Thrift Score Thursday – No. 136


Happy #ThriftScoreThursday everyone! This week I want to talk about one of my favorite things to buy second-hand… ART. Whether you find the weekend project of a no name artist or a hidden treasure you can always count on finding something that is one of a kind. This month I wanted to share some photography I fell in love with at one of my local second-hand shops.

Actually, I fell in love with a whole box of photos by the same photographer months ago. They were not a bargain but I thought the price was fair for such beautiful work, the only problem was the store was cash only and I was fresh out. I passed them that day only to find them still there months later and the price drastically reduced. Originally I was only going to buy one but with the priced drop I decided to buy two. One for me and one as a gift.


The photographer’s name is Charlotte Oakley out of Jacksonville, FL. I know this because of the stamps on the back, not because Charlotte is famous. I looked but I couldn’t find any information on Charlotte at all.  The writing on the back of the photos dates them to 1957. They were shown in an exhibit that year and again in 1962.


The woman is titled “Unpoken Words”


And the man “Vaquero”- cowboy in Spanish.

I love these two! There were a few others I would have loved to have but let’s be honest I have to pace myself or I will be out of wall space.

Now on to your finds…


But first, if you are new here, let me explain just what #ThriftScoreThursday is.  We want you to participate! Hit up your local thrift stores, craigslist, yard sales, estate sales, side of the road, anything! Thrifty doesn’t necessarily mean from a thrift store. We want to see your good deals, wacky finds and treasures and how you style them in your home.

Don’t feel like you need to save those finds for Thursdays! Yes, features are shared on our blogs once a month and Instagram weekly on Thursdays, but we’re all checking in on (and using!) the hashtag all week long. So, when you see/find it, feel free to share it!  And we love it when you tag your friends to play along, too!

The first Thursday of each month, Brynne from The Gathered Home, Cassie from Cassie Bustamante and I will pick our favorite thrift scores to feature. So please note that by linking up with #ThriftScoreThursday, you are giving us permission to share your finds via social media or on our blogs.

Now, in honor of my new art I decided this week to focus on some of your art finds.

I loved this  pretty portrait  annabode shared anh the styling is perfect!


jmedecor  Shared her favorite detail in her recent bathroom redo. This original painting scored at a thrift store. “I knew I needed a bold piece of art for this wall. I scoured through my personal collection, pieces elsewhere in the house, and I had nothing. Then later that week I was out sourcing at my some of my usual spots when my eye caught a painting from across the room. In that moment I knew it was THE PIECE. I bought it, took it home, and hung it immediately. It still is THE PIECE, and this is one of many reasons I love to thrift; you never know what treasure you may find.” Me too jmedecor!!!


Who is this awesome fella pleasantdrivevintage shared? He has a pocket protector and everything. This is what I’m talking about, truly one of a kind!


And if color is what your looking for casacavaliere found it in her new (thrift) painting. Beautiful!


mesavintage  say this one is To be viewed while singing, “could you beeeeeeee, the most beautiful girl in the woooooorld.” I think she’s beautiful, the style of painting is pretty fantastic too.


You guys know how I feel about paint by numbers and the thrift store is always a goo place to find them. Check out this beauty srosen44 shared!


jessicadwolf found this pretty lady a few years back at a yard sale. “The woman had entire barn full of art. It was a junkers paradise. . . . “

I’m super jealous!


So the next time you are out scouring the thrift stores, don’t forget to check out the art!


  1. thrifted art rocks! i absolutely LOVE the photos you scored- just beautiful.

    • I agree, where else can you get one of a kind art framed and ready to hang for peanuts? I admit I bought frames at TJ Maxx for these but I still barely invested $45 on the pair.

  2. Michelle says:

    Those are beautiful photographs. Love your Thrift Store Finds series. I’ve had some good luck myself lately at some of my local thrift stores: a pink depression glass candy dish, a gold carnival glass divided tray, some throw pillows, a multi-colored crocheted granny quilt with a black background, and two vintage Samsonite suitcases – one of which is a wardrobe with coordinating hangers and everything. My husband and I are redecorating our living room and dining room, so every bit of savings helps, too!

    • Michelle, I swear by second hand finds. Takes a little more work but you’ll definitely save a ton of money! Sound like you scored some great goodies!

  3. Sandra Rosen says:

    Thanks for the feature! Love all the artwork here.

  4. The portraits and paintings are so stunning! These are all thrifting wins, for sure!

  5. Brynne@The Gathered Home says:

    I’m right there with you! I just can’t resist an original piece of art – whether it’s a drawing, painting, or needlework piece! Those photographs are a treasure! The woman one especially speaks to me! Beautiful finds, Maggie!