It’s November, High Five!

8454a5648604ecc697c58faf7edad55c8a98eb6bPhoto by Minette Hand

I know, I know, I normally do a Friday High-Five but there have been a lot of changes around my house which means some changes on the blog. In case you didn’t already know I have gone back to work full-time doing design and project management of full-scale Kitchen and Bath Remodels for Lowe’s. I am loving the work and got the first sale in my market but it has also meant time taken away from other areas. Like family, blogging and my retail space. That means time to set priorities.

Obviously family comes first! The good news is my husband is home from deployment and pretty flexible with his time so he is able to pick up some of the slack. The kids love having Dad in charge and it keeps me from feeling guilty about the time I can’t be there. My retail space, on the other hand, has suffered severely. It is an hours drive from my house and I don’t have time to do much shopping for it so that has been my first adjustment. I will be closing the space at the end of this month with a little sadness but also a lot of relief.  I will miss it but I have to prioritize to make this work.

Now you are probably wondering about the blog, is it going away? Absolutely not! I have worked hard on this for three years now and I’m not giving up but there will be some changes. One is this “High-five” post I will be moving to a monthly format just my Thrift Score Thursday hosts have decided to move to a once a month post. I’ll still be posting and I’ll still be thrifting and re-imagining things I just won’t be doing it at such a feverish pace. I figure this is my blog to share what I do, not meet a deadline. Hopefully, that will be okay with you guys and you will still come visit even if it is not as often.

Now that we have all that cleared up let’s get to the high-fives…


1. It has been a big week this week! On Thursday my full home tour was featured on Apartment Therapy. This was the first time I have ever had my house photographed by someone other than me. Minette Hand did an amazing job! It was so fun to see what someone else’s view looked like and how amazing her pictures came out.

2.  This week also marked the completion on my third One Room Challenge hosted my Linda at Calling it Home. More fun than completing my challenge was seeing the results of the other linking participants and guest hosts. If you need something to fill your time this weekend stop by and check them out!

3. I love a great DIY and  A Beautiful Mess is never short on ideas, I loved their Palm Springs Pillow DIY, really you could use this idea for any image but I’m a sucker for Palm Springs style.

4.  Jon Almeda of Almeda Pottery is a potter who is doing things a “little” different and by a little, I mean really little!  Jon Almeda is a master of the miniature creating teeny tiny hand thrown ceramics at 1″ scale. You can see Jon in action HERE or buy your own HERE. Pretty Amazing!

5. My dining room chandelier always gets lots of praise so when I ran across this Anthropologie Flower Burst Pendant I couldn’t help but share. I love this guy but am glad I was able to score mine for just 20€ instead of this $1,498 price tag.


Have a great weekend,



  1. michelewesdock says:

    Congratulations on the new job and the Apt Therapy feature! The photographer did an amazing job. Your home looks gorgeous!

  2. I’m glad your blog isn’t going away. I loved seeing your house tour on AT and of course your one room challenge. Happy weekend and have fun on your new job. Sounds amazing

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