Best Thrift Store Furniture Makeovers

You all know by now that I am second hand junkie but not all my finds are ready to move right in. Most of them are diamonds in the rough but fortunately I am good at spotting potential. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite makeovers that brought thrift store finds from frumpy to fabulous!

Some projects I have in mind before I buy, like my Radio Cat House. I didn’t have a radio in mind specifically just a piece of furniture up on legs so I could add an access point below. When I spotted this super cool radio with a bad gilding job and some pealing veneer I knew it would be perfect with a little bit of TLC.

Others just need a quick refresh with a new coat of paint like my Coral Bamboo Night Stand.

and some need just the opposite like the layers and layers of drippy paint I stripped off this Heywood Wakefield Nightstand.

Sometimes my finds are destined for a completely new look like this transformation from 7o’s side table to a modern Metal Based Night Stands.

Or my mid-century Coffee Table turned Bench that I actually passed on the first go round because of its laminate top. Once it came to me to convert it to a bench the laminate top didn’t matter anymore.

Occasionally my finds find each other and make perfect pairs like my Lavender Vanity/Desk

and my Color Block Chair.

Some are experiments like this little dresser I used to decide if I liked using  Chalk Paint or not. (I did…but not as much as spray paint.) 

or my Mid Century Bookshelf that was a collection of garage sale finds combined to make one great piece.

Some are celebrities like my Green Chest that made it into HGTV Magazine this month.

and some where such a labor of love that they have become my favorites like my Mid Century Desk Makeover.

But not matter where they started a little elbow grease and some creative thinking gave these bargains a second life and me a little extra change in my pocket. Next time you out be sure you don’t overlook those diamonds in the rough.



  1. Great upcycling! The midcentury bookshelf makeover is my favorite. Well done!
    Cheers from Germany,

    • Thank you Steph, one of my favorites too. After our two years living in Germany I still miss it terribly. Hopefully we will get a chance to go back and visit sometime.

  2. Wow, Maggie, you completed so many fantastic furniture makeovers! You definitely have a great eye for seeing the potential…

  3. I love the pieces you put you in your mastet! All the heart eyes

  4. I love them all so much.

  5. I’m not a fan of mid-century modern but you rocked it! I’ll have to take a 2nd look at pieces I come across. Love what you’ve done.

    • Thanks Pat, I love mid century but I also love other styles so I just mix and match. A collection of things you love just seems to “Go.”

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