It’s February, High Five!

Photo Via The English Room Is it February already? Well actually, I guess it’s almost March! That means we are getting down to the 30 day mark for signing on the new house. I know I need to be packing but it feels so different moving just a mile away. I’m used to having to […]

Thrift Score Thursday – No. 136

Happy #ThriftScoreThursday everyone! This week I want to talk about one of my favorite things to buy second-hand… ART. Whether you find the weekend project of a no name artist or a hidden treasure you can always count on finding something that is one of a kind. This month I wanted to share some photography […]

Getting the Gallery Wall

As a artist and collector I think a gallery wall is a great way to show off a grouping of art and objects. It also allows you to give a grouping of small pieces the feel of a large piece of art. Many people are a bit bewildered about where to begin and how to […]

Passion for Paint by Numbers

I have been collecting Vintage Paint by numbers for years. There is something about  the way the pictures have been broken down into basic color blocks (similar to that of a silk screen image) that intrigues me.  Paint by numbers were hugely popular in the mid 50’s but the popularity was short lived dying out […]