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dsc02719Christmas 2016

Are you one of those people who has to have a new Christmas ornament every year? Good news if you do! A group of eclectic bloggers headed up by Ariel at PMQ for Two, and I are spending today sharing some of our favorite ornaments.  I normally buy a few new ornaments if I want to change the look of my tree or replace some that have broken but this year I needed more than a few. Last Christmas I used our small tree from Germany that I bought to fit in our tiny living room and it worked out fine but it was far from dramatic, This year we got a great deal on a new

Last Christmas I used our small tree from Germany that I bought to fit in our tiny living room there. It looked fine but it was far from dramatic. This year I got a great deal on a new GE 7.5′ Pre-lit tree from Lowe’s when it went $100 off at Thanksgiving (plus my employee discount.) The new tree looks amazing and so real but it was a lot more real estate to fill than last year. Plus, I thought my new mantle color called for a little change.  So ornament shopping I went.

dsc09708Christmas 2015

When it comes to Christmas decor  my go-to place to shop is TJMaxx where I ran across these Isaac Mizrahi gold mercury glass ornaments which are a beautiful heavy glass but no problem for my artificial tree.

and it doesn’t hurt that they have a beautiful twinkle when added to the three.


I also bought a few aqua ornaments to tie into the new color on the mantle but my Isaac Mizrahi mercury glass ornaments are definitely my favorite for the season.

If you’re on the hunt some new ornament additions to your tree, either new or DIY, check out these picks from my eclectic blogger friend. I see a few I’d love to have…


1. This Is Our Bliss // 2. The Striped House // 3. Up To Date Interiors // 4. Southern State Of Mind // 5. Maggie Overby Studios // 6. Casa Watkins // 7. Domicile 37 // 8. Two Thirty Five Designs // 9. PMQ for two // 10. The Gathered Home // 11. Bright Green Door // 12. Cassie Bustamante // 13. Blue i Style // 14. Monica Wants It // 15. Jennifer Dimples and Tangles






  1. Maggie are you up at 6 AM visiting all of us? LOL it’s 8:30 PM here… I just love your mercury ornaments. I have a collection of my own and Holy Peacock your tree topper is amazing !

    • Yes Kathy, I’m an early riser…mostly so I can get things done in peace. Me and Cassie often have early morning chats. I love my peacock topper, I have had him for probably ten years. He hibernated last year but this year he is out in all his glory.

  2. cassie8978 says:

    maggie your tree is STUNNING! i love how it pairs with your newly painted fireplace, too!

    • Thanks Cassie, I didn’t even think about my peacock topper when I painted it but they work so well together. Plus I got to pull out some of my aqua pottery.

  3. I love the gold ornament you chose. I’ve got some similar ones in blue, but they’re on my mantel’s boughs! That tree though! Holy smokes!

  4. I love those mercury glass ornaments!!! They are stunning! And your tree is incredible!

    (And I think I’m going to need a new tree for the new place too – the ceilings are much taller here!)

  5. It’s gorgeous! You early risers sure get a lot done before I’m out of bed most days! My only hope is that I’m on eastern time, so my late is still a little early to the central, mountain, and pacific people. Anyways, you’ve made me add TJ Max to my shopping list! These are gorgeous.

  6. Sue Hanrahan says:

    Hi Maggie, I love your Christmas tree decorations and last years too. Your blog is one I always read and love your finds and decorating ideas. I’ve been reading for 6 years and sadly haven’t let you know how enjoyable it is! I’m in sunny hot Northern Territory, Australia but we still enjoy the winter side of Christmas time xo

  7. prutledge16 says:

    Love the ornaments and your tree is stunning!!


  8. Your tree is stunning and those ornaments are perfect for it. TJ Maxx has some hidden treasures. I have been to the one here in the middle of nowhere, TX and found some cool stuff.

  9. Those ornaments by Isaac are fabulous! I need to find me some- the shape is perfect.

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