Eclectic Ornaments of Christmas

dsc02719Christmas 2016

Are you one of those people who has to have a new Christmas ornament every year? Good news if you do! A group of eclectic bloggers headed up by Ariel at PMQ for Two, and I are spending today sharing some of our favorite ornaments.  I normally buy a few new ornaments if I want to change the look of my tree or replace some that have broken but this year I needed more than a few. Last Christmas I used our small tree from Germany that I bought to fit in our tiny living room and it worked out fine but it was far from dramatic, This year we got a great deal on a new

Last Christmas I used our small tree from Germany that I bought to fit in our tiny living room there. It looked fine but it was far from dramatic. This year I got a great deal on a new GE 7.5′ Pre-lit tree from Lowe’s when it went $100 off at Thanksgiving (plus my employee discount.) The new tree looks amazing and so real but it was a lot more real estate to fill than last year. Plus, I thought my new mantle color called for a little change.  So ornament shopping I went.

dsc09708Christmas 2015

When it comes to Christmas decor  my go-to place to shop is TJMaxx where I ran across these Isaac Mizrahi gold mercury glass ornaments which are a beautiful heavy glass but no problem for my artificial tree.

and it doesn’t hurt that they have a beautiful twinkle when added to the three.


I also bought a few aqua ornaments to tie into the new color on the mantle but my Isaac Mizrahi mercury glass ornaments are definitely my favorite for the season.

If you’re on the hunt some new ornament additions to your tree, either new or DIY, check out these picks from my eclectic blogger friend. I see a few I’d love to have…


1. This Is Our Bliss // 2. The Striped House // 3. Up To Date Interiors // 4. Southern State Of Mind // 5. Maggie Overby Studios // 6. Casa Watkins // 7. Domicile 37 // 8. Two Thirty Five Designs // 9. PMQ for two // 10. The Gathered Home // 11. Bright Green Door // 12. Cassie Bustamante // 13. Blue i Style // 14. Monica Wants It // 15. Jennifer Dimples and Tangles





It’s Friday, High-Five!

mirrored-room-airbnb-artists-homePhoto via Air BnB

Sorry for skipping out on you last Friday but the first week back at work full-time was a little exhausting (but totally rocked at the same time.) With so much to learn and so much to do to get ready for my launch next month I am non-stop from 8am-5pm every day, sometimes forgetting to stop for lunch. I have enjoyed getting my office ready and planning some updates for the kitchen vignettes. I am also learning about five new computer systems that leave my brain and eyes a little fried by the end of the day. So last Friday I decided to take a little break from any more computer work…I hope you understand. Monday we’ll see if all the hard work has paid off because I have my first potential client coming in to discuss a master bathroom remodel. High-five to that!

Here a few more high-fives for the week…


1.Anyone planning a trip to Pittsburg? Well, you might want to now because this unique mirrored artist’s home is up for rent on AirBnB. Even the exterior of the house is covered with mirrors and it’s only $165 a night. Let’s go!

2. Have you seen  kimpossibooty ‘s tumbler account? He takes us through five days of customers encounters as a Target employee during his first week of work. I love his take because while some encounters, as we all know, could have been documented in an ugly way but his documenting is very matter of fact and non-judgemental, just sharing what he saw. I think we could all take a cue from that.

3. I’ve always loved smocked pillows so now that I’ve found SunriseShining on Esty I may have to order one in every color. Check out the detail on these!

4. Dear Mr. Louboutin, Would you like to donate a pair of the most beautiful shoes in the world to the Maggie Overby Charities? I promise to be very grateful!

5. Don’t have space for a spare chair? Korean designer Jongha Choi decided to build a set of furniture that collapses into two-dimensions, conveniently hanging on the wall when not in use. Check out how the two-dimensional version looks 3D.

Love Your Space Ebook


Today I have a little sneak peek just for you! My friend Kathy at Up to Date Interiors just launched an ebook called Love Your Space. I got a chance to read and review the book during the writing process and it had some pretty inspiring content that I thought you might enjoy.

The goal of this book is to help you create a space you love in 30 days! In this ebook, you will find budget friendly tips for decorating and styling, step by step instructions for unique DIYs, and organizational tips and tricks for each room in your home. Spend as a little as 15 minutes a day to transform your home into a space you love! It also has beautiful images and printable checklists included.

So since I got a sneak peek I wanted you to have one too!

Here’s an example of what you can expect with a typical daily challenge and a cute DIY to help!

Love Your Space - FINAL (2) (dragged) 1 Love Your Space - FINAL (2) (dragged) 2 Love Your Space - FINAL (2) (dragged) 3 Love Your Space - FINAL (2) (dragged) 4 Love Your Space - FINAL (2) (dragged) 5 Love Your Space - FINAL (2) (dragged) 6 Love Your Space - FINAL (2) (dragged) 7

How cute is that? And that is just a taste of what you’ll be getting!

