One Room Challenge Week Four – Dining Room

Week four of the One Room Challenge is here and lots of painting has gone on around here. Lots of oil based paint to be exact, so my house pretty much smells like a gas station right now, but guys I am loving the results!

For those of you who are new to this, the One Room Challenge is a twice yearly event hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. During this event twenty design bloggers take on the challenge to transform one space in just six weeks. Every Wednesday, the designers document their progress while sharing their sources and professional advice. In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, (that’s me!) is welcome to join the fun as a guest participant by linking their own room transformations to Calling It Home.

Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

I’ve combined three great Sherwin Williams colors, Deep Sea Dive , Tradewind on the wall, and Juneberry to accent the inside of the bookcase and  on the french doors. I’m also excited to use a great set of vintage drawer pulls on the cabinet doors.

The other project I’ve  been working on is my stenciled “wallpaper.” I have to admit I’m not sure if it’s what I was wanting. I love the stencil but I’m not sure it’s right for this space.

What do you think? Too much? I feel like if I think it’s too much it is WAY too much.

But that is not the only paint I have left. I  still have some painting to do on that column.  I have to paint all the shelves and doors for the built ins, the french doors and touch up all the trim along the ceiling where the tape bled. Arrgh… ready to be done already.

But when I do finally finish up I’m looking forward to getting to the styling. I may have gotten a little head start pulling out some art I wanted to try on the mantle.

That’s all for now but I’ll see you next week.

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  1. I LOVE THE STENCIL! I love it on its own, and I love it together with the rug, I think they work beautifully together. And I am delighted by the peacocks on your mantle. 😀

    • Thanks for your input. It is hard to tell with just a section done if it will overwhelm the room. I love the idea of the stencil because I can change it down the road but it’s a lot of work to not like it in the end.

  2. Linda Moore says:

    I feel like the white background is just not right for the rest of the room. The rest of the room is strong and moody and for some reason this feels like it falls flat with everything else.

    • The walls aren’t actually white, just a lighter shade of the teal but I agree something feels flat about it to me too.

  3. i am always team less is more when it comes to pattern, so for me personally i would do without, but i do think it works with what you have. LOVE the teal walls and molding and built ins! if it were me, i would continue that on the wall and put some incredible huge piece of art up. 🙂

    • I’m loving the teal too but this room is in the center of the house due to the sun room addition so I’m afraid of it getting too dark by going all over teal. Whatever I decide I do have some big art pieces going in.

  4. Tammy says:

    Regarding the stencil wallpaper…..busy? Unsure. Something seems unsettled but I’m not sure exactly what. What if the background color was not white? I’m not sure what color though. Maybe a lighter tone of the cabinets? Or a tone on tone stencil over the background? I love your new home.

    • It actually is a lighter shade of the cabinets but maybe too light so it’s reading white. Don’t think it seemed white until the stencil went up. Thanks for your input Tammy, we’ll see where it goes…

  5. I think the full-wall stencil may be a bit much. What if you made stencil “pictures” by fixing a frame to the wall and have the stencil only within the frames? That would create “negative space” and a place for your eyes to rest. And also leave room for pictures on the wall color that won’t compete with the stencil behind them.

    Love the Deep Sea Dive! This room is going to look amazing!

    • That’s a great idea, I’m going to think on it a while… but not too long because I’m running out of time :/

  6. Debra says:

    Maybe a more neutral shade for the stenciling. Otherwise, I would agree it seems too much or too busy for the space. Best wishes.

  7. Kellie says:

    Well, I don’t think anyone on this thread agrees with me but I don’t think it’s too much. You don’t have art and furniture and plants, etc. in place. ‘Stuff’ in the room will tone it down. I have chinoiserie wallpaper on every wall in my dining room and I love it! More is more! But…to each her own.

  8. Wow-I love the stencil. I think it gives the room depth and a sense of history as if it had always been there. I think the room would look a bit naked without it. I think the colors are just right. This room is going to look fabulous.

  9. linda neafsey says:

    I think the colors my not be as shown on our screens. It looks dated. I do love the stencil but what if it was stenciled a light metallic gold and toned down a bit to look vintage or muted. I think it would bring all the hardware, chairs and light fixture together. The stencil color now appears too strong. I think this would make it a classic look with a modern twist.

  10. I think when the stencil is complete, it will look right. Sometimes a pattern in a small amount looks less busy in a larger amount. I found that to be the case with my shibori walls. 🙂
    Everything is looking great, Maggie!!

  11. Jeanette says:

    I love the stencil but not the color. Maybe a darker color would make it blend with the teal walls – darker red or blue or gray. I love the teal walls and the mantle looks fabulous!

  12. This is incredible!!! I love it all. I think you might like the stencil wall when all is finished but perhaps stenciling in the dark teal would make it all more cohesive. Just a thought because I think everything looks fabulous!

  13. LOVE the Deep Sea Dive all-over, it’s totally moody and awesome 🙂 The stencil is great BUT it’s competing with the rug (as in, it looks good close-up, but doesn’t fit in with the room as a whole). This might sound like overkill – but maybe incorporate some of the Deep Sea Dive (like the leaves and grass in the stencil) and have the Juneburry be the building/tree trunk/ etc. That way it stands out from the rug, but still blends with the rest of the room.

  14. Theresa says:

    I like the stencil too! And usually not into busy…I would wait to see your vision all played out…don’t panic!

  15. ooo… just an idea, but what about painting the background teal also, and stencilling in gold? to offset those pulls/handles that are shown with the paint samples?
    I love the stencil, and the teal, and the pinky colour in the cupboards/shelves, but not as the stencil colour..
    Otherwise, I’m very jealous and the room looks amaze-balls so far!

  16. Lynn says:

    I think it is beautiful! Love the way it picks up the color you lined your cabinets with. You are doing a great job with that stencil.

  17. Brynne | The Gathered Home says:

    OMG, I am so excited about this space, Maggie!!! The deep teal color is perfection! And I love that red too! My initial reaction was that the stencil wasn’t quite working – I think it’s that the background color reads as a gray-white rather than a light teal on my monitor. But I also have total faith in your design vision and I know that whatever you do will be awesome! And I LOVE that stencil design! So I’m not very much help here, but I know you’ll rock it! <3

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