates to make, rooms to reveal and lots and lot of DIY projects.  With only a few days left of the year I thought I’d share the Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2016. These are the post that you readers viewed the most which hopefully means they are the projects that you loved the most. Can you guess what made the number one slot?  I know a few hit my top ten as well so let’s get started with number ten…

10. Inspired By DIY: Urban OutfittersThis project was so easy I can see why it was a favorite!


9. Living Room Reveal – I have to say this is the room I struggled with most in this house. It is a dark awkward space but the end result was pretty satisfying considering it’s limitations.


8. Girl’s Room Fit for a Teen in Aqua and Coral – Katie’s room was a lot of fun and I even did some original artwork for the space which is always a joy for me.


7. Inspired by DIY: Eddie RossAt the time this quick DIY seemed like a big risk but in the end really has made a huge change for the better on this pretty basic mantel.


6. Coffee Table Turned to Mid Century Bench DIY – What to do with a $15 Formica topped table with great legs? Make it something new that’s what!


5. One Room Challenge Laundry Room – This is one of my most recent projects so for it to be in the top ten means it has gotten a lot of traffic in a short amount of time. I guess everyone loves this closet makeover just as much as I do.


4. Inspired by DIY: West Elm – Who knew a set of placemats turned into a poof would be a crowd favorite? I guess that just proves the popularity of the poof!


3. DIY Metal Base Night Stand – Are you seeing a trend here? The master bedroom projects have been quite a hit.


2. Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour 2016Seeing it all in one post definitely makes taking the tour easier, and this one took place when almost all the room were completed.


Drum roll please…In the number one slot for 2016…

1.One Room Challenge Master Bedroom – I have to agree with the numbers guys! I think this makeover was one of my favorites of not just 2016 but of all time. I’m so glad you love it too.



Hope you had and amazing 2016 and stop by tomorrow for some big news about what’s to come in 2017!  Hint Hint, there will be lots of new projects in the near future…

Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour 2016


Hello all! Welcome to the Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour 2016 hosted by Jess of Domicile37. All this week an amazing group of eclectic interior bloggers will be sharing  a peak inside of their homes. This comes at a perfect time for me because we have been in our new house almost nine months and I haven’t had a chance to share a full tour and it is for sure eclectic.


So today I welcome you to my eclectic home. Eclectic is a collection of ideas, styles, or tastes derived from a broad and diverse range of sources. This could not be a better explanation of my style. I have always been a collector and over our ten moves I have gathered objects and furniture from all over the U.S and the world. I definitely lean heavily towards mid-century styles but I feel perfectly at home mixing in traditional as well.  I love what I love and anything goes.


For those of you that don’t already know we are now living in South Carrolina and the house is a rental. That means I have been limited to making changes that can be reversed when we leave so with the help lots of paint, lighting, fabric, and budget friendly DIYs I have slowly worked my way through each room to make this house a home.


In my last house I used a lot of color on the walls but this house is very dark so here I chose paint colors that were light and neutral, for everything else color has been key.


You will also find that almost everything in my house is a vintage, thrift store, or flea market find.


You can see by the “Man Cave” that my husband is on board for the hunt as well.


He tends to go for historical significance (and dead things)


While I go for just about everything else…

DSC01148ig DSC01144ig DSC01142ig DSC01143ig

The one room in this house that has taken me a while to love is the kitchen. Being a rental I can’t really make big changes in this room and at first I hated it.


But adding a bit of my personality has helped me appreciate the fact that it is functional, neutral and at the very least a nice background for the things I love.


It is also the one room that has a big beautiful window with lots of light.


Perfect for my growing urban jungle.


This house also has a bonus room over the garage that is mine all mine! The work space I’ve always dreamed of is finally a reality.

DSC09324IG DSC09309ig

The opposite side of the house leads to the bedrooms and baths which are pretty typical for the no frills 90’s rancher that this house is.

DSC00019ig DSC00037ig

Like the kitchens the baths are functional and neutral, definitely nothing from Architectural Digest, but with a splash of color and collected accessories they come to life.


The bedrooms are a good size and have been easy spaces to add lots of personal touches, and of course color.


Bold fabrics and lots of pattern have also played a big part in bringing these rooms together.

DSC00480ig DSC00466ig

My son’s room even got a bold striped accent wall.

DSC09257IG DSC09246ig

and the master bedroom has become my favorite spot for a quiet retreat.

DSC00964IG DSC00978IG

with a master bathroom that is just enough.


