Thrift Score Thursday No. 140

It’s that time again, time for my monthly #ThriftScoreThursday post and my favorite finds..including my own. As most of you know before moving to South Carolina we lived in Germany for two years but in all that time and of all the things I bought I never bought a cuckoo clock. Okay I did buy one little tiny […]

Tickled Pink and Completely Cuckoo

Nothing says Germany like a Cuckoo clock. You feel like you must bring one home with you but the big brown Cuckoo just isn’t for me. I was recently in a shop in Füssen, Germany and saw a beautiful Pink Cuckoo Clock. I thought surely other clock stores would have these and I could shop […]

65€ in Nuremberg

Saturday is a great day to find a bargain. In Germany there is a website dedicated to finding organized Flea, Junk, and Antique markets and the antique stores are always open on Saturday. Here are some of the great finds I purchased this weekend. 1. These two vintage clock were 12€ the little one was […]