It’s February, High Five!

Photo Via The English Room

Is it February already? Well actually, I guess it’s almost March! That means we are getting down to the 30 day mark for signing on the new house. I know I need to be packing but it feels so different moving just a mile away. I’m used to having to do a full house pack and not seeing my stuff for weeks or months. This go round I feel like I could just load up the car one room at a time and transfer it over… and since we have the rental house overlapping the new house a month or two so it’s not a huge hurry to get things moved right away. I say I’m just going to take my time but I know I’m going to be anxious to get it all done ASAP once the time comes. Maybe you guys could pray for me to have a little patience so I don’t kill myself. I’d love to get over there and do some painting before we move in the furniture but we’ll see. Wish me luck…. I’m gonna need it.

Now for a few high fives for the month…

1. I usually do a round-up of my One Room Challenge favorites after each event but this year I didn’t get around to it so today I thought I’d share one of my favorites, the Iris Apfel inspired office by The English Room. Bold color, black and white graphics, and a whole wall of Iris, love it!

2. Things don’t always have to be complicate, check out this super fast Japanese gift wrapping technique. As a former Subway “Sandwich Artist” the technique looks vaguely familiar!

3. Looking for a little retail therapy and motivation all in one? How about this super cute motivational pen set from Taylor Elliott Designs, I just might need a few sets to get me through those hard days at the office.

4. I ran across these shots on Messy Nessy and at first glance thought they were some sort of amazing ceramics (you know I have a thing for ceramics) but when I took a closer look they are actually photos from the 1920s Bauhaus Ballet, costume design at it’s best I’d say!

5.  Ana Strumpf  is an illustrator, interior and product designer, creative consultant and director but her illustration work done over fashion magazine covers has me head over heals, pop over and check them out.

Have a great weekend,

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