Tuschinski Theater Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of amazing architecture but one of my favorites is the Tuschinski Theater. Built in a style that is a mixture of Art Deco and the Dutch Amsterdam School of architecture by Polish immigrant Abraham Icek Tuschinsk, the cinema first opened in 1921.  The Tuschinski is considered as one of the world’s most […]

Amsterdam Green Glossy Doors

Years ago I remember running across a paint swatch labeled “Amsterdam Green.” I figured it was just a made up name but after my visit to Amsterdam I realized that “Amsterdam Green” is very real. It is a green that is almost black and is used on almost every entry door in the city. The […]

Views from a week in Amstrdam

Yesterday I returned home from my very first visit to the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be exact. My family and I spent five wonderful days there enjoying all the city had to offer. While there is so much to say about this lovely city I thought most of it could be said with the photos I […]

Tassology -New Orleans

If you commute along Business 90 through New Orleans you may have seen these guys perched along a roof top below. If you have ever wondered just what was going on in that building I have some news for you. The four bunnies (well actually sculptures of men dressed as bunnies) peer over New Orleans […]

Greg’s Antiques – New Orleans

Though out the French Quarter you will find loads of antique shops most of which are very high-end and very expensive. Fun to look but there is not much I can touch. Fortunately for me I stumbled onto one of the best antiques in New Orleans nestled at the Esplanade end of Decatur just a […]

French Quarter Balcony Gardens

I hope you guys are not getting tired of all my New Orleans posts. I am in the final week of my visit but still have so much to share. I am busy seeing family, eating good food, stocking up on supplies and trying to keep up my blogging. New Orleans is my home town […]

Living in Color – New Orleans

It seems like houses built these days are a combination of builder beige and neutral nothings. I know contractors are trying to appeal to the masses but frankly I want to live in color. Beige is boring! Driving around New Orleans these past few weeks I have seen color combinations that are anything but boring. […]

Little Free Libraries – New Orleans

I am an avid reader, I always have a book in hand which means I have a lot on the shelf as well. This true for most everyone in my family so when we live close we constantly pass books back and forth, but what to do when everyone has read the book?  For those […]

Time for Travel

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9   Time for travel, yet again. This time I am headed to the States for three weeks, probably our last visit for a while. Lots to do before we go but the biggest hurdle for me is always the packing. I don’t mind packing for the kids or helping my husband getting his stuff […]

BAKESHOP Breakfast in Prague

I hope you don’t mind this week if I continue to share some of the highlight of our trip to Prague. Today’s post is certainly a highlight because it’s about food, yummy food. Normally when traveling within Germany I try to reserve hotels that offer a breakfast since they are full of fresh-baked bread cheeses […]