Master Bath Gets a Make Under

I’m sure you guys are wondering what’s taking me so long to get this house put together, or is that me? I guess going to work everyday means I have to accept slower progress this go round but that doesn’t mean I’m not making progress. This week I’m sharing my master bath make under. You may remember the bold “before” green from the master bedroom well it was loud and proud in the master bath as well. I’m not against green but this house had quite a bit when we moved in and in the master bath I think it was most jarring. To me the master bath should be an oasis not a circus so a make under was in order.

I chose to again match the master bedroom paint with the “after” Sherwin Williams Sky House.

The major delay in finishing this project was removing the linen cabinets and replacing the tile underneath. The cabinets had a horrible mildew smell that I wasn’t about to put my linens in but removing them meant tiling the floor underneath which would be hard to match. fortunately I found the previous owners had left extra tile in the attic that was just enough to fill the gap.

The other change I made was removing the large frame-less builder mirror with two single beveled glass mirrors I found at TJMaxx and chrome lighting to matched the existing plumbing fixtures.

Now with a fresh clean backdrop I could finally bring in accessories I’ve collected through all my other moves and pull my oasis together.

I went pretty minimal for a spa like feel but I couldn’t resist a few pops of color with my thrift store rug I scored for 10€ in Germany

and of course some plants and colorful flea market art.

Now I can finally call it done… at least for now!


  1. I like your kindness in calling the green colour “bold”. 😀 The After looks great,very soothing and relaxing!

  2. Debbie says:

    Love the mirrors. They make the room. How many coats of paint did it take to make the green go away???

  3. I’m curious about the towels… you show one hand towel on right sink wall. Where is the other? And are both bath towels to n that rack at end of tub??? I’m curious because we also have one hand towel on ring as you do and it’s a pain. Husband can’t stand it! Mine, at other end, is lower on a wall ring!! PS Love the spa color and feel!!! Nice job (of course!)

    • Libby we only have the one towel ring and it works fine considering we didn’t have one at all when we moved in. My husband tends to use the towel on the rack above the tub and seemed totally clueless when I asked him if only having one towel ring bothered him. We also have a shower and toilet in the room adjoining so the bath towels hang on the rack in there since that is what we us primarily. Here I think the single towel ring could work if it were hung between the mirrors, easy access for everyone but my husband doesn’t seem to mind.

  4. cynthiamurdoch says:

    It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. The color you chose is so nice…ahhhh those spa vibes!

  5. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    10 Euros in Germany!?!?! Love that rug and the new wall color is a breath of fresh air. So pretty

    • Yep!! Most of my rugs I bought during our last months there and now i’m kicking myself that I wasn’t hunting them longer. The German thrift stores had the most amazing things at such great prices and everything was so clean and sturdy. I am ruined for American thrift stores now. If you ever go and plan to spend time around Nuremberg I have a whole list of where to go. There was one store I went often that had the whole floor covered with the most amazing rugs just for decor. I would have taken them all!

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