It’s Friday, High Five!

Photo via Design Post Interiors

What a crazy week! I was supposed to be in Charleston for training until today but thanks to Hurricane Matthew I evacuated back home (only 95 miles away) on Tuesday night. I sat in some pretty hellacious traffic heading out of town but finally made it home in one piece sometime after 10pm. Now we sit and wait and gather our last minute supplies. The stores have been completely out of bread the last few days (guess I’m not the only carb addict.) Luckily I usually keep a loaf or two on reserve in the freezer for emergencies. You don’t want to be carb deprived while trying to survive a hurricane! I think maybe a bottle of wine should also be added to that carb list… Growing up in New Orleans I am a pretty experienced at riding out a hurricane so I’m not too worried since it looks like poor Florida is getting the brunt this time. I did stock up on water and put a bunch in the freezer in case the power goes out. My teenage daughter is mostly concerned about what she’ll do if the WiFi goes, God forbid! I guess there are not too many high-fives in that paragraph but hopefully come Monday morning I can high-five weathering the storm. I will let you know how we fare. Everyone stay safe out there!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…

1.This week I spent a lot of time reading through the Blogger Stylin’ Fall Home Tours and fell in love with the shot above from Design Post Interiors. This piece of art really goes to show you what a big impact a little color can add to a space and she got it at HomeGoods so it didn’t even break the bank!

2. If you read my other posts this week you know it is week one of the six week One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home. If you need some reading to get you through the storm check out some of these makeovers getting started Here and Here. Well as long as the WiFi is working…

3. I think I found the perfect gift for all the girls in my family…and myself!  Check out this Mermaid blanket from HAWTSpotBoutiqueShop on Etsy. I know, I know, you want one too!

4. I have been following LeighViner on Istagram for a while now and can’t get over her work. This art print, Cricket, is now on my must have list!

5. How about this Fan-Woven Ainsworth Bed from Anthropologie? Love the color and the statement this guy could make!

Have a great weekend and stay dry,



  1. Well shit! Stay safe diring the Hurricane!

  2. love beth’s space and that bed is amazing! and stay safe!!!! XOXO

  3. Mila @jestcafe says:

    That removable wallpaper is VERY inspirational. The colors and shapes are beautiful.

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