Thrift Score Thursday No.128

Hello my friends, my favorite day of the week is here…#ThriftScoreThursday! I love that each week I get to share all my thrifted goodies. This week was one of those weeks when all the stars or at least the Foo Dogs aligned. I’m not usually a hunter of blue and white decor but when I […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 118

Hello my #ThriftScoreThursday friends! Yes it’s that time again, time to share my favorite second-hand goodies of the week. You know I’m sucker for anything with an Asian flare so I’m sure you not surprised that I grabbed all these goodies. I’m in love with my bamboo handled ice bucket and my daughter has her Ramen […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 107

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday everybody, who’s ready for another round? I am! Let me start with a confession, I have a terrible habit of buying things because I love the way they look or I love the price but I admit sometimes I overlook their function. For example I have a delicate vintage Chiavari chair that is […]

Thrift Score Thursday No. 106

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday everybody! For me this Thursday is a very happy one. As you all know I am an avid thrifter, some weeks I find one or two good deals, other weeks the clouds part and the thrift gods shine down upon me and there are great deals everywhere I turn. This was one of […]

Welcome to Hollywood!

This week while looking for drawer pulls for my new O’verlay chests I was looking at lots of great vintage furniture for design ideas. That is when it struck me how modern these designs looked. Most of the designs I was looking at were from the Hollywood Regency era designed over 80 years ago. Hollywood […]

Chinoiserie – My “Asian Flare”

Chinoiserie is a French term, signifying “Chinese-esque” I’ve always called it my “Asian Flare” but now that I know there is a special name for it I feel so much more sophisticated.  So what says Chinoiserie more than a Chinese dragon? Not much! Recently I was able to work on a project using some beautiful […]