I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit…


If you’d like to see the full tour including the before photos and links to the original posts for each room you could probably spend the day HERE.

But first be sure to stop by and visit the other Eclectic Interiors Home Tours scheduled for the week. I’ll be adding the links each day this week as the tours go on so be sure to check back in for a whole load of amazing tours.

Monday, May 30th

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Thursday, June 2nd

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It’s Friday, High Five!

trend-alert-op-art-thatll-turn-your-home-into-a-beautiful-illusion-1724479-1460068307.640x0cPhoto:Åke E:son Lindman, design by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Hello my beautiful people, It’s Friday and I feel like I got so much accomplished this week. I completed my master bedroom for the One Room Challenge, which was quite the project. Now that it is all complete I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to walk into a finished bedroom especially after nine months of looking at half torn wallpaper border. High-five and a whole lot of better sleep to that! With this project complete I spent yesterday going down my list of to-call and to-email and got a lot of those little tedious tasks off my plate which always feels good. These little things can easily weigh me down if I let them pile up. Now that a few of them are done I can move on to a new project without feeling guilty. High-five and a big pat on my back!

Here are a few more high-five’s for the week…

friday1 How about this Humlegården Apartment design by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter with It’s oversized, multicolored parquet flooring? Each room directly relates to it’s setting overlooking Humlegården park, where the greenery outside changes with the season. The tile is so lovely it doesn’t need any furniture at all.

2. I think I’m in love with the Humlegården Apartment floor plan as much as I am with the apartment…

3. What to do with that worn out aluminum lawn chair, why give it a makeover of course!

4.I kind of fell in love with this Rainbow Pom Pom Blanket, it could be all the pretty colors or the pom poms, but it’s probably both!

5. Science is cool and quite pretty. When given colored construction paper, wasps build rainbow colored nests. These are my kind of wasps.

Have a great weekend,


Home Tour – Ariel from PMQ for Two


Good morning everyone. Today I am super excited because I get to share the home tour of one of my blogger friends from across the border (the Canadian border that is.) Ariel from PMQ for Two, (FYI: PMQ stands for Private Military/Married Quarters (PMQs) are housing provided to members of the military and their families.) Ariel, like me, is a military spouse. She is always on the move but you’d never know it by the looks of her perfectly styled home. Today Ariel has been kind enough to share her home along with a few tips for those of you who may have a big move coming up, be living in a rental, or just decorating on a budget.


So let’s get to it!

How often do you normally move? What number move is this? (the house we will be touring)

We’ve moved every 12-16 months since we met, and before that, we had each been moving about once a year during university. Together, this was our third home, although we’re moving again shortly to our fourth! At this point I think of myself as a turtle hauling my precious belongings along from spot to spot.


If you could give one piece of moving advice what would it be?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Much like deployments and courses, things won’t go perfectly and you’ll often feel frustrated with the process. As long as you, your family and most of your belongings get to the end destination in one piece I’d say it was a successful move. I have a big file folder that I take with me everywhere: full of agreements, forms, moving slips and every piece of paper that has been signed or given to me during the process. Even if it’s not particularly ordered, at least I can say it’s all there!  



Moving can suck, but what is the plus side of moving often?

Not everybody agrees with me on this one, but I see the constant moves as a huge plus for me. I love that I get to try new things in each house and only bring the “best of” forward with us. For example, I really wanted to try a vibrant raspberry pink bathroom accent wall so I did it in this house. I loved it here, but I won’t be bringing it with us to the next place.  A lot of my design choices are contingent upon the home we have at the time, but overall I love that my style gets to evolve and grow as we move from base to base.

What would you call your style?

I still struggle to define my style to be honest because it’s not easily pegged as one thing or another. I love mid century modern design items, but I rely on a heavy dose of IKEA to fill out more practical elements like bookshelves and desks. I’d say I’m a cross between mid-century modern and classic design elements used in a contemporary way ex. The bookshelves in the dining room, the sitting room etc. Above all though, I am colourful!

You are in military housing, what is the extent of the changes you can make?

I’m in Canadian military housing, so this may be different than American military housing. We’re not technically allowed to do much. We need to request to paint or change light fixtures, and you need a permit to put up a fence or an above-ground pool. I’ve painted with impunity and always return things to approved colours before we march out. I switch out light fixtures all the time and replace dome lighting with drum shades for more colour and dimension.

Other then that, no renos allowed.IMG_5171b

Do you have a favorite item that seem to work perfectly in every home?

