Home Tour – South Carolina Rental


In August of 2015 we moved across the ocean from our House in Germany to our South Carolina Rental . Our tenth move since getting married 18 years ago. Up until this point we had almost always bought homes when moving but we still owned our house in Alabama so we decided to rent instead. Being in a rental hard for me because I love doing the big, tear down walls, use the power tools type projects. This go round I tackled the cosmetics with lots of paint, fabric, lighting and budget friendly DIY projects that could be undone or taken with us when it is time to go. It can often be discouraging to invest time and money into a house that is not your own but I feel like I am investing in my own comfort and enjoyment.  It is always important for me to make a house my own even if it’s only for a little while.  Have a look at what I accomplished in under two  years…

Entry Hall


Man Cave

DSC08835 Reveal-Man-cave-geometric-lighting-black-mid-century-collected-decor-masculineDSC08932ig

Living Room

DSC08834DSC01148ig DSC01026igDSC08833DSC01137ig DSC01172ig


DSC08846 DSC00521igDSC08844 DSC00522igDSC08848 DSC01078ig

Sewing Room/Studio

interior 2DSC09324IG DSC09309ig



Will’s Room

DSC08837 DSC09257IG DSC09246ig

Boys Room in Navy, Orange, and Green

Haywood Wakefield Makeover

Katie’s Room

la0163745-m5o DSC00480ig DSC00494ig

Master Bedroom

DSC08838 DSC00978IG DSC00964IG DSC00955IG

Master Bath


Hall Bath

Screen Porch


Laundry Room

DSC08843dsc02524 dsc02539 dsc02533