The Best Renters Hacks for the Bedroom

As a military spouse I have been a renter quite often in all different style houses. The problem with renting is that you really can’t change the space. No tearing down wall or pulling up the flooring so sometimes you have to get a little creative. Instead of changing the space you have to change the FEEL of the space. Smoke and mirrors my friend! Today I am sharing a few tips for Kathryn, from Up To Date Interiors’ new monthly series Best Renters Hacks.  This is a monthly collaboration of DIYs and decorating tips for different spaces in your home shared by home decor/DIY bloggers who are experienced renters.  This week we are taking a peek into the bedroom. My master bedroom actually.  I know you’ve probably seen before but let’s take a look at it in a new light… Camouflage!

Let’s have a look at the before… beige, brass, and wallpaper boarder…Great mix isn’t it? Well not for me, it needed some love.

The easiest update for any renter is Paint. Before I enter any lease I ask if it is okay with the landlord if I paint, if not it’s a no go. A coat of paint can be the single most important thing to changing the feel of a room. Never underestimate the Power of Paint.

Feels bigger already right? $35 well spent!

Consider Dramatic Curtains. They make a space look more expensive and when hung at the ceiling and outside the window they can also give the illusion of higher ceilings and larger windows

This bedroom has standard 8′ ceilings and 34″ widows but the curtains make it feels much more grand.

Lighting  also can play a big role in changing the feel of a space. I know a lot of people think electricity is scary but once you know how easy this switch is you’ll want to change every light in your rental.

I switched out this brass beauty for a sleek modern version and the best part about lighting is you can take it with you when you go.

Another big unchangeable area that often needs camouflage is not so attractive flooring. Let’s remember all that beige carpet.

With a great area rug I can ignore just about all of it.

So remember, your rental house may not be your dream house but that doesn’t mean you can’t your home. Spending a few dollars to spruce things up is an investment in your own comfort and joy while I live there…Money well spent!

To see more tips on making your rental bedroom your own stop by and visit my friends,

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  1. Coralee Hines says:

    Your bedroom looks great! The carpet, red, and green look great. What a talent!

  2. These are great tips. The lighting, the curtains, the rug… Also, that bedroom is my favorite.

  3. These are such great tips Maggie! I love that apart from the paint you can take all those improvements with you to your next place. I’m in love with those dramatic window treatments!! Thanks so much for joining the series.

  4. Wonderful tips and that bedroom is GORG!!

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