Nothing has been around long enough to say it’s the perfect piece… not yet at least. In our first home we were combining items from his household and my household, so style was a mish-mash. Our next place was what survived the cull. Our two houses since have been different enough that we’ve acquired furniture in the process. Our dining room table has been with us since our first home and was the first thing we refinished together, although our sitting room couch and chairs are our new favorites, and will be reupholstered for our next home.


What is our favorite spot in this house and why?

I love our sitting room. It was the first space where I felt free enough to experiment with form vs. function, and got creative with the walls. It’s also the most acclaimed space in the house, having been feature on Martha Stewart and won the Apartment Therapy The Big Reveal 2015.

It’s right off the kitchen and is the hub of our entertaining. We don’t have a TV in there so it’s really a conversation room full of textures, colours and throw pillows. Our bar cart is also there and gets quite a bit of use. I’ve spent many hours looking out the windows at falling snow, watching birds in the backyard, watching the leaves change in the fall and then napping on the couch. Our friend who passed away this fall helped us paint the room so it holds a special place in our hearts. I’ll be sad to paint it over in a few weeks.


What is the biggest project you’ve ever tackled in a rental/PMQ?

Honestly, building a fence. In our first PMQ we had to build a backyard fence to keep our dog in and delimit our space from other peoples. It took planning and permits and we snagged the fence at the right time so everything was on sale. It only took a day to assemble but required the most prep work.

Since then, we’ve laboured over our 12 foot harvest table, but that has less to do with the PMQ and more to do with access to tools and time spent staining.


Do you have any tips for making a rental your own?

Hang things on the walls. This sounds pretty pointless as far as advice goes, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t hang anything because they don’t want to have to patch holes and paint when they leave. It’s silly really. I love seeing our art and pictures up on the walls, I don’t think it would feel like home if there was nothing on the walls. Patching and painting will take a weekend – at most – and that’s definitely worth it to me. If this doesn’t interest you though, I’ve also got a post with my tips for decorating post-move.



Do you have any tips for design on a budget?

Thrifting DIY and planning are a girl’s best friend! I purchased our sitting room and living room furniture from our local thrift stores and paid a fraction of what they would cost new! I got fantastic items at great prices that are built to last.

When all else fails, DIY it! We wanted a big table for our backyard entertaining, so we built one! I wanted fancy new upholstered headboards so I built them! Buffet? No problem.

Planning is the mother of all time and money savers though. If you take the time to plan out the progression of furniture and items within your household over moves and homes, you’ll be able to justify the cost of an item over several years and utility cycles.


If you love Ariel’s style and great tips as much as I do you’ll want to stop by PMQ for Two and learn more.

Thanks so much Ariel for letting me share your amazing home!



Fashion for the Home – Blush and Emerald

7b868b1f3ac936b2d8b1dfb2b2b2816fPhoto via US Vogue September 2010

Do you ever find a color combination that keeps catching your eye? Well I’ve noticed lately that I keep crushing on blush and emerald-green. I’m not sure if this is a combination that is recently trending or just one that is pleasing to my eye at this particular stage of my life. I realized I shared this showroom by Oly Studios recently.


and I have fallen in love with this Pottery Barn Layla bedding I shared last week.


and don’t forget this one…

I just can’t get enough of this office!

CLAYTON-LANE-1COVER-Photo via Amie Corley

But it doesn’t end there. I have run across a whole slew of interiors in this color combination that are appealing to me in a huge way.

kateosbornephotography-34364Photo via House of Jade

9301de92aad658f0036beb74af26c2c0photography by TRENDY TRAVELER TUMBLR

16_0001_Jeran-McConnel-master-bedroom-01Photo via Oleander and Palm

r3J20MhmQ71xPhoto via Kate Spade

0187662b7deb21d35f4d98795c6ef346Photo via The French Eye

Guest-Bedroom-Ideas-1Photo via Design Improvised

Do you see where I’m going with this? Are you feeling the appeal of this soothing color combination? It may be that they colors are close to contrasting without being harsh or it may just be me.

Either way I still have my master bedroom to conquer, I think I may have found my inspiration!

Deck the Halls with Vintage


Hey guys today I wanted to share a couple of spaces in the new house in South Carolina you haven’t seen before, the halls!

I know halls don’t sound very exciting but I tried to give these hallways a little flare. Lets have a look back at where it all began, lots of brown and beige and I don’t know if you can see it but a lovely boob light (always a favorite, Not!)


I started with a coat of Valspar Swiss Coffee on the upper part of the wall and Valspar Quail Egg for the trim and area below the chair rail. These colors are a bright white and a creamy white which are much more to my liking than those muddy browns. I used a similar color scheme in the man cave which is right off this entry hall.


