A Collected Sewing Room

It is finally time to share my sewing room at the new house. Not because I just finished it but because today it is clean. Okay today it’s probably not clean but the day I took these pictures it was! I say that because this room is where the magic happens. It is the heart of all crafts, over christmas it was my wrapping station, if I’m sewing or painting it happens in here. This week I went in and found my son was building a popsicle stick fort in here, not my preference but I get it, this is where all the tools to do those kinds of things are. This room gets used… a lot, so it’s rare that is not in a state of total disarray.  So Today enjoy because it will be awhile before it looks like this again.

But first, a before shot.

I chose this room as my sewing room after we agreed to let my daughter have the big room over the garage. You may remember in the old house that is where my sewing room doubled as the guest room. But in this house the bonus room space was much larger with an attached bath so it seamed a waste to use it as a sewing room. I liked the light in this room from the two nice windows and the nice big closet for lots of storage. (You may notice I am not sharing a finished look at the closet.  Getting that re-organized is for another day.) Another bonus for making this the sewing room was that it was the only room in the house I did not to be repaint. The color was a soft yellow that worked well with my daisy chandelier so I could move my stuff right in and get to work.

If you have followed me for a while you have seen a few renditions of my sewing room so a lot of the pieces are the same. My Ikea Värde island which I bought years ago is the work horse of my sewing room. It provides lots of storage and work space plus it’s the perfect height  for cutting fabric.  They stopped selling this piece but I think some of their other kitchen islands might work just as well.

My work stations are also from Ikea. When we lived in Germany, my sewing room was smaller and I chose these MICKE pieces because they were small and inexpensive.  although one day I may upgrade to something larger and sturdier these pieces ave served me well and survived two moves.

Most of the other furniture in this room arrived by default, the chair and green cabinet came from the old man cave. The chair I draped with the tree sweater I made way back when. The valances are from the old master bedroom  and although most of the needlepoint art was in my previous sewing room I have added a few things that didn’t find a home anywhere else in the new house.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t buy anything new for this room, not even paint.  A truly collected room it is!

Glad you got a chance to see stop by and see it while it was clean…now back to making a big mess.


  1. What a great space. I wish I had one like that.

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