One Room Challenge Laundry Room – Week Four

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Week four of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home is here and it has been a busy week. In case you aren’t up to speed… the One Room Challenge is an event where twenty design bloggers take on the challenge of transforming one space in just six weeks. Every Wednesday, the designers document their progress while sharing their sources and professional advice. In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, (that’s me!) is welcome to join the fun as a guest participant by linking their own room transformations to Calling It Home.


This go round I am tackling my laundry room you can see what I’ve been doing so far below

Week One, Week Two, Week Three

And here is where we are headed…


This week the was focusing on some project that will improve the functionality of the laundry room and since the laundry room also happens to be the pet feeding area improving functionality means finding a spot for everyone to eat.  My first project was this vintage radio that got a new look and a secret new use.


I scored it at a consignment store a little worse for wear. The speaker was busted and someone had added some not so great gold embellishments. I started by ripping out all the guts, which weighed about 100 lbs.


I knew the details on this piece would be a perfect test for my new Home Decor Paint Sprayer by Wagner. This was my first time using the sprayer so I admit I was a little nervous…


I followed the sprayer instructions thinning my Valspar furniture paint with water and I was ready to spray.


I am a huge spray paint fan so I was excited to see how this sprayer worked since you are limited in color when it comes to canned spray paint.


Well guys the results are in, I love this baby! I used the same techniques I would with canned spray paint only here you are able to get as close as 3″ to 6″ from the piece which means a lot less overspray and a lot less vapors in the air. You can even get a good spray at odd angles.


So what is my vote on the Home Decor Paint Sprayer by Wagner?  I am a convert guys! I got a super smooth finish and clean up involves a rinse with plain water.


With my paint job all finished I was ready to replace the hardware which I decided to update with some colorful glass pulls from D. Lawless.


And as promised I made a few alteration for this guys secret use… No that is not a ghost.


It’s Ozzie in his new cat house. With the addition of an opening cut into each shelf, the cat can enter his feeder house from below and I don’t have to worry about the dogs eating all his food.


I also got creative for feeding the dogs by adding a platform with two bowl cutouts to the top of the large drawer in the mud bench I will be using to store dog food.


The drawer pulls all the way out to access the food then you can push it in half way in while the dogs are eating and then all the way in when everyone is done. No bowls on the floor to trip on plus I can store over 40 lbs. of dog food no problem.


I also made progress on the functional part of the mud bench (and a little of the pretty.) I finished up all the trim and added some Antique English coat hooks also from D. Lawless Hardware and I think you might also be catching a glimpse of my Joan Mclemore wallpaper from Spoonflower.


But that is all you are getting because I’m saving that beauty for the reveal. Still, lots to do before we get there tough.

  • Install counter over washer dryer
  • Stain and polyurethane
  • Install backsplash
  • Paint doors
  • add accessories
  • hope and pray all my online orders make it on time!

That is still a lot and with only two weeks left and it is going to be tight. Wish me luck!

Home Decorators Collection //D. Lawless Hardware // Wagner Spray Tech // Aspect Peel and Stick tiles




  1. i am so impressed! you are getting so much done, working a new job, blogging, and stocking your shop…. i can’t even keep up and am not doing all those other things!

    • I think something is going to have to give soon since it is too much to give 100% to everything. Might have to take your lead and decide the store is too much to handle with everything else. For now it is just a balancing act.

  2. That is so awesome and would be so fun to share for my pet series!!! Hint hint 😉 Love it

    • I’m game, Just say when! Okay maybe after ORC is over so I am not running around like a crazy person 😛

  3. Oh my God, I love pet-centric DIYs! I thought the old stereo was awesome on its own, but I love that you turned it into a kitty hideaway, too. I want to do a roundup of practical pet projects soon and would love to feature it. And will probably be making something similar for my brats now, too. 🙂

    • Feel free Brittany, I looked and looked and hashed a hundred ideas to try to solve some of these problems.

  4. I can’t wait to see all the wallpaper, the sneak peek looks so good! What a great idea to re-use the old radio.

  5. Ozzie is one lucky guy! Can we talk about that dog food drawer for a sec? That’s genius! Pure genius! This space is so you, and I can’t wait to see what other finishing touches you have. Where’s the tile going?
    Also, I love the little figurine lamp on the radio!

    • Thanks, necessity is the mother of invention! I’m creating a counter top to go over the Washer/dryer and the tile will be going on the back splash.

  6. You are a genius! Love the pull out bench for the feeder!

  7. Wow Maggie….this is going to be such a beautiful and eclectic makeover! Love how you redid that vintage radio!

  8. Paint sprayers are the best! What a fun little spot for your kitty!

  9. The feeders are genius! Love both of them and I am a huge fan of using a sprayer for furniture. Makes everything so much easier, except the cleanup, lol.

  10. That vintage speaker cat feeder is the prettiest thing I ever did see! Absolutely brilliant. In fact, I’d kinda like to have dinner here too.

  11. Wow, I LOVE what you did with that yellow piece – gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of the paint sprayer too. 🙂

  12. The yellow is so sunny and perfect! I love it.

  13. Wow maggie the colors are so fun! I love your eclectic style…and the vintage radio kitty house is so rad! This is my first ORC and I’m totally loving all the creativity here!

  14. I love your clever pet solutions! And that yellow is amazing! I officially need a paint sprayer.

  15. So creative to turn the radio into kitty house! The yellow color is just perfect!

  16. WOW! What a transformation, i love the colors your choose for the old fashion radio or stereo. I’m glad you used the Wagner, I just got one and was wondering if its faster than the spray can,Can’t wait to try mine.

  17. Oh my goodness! That is the best dog feeder E V E R!!! And, the cat feeder is pretty amazing too! I love how you’ve added your creative touch to all of these renovations!! I can’t wait for the reveal!

  18. I’m obsessed with that wallpaper! I’ve seen it before but never in a room! I LOVE IT! I love the way you created secret spaces for your pets to eat!

  19. Like you, I am a lover of spray paint, and I got a paint sprayer this week too. SO in love with it. I keep thinking of everything I’m gonna paint with it now 🙂 Love that old radio turned cat house. And that dog feeding station is brilliant!

  20. Whoa! Absolutely brilliant! I’m going to need to channel some of your genius and try to figure something out for the litter box… There’s only one good place for it in our house and it’s right in the middle of everything!

    You’re so creative! Love it!

  21. I love the pop of yellow and all of the hardware! The cat dishes are so clever!! Can’t wait to see where the space is at next week!

  22. I just love pretty projects that are all about real life! What a lucky cat you have, and what a gorgeous laundry room you are going to have!!

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