Remember this is a rental house and all the trim in the house is the creamy white Quail Egg so rather than repaint the trim in the entire house I chose to roll with it. The results of this easy update made the halls much brighter. Big improvement!


Now for the flare!

Our main entry hall is a nice size with enough room for a few pieces of furniture and a 5’x7′ rug, so I used my Dash and Albert ZigZag hooked Rug as inspiration. This rug has lots of color so I pulled the pink and orange to brighten things up, painting the inside of our front door Valspar Frosty Berry and adding lots of my favorite vintage furniture and accessories.


One of my favorite pair of vintage chairs work perfectly in this space.


One of my favorite updates was getting rid of the boob light. Sure I’ll have lots of lights to switch back when we move out but these vintage marbled glass fixtures with silk tassels I bought in Germany are so great it will be worth it. Plus the tassel light is kind of an ironic replacement for the boob light, so that always makes me smile.

Have a look up close and you’ll see how amazing it is.

PicMonkey Collage

Since our house is a rancher our second hallway which leads to the bedrooms is a pleasant surprise. Normally this age house (built-in the 80’s) would not have such an ample space, just a long narrow hall, but ours has a nice wide opening at the end that connects all the bedrooms and the hall bath.


Here I hung a second marbled glass fixture which is not a perfect match but very similar and hung a gallery of my collection of German lithographs. Guys, we bought a LOT of stuff in Germany! (Tear, I miss it so much.) Most everything (except the book-case) I bought at the markets and thrift stores in Germany.


And of course no room is complete without a few pieces of West German Pottery…


And, there is a peak at the last room that needs to be completed, the master bedroom. Flooded with light it doesn’t look too bad but if you really look close you can see the half pealed wallpaper border I am dreading. Arrggh, lets not think about that, right now. Instead let’s look at that West German Pottery again.


Yes much better! Maybe I will sleep in the hall for a while…

Progress In the Dining Room


The sun is shining, my camera is working, and all the stars have aligned so that today I can share some projects I’ve been working on in the dining area of my kitchen. You saw phase one not too long ago in my Power of Paint post which included the new paint color and the furniture arrangement. This post is about the next phase lighting, art, and fabric.

Do you remember the before?


The inspiration was a Caladium painting I painted about a million years ago when I was in high school. Greens, blues and a pop of red. As long as we were going botanical I hung my vintage Murano glass flower chandelier I bought at a thrift store in Germany for 20€ ($25.) It feelas so good to be rid of some of the terrible lighting that came with the house.


I made drapes for my big pretty window out of this Richloom Solarium Balmoral Opal fabric.


I have been crushing on this big banana leaf fabrics for a while so when it worked with the art for this room I just had to use it!Large_0333348

I also recovered the seats of my vintage dining set (another a thrift store find.) It’s hard to tell from this before photo but the seats were original and badly stained.


I chose a similar fabric with a slightly greener tone to work with the curtains while keeping the original look. I chose an outdoor fabric because it is better at repelling stains, with a ten-year old boy who hasn’t heard of a napkin this was a must.12296067Add a few pieces of my West German pottery and it’s starting to feel like home. I may decide to add a rug in the future.  I’m still finishing up the adjoining kitchen area but for now I’m glad to have the table clear of tools and finally have a place to sit and have dinner.


Home Tour – Brittany and Justin’s Springfield Bungalow


Today I’m excited to share the home tour of Brittany and Justin’s perfect little Springfield, Missouri bungalow.  I met Brittany on Instgram where I fell in love with her gorgeous thrift and mid century finds. She also happens to be the brains behind the blog White Dog Vintage where she shares here timeless, affordable, collected style. When I reached out to her to share her amazing home she was more than willing to share and even answer a few questions.

Have a look at how much Brittany has accomplished in the nine months since she moved into her 1921 bungalow. Though she is still in the process of fixing it up, I’d say it’s already looking pretty good.


Here’s what Brittany has to say about her home and her style:

Why did you choose the house you’re in?
My husband and I (and our 3 chihuahuas) moved into our house, a 1921 bungalow, about 8 months ago. We had been living in another bungalow in an adjacent neighborhood to our dream neighborhood and weren’t actively looking to move but more keeping an eye out for the right thing. There were definitely a lot of criteria for what would make a house the “right thing”–but there were a few things that really sold us about this place. Those were the tall ceilings, relatively open floor plan (not always easy to find in old homes!), sun room, and a landscaped back yard. We also wanted something we could improve, and we saw the potential to add back some of the charm that had been diminished by later renovations.


