Orange Crush!

At different times in my life different colors have played major roles in my design. I used to have a big thing for red and then it seamed I couldn’t get enough of blues and greens. Recently pink came into my life but now I have a total crush on orange. Maybe it’s a phase […]

Fabric Frenzie, Mixing Patterns

I love color, pattern and fabric and lots and lots of it! I know trying to mix and match fabrics can be confusing and overwhelming.  Okay, so the photo above has a far more pattern going on than most of us would ever even dream of attempting, but some how it work. So how’d they […]

Pretty In Pink!

Some hues bring out the best in everyone, regardless of skin tone or hair color. This sophisticated shade is best described as somewhere between a light pink and a peach, a color that looks more like a neutral than a pastel. This subtle color highlights the natural flush of one’s face, giving anyone who wears […]

Fashion for Your Home – Black and White with a Pop of Color

Olivia Wilde looks absolutely stunning  in an outfit that might make me feel a little bit like Ronald McDonald. Don’t worry this bold color combination, that those of us who are not movie stars might not be able to pull off in fashion, could look great in your homes. Look how great this color combo […]

Room #1- The Kitchen

One month after arriving we finally got access to our new home in Heilsbronn, Germany. We had no furniture and were sleeping on air mattresses, but I figured sooner or later we were going to have to eat. First priority, getting the kitchen together. The room is a pretty good size but there are ugly […]


I admit it, I have a problem! If I see a good price on a globe I cannot pass it up. My collection is growing and I am running out of room but I just can’t walk away. I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this problem, as many of these […]