Coral and Green Master Bedroom Strikes Again

Today I’m finally sharing my new master bedroom. If you follow my blog regularly you may notice that the furnishings and decor are the same I had in the old house. Since I recently revamped my master bedroom for last Spring’s One Room Challenge I couldn’t justify starting over so I just reused and rearranged everything in this new bigger brighter space.

Of course when we moved in it was a different kind of bright! Oh, did I tell you the previous owner really loved green?

The very first thing we did, even before we moved into the house, was to add a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Sky House, which I absolutely love.

The other big challenge for this room was the windows. I love all the light coming in from the back of the house and the sun room but being the master bedroom meant we needed to add some privacy.

The solution was pretty simple for the french doors, using Non Adhesive Frosted Window Film (affiliate link) and a little bit of time I was able to add some privacy pretty inexpensively.

But the large widow facing the yard required a bit more expensive solution since it is 105″ across.

I fretted about a solution for this window for quite a while, I didn’t want to block the view but I also didn’t have $1,000 to spend on window treatments.

In the end the best solution was a Classic Roman Shades from in winter white which I opted to upgrade with the top down/bottom up feature. You can see how it works in the GIF below. Pretty cool, right?

With those problems solved I was able to finish off the space with art and accessories like my paper cut silhouette collection,

My vintage rug which is making a much nicer impact against the wood floors than the old rental carpets,

and I never can resist adding a few plants to fill in the voids.

The layout may be a little different this go round but this room is still making a big impact.

even the second time around.  I’m still loving it…What about you?


  1. Rachel says:

    Love it! The paint color, the headboard, the artwork. Gorgeous!

  2. Looks great Maggie!

  3. Clever girl. Looks fabulous- again!

  4. I just love all the pictures. Colors used here are awesome. I really liked the idea of using blinds for the window.

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