Man Cave – Welcome to the Dungeon!

Okay guys so sometimes things have to get worse before they get better and this is definitely one of those times. While we were away this weekend great strides were made on the “man cave” update but you definitely wouldn’t think so by the looks of it! Right now we have what looks like dungeon […]

Man Cave- New Windows

Yesterday the first step in making the Man Cave livable got underway. The old uninsulated metal windows ( with grates) were removed and new white vinyl insulated ones have taken their place. It is amazing what a difference this one small change has made. Okay so maybe cleaning up the giant mess helped some too, […]

Room #1- The Kitchen

One month after arriving we finally got access to our new home in Heilsbronn, Germany. We had no furniture and were sleeping on air mattresses, but I figured sooner or later we were going to have to eat. First priority, getting the kitchen together. The room is a pretty good size but there are ugly […]