It’s December, High-Five!

With just one day left of 2016 I thought I’d share some big news for 2017!  Just two weeks ago on a complete whim we went and looked at a house and did a really crazy thing. We made an offer on it! Okay, so that is the short story. The long story is that my husband can retire from the military in the next year if he wants and we have been spending some time thinking about finally putting down roots. With our kids in a good school and me now in a job I love those roots look they will be in South Carolina…at least for a while. So in a few months if all goes as planned we will be closing on this beauty which means lots of work but for me, it also means a whole lot of fun. Finally a house that will be mine.

Let’s take a tour.

I’m calling this room the library just because of the three walls of built-ins screaming for some West German Pottery… and maybe a few books.


The library leads into the formal dining room. I have nothing to put into the formal dining room but I suppose I can figure that out…


From there we head to the kitchen. Not a perfect kitchen but it is definitely in good working order with plenty of counter space and lots of storage.

kitchen kitchen-2

From there we go into the living room…


which has a gas fireplace that backs up to the one in the library.


Along the back of the house is the sunroom which used to be a covered porch. Here is where the paint gets a little over the top.


At the far end of the sunroom is the master bedroom, more paint required.


But the view is pretty great!


I think the previous owner really liked green because the master bath has more green paint but it’s a great canvas for something new.

master-bath master-bath-2

But how about the master bedroom walk-in closet? I might need more shoes! Okay, probably not but a girl can dream right?


Along the hallway to the master bedroom, there are two additional bedrooms and an office that opens onto the sunroom but the room that everyone is fighting over is the bonus room over the garage.


The house has a three car garage so it also has a three car bonus room with its own bath. My daughter has bee putting in some pretty strong arguments on making it her own…but we’ll see.

bonus-2 bonus-1bath-3

What I’m most excited about the three car garage, the third garage is climate controlled and ready for projects 24/7


while the two car portion still has room to hold the cars… What a novel idea!


But the real selling feature that had my husband sold from the get go was the yard.


It backs up to a waterway which means no backyard neighbors and a very private yard,


not to mention a great view.lake-2

I can’t wait to get my hands on this place and share the progress with you guys but you’ll have to wait just a bit.  Since we have a lease on our existing house we can’t leave for a bit so we are going to put off the closing and move in a little at a time while we update some of that crazy paint. I’ll keep you posted!









  1. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on finding your possible forever house. That is so exciting. I certainly hope everything goes well for your family.

    • Me too Maureen, It will be so nice to be able to decorate without restraint of resale or rental restrictions. I hope it all flows smoothly from here.

  2. The house looks great! Looks like it has good flow and bones. Those built-ins, omg!
    I’m happy for y’all and can’t wait to see future updates!

    • Megan the built ins sold me… and the fact there was a drastic price reduction since the original listing. I’m itching to get my hands on it for sure. I see a whole lot of painting in my future.

  3. Your new home is gorgeous! YOU are so very very blessed!

    • Thanks Helen, we are very blessed indeed. It has taken a long time and way too many moves to get to what hopefully will be our forever home.

  4. Congrats, Maggie, the house looks great! I love the library and the yard! And a garage you can work in all the time! This will be perfect for you. 😀
    I can’t wait to see you work your magic on the house.

    • Thanks Alexandra, This house ticked off so many boxes we dreamed of for a forever home we just could not resist!

  5. Love your new home! So happy for all of you. Can’t wait to hear “who gets the bonus room”! LOL!

  6. To finally be buying a house…a such a great house as this…must be so exciting. Can’t imagine your mind and all the planning that is already taking place! Congratulations and good luck and what a wonderful way to start a new year. Nice, Maggie, very nice!

    • Thanks Libby, Its a big leap but we are very excited and I agree it is going to be a great house, wheels are turning!

  7. What a fantastic find! The same thing happened with me and my husband. We had been browsing houses on Truilia for the longest time and was finally able to go look at houses. We choose 5 to look at and one of them ended up being the house for us. Everyone agrees we found the needle in the haystack.We’re still in South Carolina, too. But what I’m most interested in is seeing what you’re going to do with window treatments in regards to the windows with the arches, particularly like the one in the sunroom. I have a couple of windows like it that I haven’t decided on what to do yet. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you do with the house!

  8. I’m so excited for you guys! It is going to be an amazing house!

  9. Julie Russell says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful home in a beautiful setting. Excited to see how you transform it. I’m new to your blog so just catching up!

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