If you’d like to purchase Love Your Space or sample a FREE chapter click below.


Or if you’re feeling lucky? Enter for a chance to win one of five copies of Love Your Space ebook. Just retweet and/or pin one of the images showing the book up to once a day for entries! Contest open to the US and Canada, 18 and up.

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It’s Friday, High Five!

13741429_307904779548490_278181449_nPhoto via Pis Saro

I know I’m posting a little late today but guys I’m on vacation! No, I’m not sitting on the beach or touring France but I’m on the best vacation ever! A Mom vacation… The kids are at the grandparents for two whole weeks, the house is quite, their rooms are clean, and there are no dishes left in the sink. High-five! I know if you are a mom you understand. We love those kiddos but dang they can be a pain in the ass sometimes. What am I going to do for the next two weeks you ask. Well first I’m going to clean the house and it is actually going to stay that way. Next, I think I’m going to do whatever I want for a while and then I’m heading to the Haven Conference to meet some of my Home Decor blog buddies in person. I think I’m gonna like this. High-five to Momma getting a break!

Here are a few more high fives for the week…



1.I’m not a huge fan of tattoos but then I ran across Crimean artist Pis Saro and her beautiful botanical tattoos and I think might be  a convert. You can see how wonderfully realistic they are in the photo above but to really appreciate her work stop by and visit her on Instagram and Facebook

2. Have you hear that they just-opened Ikea Museum. Set on the site of the original Ikea store in Älmhult, Sweden the museum is a fun romp through Ikea’s more than 70 years of history. OMG, I’m planning my next vacation!

3. I’m a fabric girl…can’t get enough pattern and color so when I spied this Grand Blotch Damask fabric by Timorous Beasties I was smitten. What a work of art!

4. Has anyone seen some of the new product lines at World Market? This one has some beauties and this Black Wicker Peacock Chair is one of them.

5. I’ve been on a hunt for new flats and I think I need a pair of these Libry flats by Sole Society. What girl doesn’t need a little bling?

Have a great weekend,




Visit to the Hong Kong Market


This weekend after driving over ten hours to New Orleans one of our first stops was the Hong Kong Food Market. Okay, so this is probably not one on the top of everyone’s list but it might be a stop you’ll want to add. This Asian superstore housed in an old Walmart building and has a little something for everyone.


Starting with some pretty interesting characters right outside the door.


and excitement that starts as soon as you walk in the door.


I love seeing the assortments of fruits and vegetables I have never seen before.


Along with the huge selection of staples you would expect from an Asian market like rice, tea, and noodles

IMG_7759IMG_7765 IMG_7778

But our real reason for visiting the Hong Kong Market was my daughter Katie’s quest for “real” Ramen. Apparently she has become a Ramen connoisseur and is no longer satisfied with the basic Cup O Noodles from the regular grocery store. Lucky for us, Hong Kong Market had us covered…


So while Katie shopped for Ramen Will and I found a few things to shop for ourselves.

Live things…


Dead things…


Silly things…


and (my favorite) pretty things…


Lots and lots of pretty things!

and while this visit ended in only a basket full of Ramen,


I definitely know where I’ll be heading for my next round of rice bowl or Maneki Neko (the“Fortune Cat”) purchase.


If you have a local Asian market and haven’t stopped in before you just might want to put that on your to-do list.

Inspired by Anthropologie Home- Spring 2016


Are you an Anthropologie shopper? I would say I am more of an Anthropologie dreamer. If you have never been to an Anthropologie store find the nearest one (it may be 200 miles away) and drive on over. I say this because shopping at Anthropologie is an experience. Each store has it’s own individual feel of homey, vintage, art filled goodness. The seasonal marketing displays are works of art and while corporate creates the concept each Anthropologie store has its own visual display team that is allowed interpret the concept however they choose, so long as corporate approves. If you buy nothing these displays are worth the trip. Unfortunately for your wallet you are probably going to want to buy something and while there are lots of small home item within a reasonable budget Anthopologie is not a low-end store which is where the dreaming comes in.


