Man Cave – Third Time’s a Charm

This is our third house since I fist set up a “Man Cave” for my husband and often my son so I know  you’ve seen a few of these pieces before but a new house means a new mix. This room serves as my husbands office but most often the video gaming room.

These are the previous spaces: Man Cave 1 and Man Cave 2

This go round my husband actually wanted to a few of the decisions himself, I think after 20 years with something might finally be rubbing off on him. The room we selected for this space was once a bedroom but somewhere down the line the closet space was given to the bathroom and a door added so that it now has access from both the main hall and the sun room .

That meant it didn’t make a great bedroom but the built-in desk made it a good choice for my husband’s “Man Cave” because it had already had a computer/work area. He also loved the fact that you could see out into the back yard from here. When we moves in the room was yellow (like much of the rest of the house.)

For the paint, my husband chose a moody grey ( Sherwin Williams Steely Gray ) which he insisted should be gloss. He was very proud when I told him that was right on trend. He even helped me paint! (Who is this man?)

With the paint complete our Ikea FRIHETEN sofa made another appearance this time in its origional grey color and for additional seating that doubles as a coffee table I found a pair of consignment store ottomans I recovered in HGTV Home Flower Tower Malachite fabric. The wall opposite the sofa has a large TV mostly for video games so the ottomans are often pulled over to the TV for close up seating.

And of course the fabulous built-ins got a good dose of my husband’s collection of military portraits and other memorabilia.

The built-ins in this house were definitely one of it’s selling features fo us. I’ve really enjoyed getting them all filled up with our collectables and what nots from around the world. Good thing, because we have a lot!

That’s one more room complete and “Fat Badger” over there in the corner feels right at home, even if he does make everyone else feel a little creepy.

What do you think? Did is husband’s paint pick a success? Is “Fat Badger” creepy? (Okay, don’t answer that one, I already know the answer!)


  1. Karen says:


  2. elaine says:

    yup the badger is scary, I was always afraid of them growing up and kept an eye out for them when cycling by myself down our country lanes. As always, I love your decorating style. I am very interested in your vintage finds and collections. Do a post on them, in detail, sometime. I sure would be interested in your thought process, etc that goes into the hunt.

    • Thanks Elaine, I’ll see what I can do on an upcoming post. Any questions in particular you have?

    • elaine says:

      Where you look for your gems. I I live in Canada so I won’t get to any of your favs, but it’s still interesting, and what decision process you use in deciding what to buy, etc. Hope that makes sense!

  3. Rachel says:

    Love the paint colors. Your hubs did an excellent job!

  4. Ha! I love that you’re willing to include the creepy fat badger! Looks great though!

    • Well he’s been around for a few years now so I guess that makes him part of the family but I admit that sometimes I do put baby in the corner.

  5. What a great space. I love the fabric on the ottomans so much.

  6. I just love these beautiful pictures. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

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