One Room Challenge – Week Three, Dining Room

Holy Cow, It’s week three of the 2017 Spring One Room Challenge which means we are halfway through. Arghhh!!

For those of you who are new to this, the One Room Challenge is a twice yearly event hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. During this event twenty design bloggers take on the challenge to transform one space in just six weeks. Every Wednesday, the designers document their progress while sharing their sources and professional advice. In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, (that’s me!) is welcome to join the fun as a guest participant by linking their own room transformations to Calling It Home.

Week 1, Week 2

I’m feel like I’m way behind this week because I know I still have a LOT of painting to do. I have the upper half of the walls painted, so glad to have the yellow gone, but I still have to get all the trim and stenciling done. The stencil should arrive tomorrow so I’m not too worried about that but the trim will be oil based which means a little more work and drying time. I guess we all know what I’ll be doing this weekend…

In other areas I have made a little more progress. My chairs arrived, requiring some assembly so I got that done and they are looking good!

I also got the chandelier hung and I love how it complements the chairs.

I know that is not a lot to report so now it’s time to buckle down and really get to work if I want to make it to the finish line. Hopefully by next week I’ll have all my trim and the built ins painted there bold new hues.  So until nest week check out what everyone else has been up to and wish me the best…



  1. amazing black marble? a stunning chandelier? kick-ass chairs? a lovely blue paint? Girl, you are killing it.

    • Hardly, but thanks for saying so. I have so much left to do and so little time. I hope I make the finish line :/

  2. i second ariel- i am LOVING this and those chairs are to die for!

  3. Debbie says:

    Brilliant and not done yet!

  4. It looks great, Maggie! I love that paint color so much and those chairs are amazing!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am already dying over this room! It is going to be so amazing!

  6. looking great Maggie!! Love the deep blue and the teal on your end chairs works beautifully with the gold accent on your new modern ones! Loving the contrast and that chandelier: FUN!!

  7. You got this girl!!! I know you can do it….GOOD LUCK!!

  8. Beautiful! Love that chandelier!

  9. Oh my gosh, you are so brave to be painting with your furniture and rug near. I would have an accident, for sure. Love the color and the chairs!

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