One thing that Anthroplogie does offer that is within everyone’s budget is inspiration, so last week while I was in the store I grabbed their Spring 2016 Inspired Home catalog. When I tell you I love almost every single item in this catalog I am not kidding. You know I’m a vintage lover and Anthropologie has a way of doing “vintage” that truly is inspired. Rather than making “vintage” old, rusty, and warn they take the inspiration from vintage and make it new again. With styles everywhere from Mid-Century to Rococo there is something for everyone.  Have a look at a few of my favorites and see what I mean.

rug / lighting / rattan chair /pillow / plates / bed/ benchmirror / basket / chair/ nightstand / wallpaper

Crushing on Encuastic Cement Tiles

1Photo via Consort

I know you’ve seen them, actually people have been seeing them for hundreds of years, all over the world. They go by a variety of names but here in the U.S. they are most often called Cuban tiles. Whatever you want to call them, Encuastic Cement Tiles are making a big come back and are now gracing magazine covers and websites everywhere. Being a huge fan of pattern and color these pretty tiles have totally caught my eye and have me crushing hard.

So what are these cement tile anyway? Well have a look…

You can see the tiles are produced by using different colors of clay, so that the patterns you see are integral to the tiles rather than glazed onto the surface. That means the pattern will never wear off. To the top pattern layer a cement backing is added to provide strength. You can see from the video that each tile is hand-made and one of a kind.

The tradition of Encaustic Cement Tiles is to create interlocking 4 tile designs, by rotating every tile 90 degrees to form a single unit. When laid side by side, these 4 tile squares also form an interlocking pattern. Field tiles are often surrounded by coordinating border tiles to create a rug-like design on the floor of solid color tiles.

In the recent past you might think of these bold patterned tiles used mainly in bohemian and ethic design but lately designers are incorporating them into everything from farmhouses to sleek, modern lofts. On floor, walls, fireplaces, these bold beauties are making quite an impact!

Have a look at some amazing uses of  Encaustic Cement Tiles and see what has me so excited…

Photo via Suzy Hoodless

H3DSW101_Tile-Backsplash-Open-Shelving_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725Photo via HGTV

wink-on-four-dove-milk-entryway-floorPhoto via Popham Design

static1.squarespace.comPhoto via Erin Williamson Design

hicksonian-bathroom-floorPhoto via Popham Design

KB_06Photo via D Magazine

01Photo via Jessica Helgerston Interior Design

Photo via Popham Design

15 Great Nightstands for under $300

Recently we ordered a new mattress which means I thinks it is about time to start getting the master bedroom in order, which of course means lots of online hunting and shopping to decide which direction I want to go in. This week I have been hunting nightstands and I have to say the variety is endless. Because we are moving up to a king size bed which will add a lot of weight to the middle of the room I have been hunting a pair of nightstand that are  up off the ground and a little more open and airy so that I don’t get the look of a giant wall of furniture. Have a look at a few of my favorites all under $300.


Which one is your favorite? Many of the painted ones come in a variety of colors. I am loving the ones with the gold accents, if #2 was a little larger I would be in love!

Making the Bed – Mattresses and 10 Great Duvet Covers

Last weekend we did something pretty exciting, we went and tried out mattresses (did I just hear a collective groan?) I know this is not very exciting but we did it. I felt a lot like Goldilocks, to hard, too soft, but my husband and I finally found a bed that was “just right.” With hundreds mattresses out there to choose from this can be a daunting task.

We went to some of the big mattress stores first but actually ended up buying the new mattress from a local manufacturer, Best Mattress, that custom makes the mattress just for you. We ended up going with the Wentworth a hybrid mattress with a micro coil base and a latex and memory foam top. We like this option because it had the form-fitting quality of the memory foam without being too dense and the support of a coil mattress without the bounce. We also really liked the new latex mattresses but long-term wear data on these mattresses is still unknown since they are so new to the market. We decided on the hybrid just to be safe and because we liked them equally. We are so excited to get the new mattress home but being made to order also means you have to wait two weeks while it is produced. The perk, because we ordered straight from the manufacturer we got the equivalent mattress we would have gotten from a name brand for half the price.

Now that we had found the mattress we liked best the next decision was the size. We have slept on a queen mattress for the last 15 year and I am fine with it but my husband who goes through bouts of insomnia thought a king might help him get a better night sleep. after much discussion we took the plunge and went bigger.

Well oh darn, now I have to buy all new bedding right down to the pillow cases. I hate it when that happen!

So I’ve been shopping around and have found some really beautiful duvet covers, some are just dreams ($$$) and a few I’m actually going to give a try. I’m not sure what direction I’ll be going in yet but I’m going to have a lot of fun finding out…


A Few of My Favorite Things – Christmas 2015

I made it back home from all my travels and have to admit I’m having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. It’s true that you usually need a vacation after your vacation, but instead it’s back to the grind. Unfortunately the grind is a little busier than usual since I’m focusing on all those things I put off until after the holidays along with getting groceries in the house, doing laundry, and unpacking. On the plus side, while unpacking, I get to got through all the fun gifts I got for Christmas. Here are a few of my favorites things from Christmas 2015.