Thrift Score Thursday – Making Changes

It has been almost two years since I first guest hosted #ThriftScoreThursday and close to a year since I joined as a host. In that time I have been amazed by the fabulous finds of our TST followers week after week. Heck, I’ve been pretty amazed by some of my own finds. Last week the TST hosts and I did a lot of brain storming on how to make TST even better as we move forward. So before we discuss what’s new I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the old! Above is a gallery of my finds and below is a gallery of some of yours.

Pretty amazing stuff right? Well lets talk about how we’ll be sharing all this amazing stuff in the future!


  • We are moving to a monthly features format.  To be quite honest, it’s a lot to prepare a blog post each week and get all the features on Instagram.  We also want to focus on those finds that are extra special AND beautifully staged and styled in your home.  We want see beautiful photos of how you are using your thrift finds and making them lovely.
  • You can still keep up with the hashtag on Instagram each week, and each host will be sharing a favorite feature there each Thursday.
  • Our first monthly feature post will be 12/1 with the new format kicking off then. (So November is basically a break).
  • AND in that first post in December there will be a fabulous surprise… thrifted giveaway! My co-host and I will be doing the hunting but you guys will be winning.

One thing I want to also mention is that Corinna of A Designer at Home will not be continuing as a host, but not to fear… it’s all amicable and we’re all still friends!  We all just need to do what’s personally best for ourselves.

I’m excited to see where these new changes take us and as always love sharing in one of my favorite passions with like-minded people.

Speaking of like-minded people,  be sure to stop over and see what Brynne and Cassie have to say about our new direction.


Thrift Score Thursday Cassie


  1. I’m so glad it’s not going away.

  2. I really do look forward to seeing what you’ve been finding! This was such a fun post, with all that past thrifting fabulousness! Here’s to continuing Thrift Score Thursday and making it better than ever! <3

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