Winter Sun Room Gets a New Pouf

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We’ve had some crazy cold winter days this year, rather uncommon in South Carolina, we even had snow and quite a bit of it.  That means days that normally would have been spent outside had to be moved indoors. It also means that the plants that normally lived out side have moved indoors as well.  Fortunately we have the perfect place for that to happen, an outdoor porch that was closed in to create a sun room.

You have seen this sun room before but recently I’ve made a few changes. I moved one of the resin wicker chairs outside and brought in the tan mid-century chair that seemed a little crowded in my son’s room and added a few new plants thanks to a sweet friend who has the same love for plants I do.

But my favorite new addition is my Maui Jute Pouf from Natural Area Rugs.  This 16″ jute pouf was the perfect replacement for my DIY Pouf that was out on the porch at the old house. It’s a great place to prop up you feet and enjoy a little indoor sunshine.

Harry seems to enjoy it as well, i just have to make sure he knows its for sitting not for scratching!

So far, so good!

Now I just need to keep stay warm until spring decides to come back around. Glad I have this cozy spot to do it.


  1. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Your sun room is beautiful! I love everything about it. Harry on your beautiful new pouf is my favorite. So handsome

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