What would you call your style?
Good question! I like the tidiness of categories but I’m not sure my style fits into any of them. I thrift a LOT and really try to focus on buying things that I love. I have lots of mid-century furniture mixed in with Ikea pieces, colorful rugs, and plenty of doodads and tchotchkes–so I can at least rule out minimalism. 🙂 I live in a bungalow, too, so the craftsman architecture adds to they dynamic. I’d call my style “Classic Mid-century Eclectic.” That seems to cover all the bases. 

What is your favorite spot in the house (even of it’s not finished yet.)
This is a toughy, but I’d probably say my dining room. I get to work from home part-time, and when I work from my dining room table, I can see out a window on every side of the house. We also have a lot of our favorite items on display in there, and my husband plays a lot of vinyl, so it’s nice to enjoy some music when we have family over for dinner or games.

IMG_7579 IMG_7578 IMG_7576
What is you favorite vintage piece?
Hands down this has to be our Broyhill Brasilia two-door chest. My husband found it on Craigslist a couple of hours away in my hometown for an unbelievable price. The guy who sold it to us knew what it was worth, but he said he had bought it from the Salvation Army and just wanted to get back what he paid for it. One of the greatest things about buying vintage is the experience of connecting with people and with things. You all become part of the same story. I hope the guy who sold us the chest knows he couldn’t have found anyone more appreciative to have it. It’s just a magnificent piece.

img_6683 img_6688 img_6682 img_6660
What has been your biggest project?
We painted the exterior of our last house, and that was quite a lot of work. In this house, we’ve taken on a couple of labor-intensive jobs, including refinishing the wood floors in our downstairs and making over our entire kitchen with paint and tile. I think we may be about to take on our biggest project yet in our master bedroom, though. I’m going to be overhauling it for the One Room Challenge starting October 8 and doing everything from scraping the ceiling to tearing out the carpet and refinishing the floors. It’s going to be really messy! In a good way. 🙂

img_6495 img_6481 img_6455 img_6450 img_6446 img_64861
What is your best advice about vintage style or owning an older home?
The thing I’d most emphasize about owning and loving old stuff is that you really have to embrace the imperfections. New stuff can seem so attractively perfect, and looking around the internet, perfection can seem like the end goal. When you buy an old house, you will probably have floors that sag in places and walls that aren’t square. You may discover that some unknown past owner did some weird thing that you may want to undo. You have to look beyond that and know that your house or other item has a person and a history behind it. I recently bought my first handmade rug, and the sides of the rug are visibly not straight. If you were to buy this in Target, when you got home and rolled it out, you’d say “Something is wrong with this.” There’s nothing wrong with my rug, but here’s what’s amazing about it–a human made it!! Humans aren’t perfect, as you know. But they are capable of incredible things. Personally, I think it’s fun (and a little humbling) to surround yourself with those things.

I couldn’t agree more! If you love Brittany’s style as much as I do you may want to check out her previous bungalow and the rest of her blog.

Thanks so much Brittany for letting me share your amazing home!


It’s Friday, High five!

1lancePhoto via Design Sponge

Back from the beach and revived! It was nice to take a break from the chaos that is my house for a few days and have some time to rejuvenate. I returned  home refreshed and ready to conquer the world, or least the living room. This week I focused on clearing the living of all the extras that had accumulated there during the unpacking. I managed to get all the furniture we will not be using out to the garage and get the rest of the things put away so I can get a better idea of the space (note: don’t open any closet doors, I’ll worry about that later.) I will share the details of my progress next week but for now I’m just glad to be able to sit in the living room after a hard day without having to look at a growing pile of mess. High-five!

Here are a few more high fives for the week…


1. The above photo from Design Sponge of Lance DeWalt and Quoc Nguyen‘s  Eclectic Philadelphia Loft, I love a collected home.

2. These time-lapse videos of spontaneous sand paintings by Joe Mangrum, each takes about 11 days to complete but here the whole process is captured in less than 2 minutes.

3. Get the look of the colorful rug apartment above with the Kaleidoscopic Blooms Rug from Anthropologie.

4. Queen of the Conservatory Dress, Summer is coming to an end but I think I can squeeze in a few more flowers  with this vintage inspired dress with flower applique.

5. I painted my front door last week but now I’m considering going two-tone like A Beautiful Mess and their diagonal door paint.

Hope your week was full of high-fives.

Have a great weekend,