Mid Century Eat In Kitchen

When I get a week home alone without the husband or kids I’m not one to sit around. I take advantage of the fact I don’t have to take car of anyone and use the time to take care of the house. This go round I got some work done in the kitchen…

You may remember what the kitchen looked like when we moved in…very, very green. I didn’t hate the green but the previous owners used it a lot all over the house and for me it was just a little too much. Since the granite is green and is going anywhere anytime soon the wall got a new color instead.

The paint is Sherwin-Williams Tradewind  and is actually the same color I used for the upper walls in the dining room.

Although, it looks like a totally different color in the kitchen.

But I’m most excited about in here is finally having a home for my vintage Doria Chandelier. This guy has been in storage since I bought it back in Germany, I had originally planned to go in the dining room but when it didn’t fit the scale I thought I’d try it in the kitchen. Here it’s just right!

The rest of the furniture is pretty much as it was in the rental kitchen.

I’d love to add a few bar stools and maybe a rug, but over all I’m pretty please with this side of the kitchen.

The other side on the other hand could still use a little work.

but here is look at how far I’ve come so far.

I pulled out the cabinet over the peninsula and added some open shelving along with a lot of colorful accessories. I’d love to change out the can lights for pendants in this are… and that florescent has got to go.

I updated all the old white appliances to stainless steel, of course in doing so I had to pull out the old backer for the range which looks terrible. My plan is pull out the granite back splashes and do the entire back splash in tile so hopefully I’ll find some time for that really soon so I won’t have to look at this mess for too much longer.

I also had to move one of the cabinets up to fit the new refrigerator in so a little trim repair is in order as well.

So for now I’ll just look the other way.



  1. Pat says:

    Maggie, you are such an inspiration. So love following your journey. Lovely chandelier BTW.

  2. Pam Clark says:

    looks great, very serene….love the SIMON painting!

  3. Rachel says:

    Love that chandy! Bright, beautiful and refreshing. Cabinets look really nice.

  4. Theresa says:

    I have the same situation with my range, I love what you did. Is it a slide in? I would love to know what brand it is. It all looks great.

    • Yes it’s a Maytag gas slide in. They look just like a KitchenAid only half the price . They are both made by the same company so the styling is very similar.

  5. looks awesome, maggie! love the color and furnishings! 🙂

  6. I love you color choices on the wall and ceiling. And that trim on the wall looks lovely. Also, great choice on the chandelier. You’re a true DIY ninja – just how do you do it all? Very inspiring.

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