One Room Challenge Reveal – Living Room and Library

The time has come for my Fall 2017 One Room Challenge  reveal and this go round you are getting two for the price of one. In seven weeks I tackle my living room and library.

For those of you who are new to this the One Room Challenge is a twice yearly event hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. During this event twenty design bloggers take on the challenge to transform one space in just six weeks (or in this case seven weeks.) Every Wednesday, the designers document their progress while sharing their sources and professional advice. In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, (that’s me!) is welcome to join the fun as a guest participant by linking their own room transformations to Calling It Home.

If you missed my earlier posts you can see the progress here:

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Let’s have a look at where we started. This is what the room that was originally supposed to be the dining room looked like when we moved in.

During the last One Room Challenge I decided the dining room worked better in another room so this became the living room, but that’s about as far as I got.

Until now…

This was the plan.

And here are the results…

I started with a black and white background inspired by some pretty fabulous  Toucan Newspaper removable wallpaper, black trim and some pin-striping on the window and door frames.

Thanks to 

who sponsored the wallpaper

But you guys know I’m not a neutral girl so the against the black and white background I layered a whole lot of color,

Some pattern, and some texture too!

Of course a few new to me vintage pieces like this mid-century dresser, brass coffee table, and tribal Ardebil rug were a must.

I also bought a great Black Dragon fabric to make pillows that helps pull my colors together and some leopard print for a little fun.

but most of the items in this space were items I already had.

My lighting came from the Man Cave in our last house and most of the living room furniture stayed the same as well.

Now for a twist, because we were given an extra week to complete the challenge I needed to find something to do with all that time… and since I had some extra wallpaper and paint I decided to continue the look into the adjoining library. With just a week, I decided to paint only the upper and lower trim and add my Toucan Newspaper to the one exposed wall.

This room was one I loved best when we looked at the house. It it gave me a great spot to show off my West German pottery collection, but I also found it also had enough room to house most of my paint by number collection as well.

I’ll be honest I didn’t pull this whole room together in a week. Before the challenge I had styled the shelves and had a bit of furniture in place but I hadn’t really found a way to tie it all together.

Since I loved how the black trim worked in the living room I thought here it might work as well.

And I think it did!  Everything now seems more grounded and showcased.

To continue the flow I brought in some more of the black dragon fabric and added a Yellow Moroccan Pouf to play off my yellow tulip table in the living room.

and Voila! I now have two finished rooms

That means now when I sit at my desk I get to look at all my pretty things (and I have a lot of them!) and enjoy one cohesive space.

Hope you like it!

Source List (affiliate links included)

Sorry guys my source list isn’t very long because almost everything in these two spaces is second-hand. These are the kinds of treasures you have to hunt on your own, but here is what I did by new…

Wall Paint: HGTV Homer by Sherwin Williams Glacial Stream Trim Paint: Sherwin Williams Semi Gloss Tricorn Black

Pin striping: Vinyl Pinstriping Tape in 1/2″ and 1/4.”

Wallpaper: Toucan Newspaper 

Light fixture: Possini Euro Planet Chrome and Black Pendant Chandelier

Dresser paint: Vaslpars Furniture Paint  in Sapphire Earrings  Hardware: Hobby Lobby

Sofa: West Elm Sectional (similar, mine is an older model they do not make anymore)

End Table: Homegoods painted with my favorite gold spray paint

Rug:  Rug Source

Pouf: Yellow Moroccan Pouf

Pillows: Dragon, Leopard, Mongolian Lambs Wool, Tassel Pillow, Needlepoint


Now don’t forget to stop over to Calling it Home and check out the reveals of the featured designers along with the hundreds of guest participant  who tackled the challenge.

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  1. such a fun and eclectic space and totally you! that paper still kills me- love it!

  2. Karen says:

    Wonderful! You are so creative!

  3. Alice Woody says:

    I love the deep, rich, saturated colors. The rooms look so warm, inviting, and interesting– like a good place to talk and visit with friends. They bring a smile to my face. Thanks for the source list…I plan to spend some time on the rug site.

  4. I have built-in envy! Your rooms are so beautiful and fantastic! I love how they turned out! The black trim looks so amazing with the wallpaper.

    • Thanks girl! The built ins were definitely on my must have list for our forever home since I am such a collector (hoarder.)

  5. I love these rooms so much! I can’t get over the toucan wallpaper. and I’m about 5 seconds away from painting all the trim in my house dark (I’ve done a couple of rooms already)….the thought of maybe someday having to paint it all white again is the only thing holding me back, because I LOVE the way it looks.

  6. The toucan wallpaper is so fun! In fact the rooms are both so much fun with all the color and patterns. And wow, your pottery collection is gorgeous!

    • Thank you, all the shelf space is one of the reasons I love this house. Gotta have a place for the pottery!

  7. This is so beautiful. So many great details and special touches. I love so many things about it – I can’t pick a favorite but the wallpaper, black trim and mantel treatment are way up there!!

  8. Bravo! I love the reveal, this was beautifully done. i’ve pinned about a dozen images too 😉

    • Thanks girl, I need to go make the rounds myself if I can just find a few hours to myself. Love seeing all the color in your dining room reveal.

  9. Rebecca Tomsyck says:

    Maggie, Once again it looks terrific! I look at all of your goodies and it is almost a walk down memory lane for me! Give my best to your troops…

    • I guess my whole house is a walk down memory lane but I love that. I can remember the story and place behind all my goodies but I’m sure yours is the same. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Wow! Its so beautiful! I love how collected it all looks. Great job!!!

  11. Wow Maggie. I just love the way you pull together your collections and color to look so cohesive. This room is so totally you and it turned out beautifully. Now every time I read your posts I’ll think of you typing them from this beautiful library! Congrats on a job well done!

  12. Jeweled Interiors says:

    Maggie- I’d say you have a unique skill of designing rooms that feel curated vs cluttered. Well played girl!

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