It’s Friday, High-Five!

mirrored-room-airbnb-artists-homePhoto via Air BnB

Sorry for skipping out on you last Friday but the first week back at work full-time was a little exhausting (but totally rocked at the same time.) With so much to learn and so much to do to get ready for my launch next month I am non-stop from 8am-5pm every day, sometimes forgetting to stop for lunch. I have enjoyed getting my office ready and planning some updates for the kitchen vignettes. I am also learning about five new computer systems that leave my brain and eyes a little fried by the end of the day. So last Friday I decided to take a little break from any more computer work…I hope you understand. Monday we’ll see if all the hard work has paid off because I have my first potential client coming in to discuss a master bathroom remodel. High-five to that!

Here a few more high-fives for the week…


1.Anyone planning a trip to Pittsburg? Well, you might want to now because this unique mirrored artist’s home is up for rent on AirBnB. Even the exterior of the house is covered with mirrors and it’s only $165 a night. Let’s go!

2. Have you seen  kimpossibooty ‘s tumbler account? He takes us through five days of customers encounters as a Target employee during his first week of work. I love his take because while some encounters, as we all know, could have been documented in an ugly way but his documenting is very matter of fact and non-judgemental, just sharing what he saw. I think we could all take a cue from that.

3. I’ve always loved smocked pillows so now that I’ve found SunriseShining on Esty I may have to order one in every color. Check out the detail on these!

4. Dear Mr. Louboutin, Would you like to donate a pair of the most beautiful shoes in the world to the Maggie Overby Charities? I promise to be very grateful!

5. Don’t have space for a spare chair? Korean designer Jongha Choi decided to build a set of furniture that collapses into two-dimensions, conveniently hanging on the wall when not in use. Check out how the two-dimensional version looks 3D.


  1. Those shoes!!!! Love them

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