2016 Traditional Home New Orleans Showhouse – Part One

Today I have a big treat for you guys. Last Thursday had the opportunity to visit the 2016 Traditional Home New Orleans Showhouse. This year’s tour house was a million dollar Queen Ann Victorian built in 1895 on St.Charles Avenue one of the most prominent streets in New Orleans. Tours to the 4,000 square foot […]

On the Move – House Hunting in South Carolina

Hello there, did you think I had disappeared? I have tried to blog as much as possible during our big move from Germany to South Carolina but this last leg of the journey has gotten extra crazy. Imagine a husband, a wife, two children, a dog a cat and ten large pieces of luggage in […]

The Tree Of Life, New Orleans

Before this visit I had not been home to New Orleans for a whole year. When I am away there are lots of things I miss but one of the things I miss seeing the most are the Live Oak trees.  While I was out taking pictures I was noticing their beauty and it brought […]

Uptown New Orleans Architectural Details

One of my favorite things to do is walk around the neighborhood looking at houses and enjoying the architecture. In New Orleans my favorite place to do this is an area locals call “Uptown” which includes a more exclusive area known as the “Garden District.” This area was developed between 1840 and 1870 by Americans […]

On the Move – Getting There is Half the Fun!

Hello from the other side of the pond! Yes we made it back to the States, finally! I have been absent for a few day because honestly I needed time to recover. The time change is always exhausting and the trip itself, well that is a whole other story…. I know I titled this post […]

Cruising the Western Mediterranean – Spring Break 2015 Part Two

I wanted to split this post into two parts because the next stop on out cruise was Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and it did not disappoint. With a population of over 1.6 million people I was amazed by how clean the city was […]

Cruising the Western Mediterranean – Spring Break 2015 Part One

Cefalù Palermo, Italy Hello all, Have you been missing me? Hopefully not too much. I have only been gone a week but it seems like a month. I have missed you but I will admit I have enjoyed the break. Since I have been away a bit, I thought I would share with you what […]

Paris in Pictures – Part 2

I have so many beautiful pictures of our time in Paris, I hope you don’t mind one more day of sharing. After five days of beautiful sight it is hard not to have some amazing pictures plus Paris has some of the most beautiful architecture and detail I have seen in all my travels. I […]

Paris in Pictures

Macaroons   Since I arrived in Paris on Sunday, I have been running non stop. Five days are definitely not enough time to see it all but doesn’t mean I can’t try. All this running doesn’t allow for much time for blogging but in the few days we have been here I have seen some […]

Shopping for the Home in Amsterdam

In between the sightseeing and miles and encounteredmiles of walking I  was able to do a little shopping in Amsterdam.  All thru the city are amazing home stores of all different styles. I only had a chance to visit a few but there are so many more to be seen. I was overjoyed by all […]