A King Size Conundrum!

I have never been a fan of a king size bed. When my husband and I got married 16 years ago we were sharing a full size bed and later upgraded to a queen. This is plenty for me. Although, I do request a king sometimes when we travel but I always feel so lost […]

Room #4 – Will’s Nautical Bedroom

Below are the before photos My son is absolutely obsessed with all things Titanic so for his room it was a no brain-er, Nautical or nothing. The room is the smallest in the the house but has  tons of personality, just like him, or at least it does now. Lucky for us  the landlord installed […]

Room #2 – The Master Bedroom

Once the kitchen was finished and we could finally eat, I figured it best we find somewhere to sleep. After almost two month sleeping in hotels and on air matresses I was more than ready to have my own bed back. The master bedroom was a little easier project than the kitchen since I had […]