Man Cave Meets Roomstyler

Today the painters are here to work on the man cave. That means we are getting close to the fun part, styling the room! So while I wait for the paint to dry I have been trying out a great little online program called Roomstyler.  I am not even sure how I ran across this […]

Man Cave Activities

I haven’t updated you in while on the “man cave” activities, so here it what is going on.  The biggest change is the walls have been re-plastered and should be dry enough for paint on Monday.  I am amazed how much the new plaster has improved the space, no more cracks and everything is even. […]

Bavarian Dreams

I love a good then and now photo so the ones I have to share with you today are a real treat for me. I am so excited to share! This weekend I received the most lovely email from the granddaughter of the the original owners of the house we rent here in Germany. Not […]

Man Cave- New Windows

Yesterday the first step in making the Man Cave livable got underway. The old uninsulated metal windows ( with grates) were removed and new white vinyl insulated ones have taken their place. It is amazing what a difference this one small change has made. Okay so maybe cleaning up the giant mess helped some too, […]

Bonus Room – The Man Cave

When we first looked at our house in Germany this past April we assumed that the large room in the basement with the tiled floors would be an additional usable space. We moved in only to find that this basement room had no heat. This was fine in the summer, it was actually great since […]

Room #5- Katie’s Room

For Katie’s bedroom all the furniture and bedding we brought with us from the U.S. As with most of my bedding TJMaxx to the rescue plus a few custom pillows I made myself. As for the furniture every piece in Katie’s room is an up-cycled redo. You saw the painted bed in a previous post […]

Fall Is In The Air!

In the last week or so the weather has turned cold and dreary. I was sure the winter was here to stay but this weekend we were treated to some amazing weather. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid sixties and all was right with the world. I figured I better […]

Room #4 – Will’s Nautical Bedroom

Below are the before photos My son is absolutely obsessed with all things Titanic so for his room it was a no brain-er, Nautical or nothing. The room is the smallest in the the house but has  tons of personality, just like him, or at least it does now. Lucky for us  the landlord installed […]

Room #3- The Living Room

After I eat and sleep I must watch TV and of course blog. So I must move on to the living room. The living room started with a coat of yellow paint that is about two shades lighter than the kitchen since this room a little darker and needed a little brightening up. The layout […]

Room #2 – The Master Bedroom

Once the kitchen was finished and we could finally eat, I figured it best we find somewhere to sleep. After almost two month sleeping in hotels and on air matresses I was more than ready to have my own bed back. The master bedroom was a little easier project than the kitchen since I had […]