Inspired by DIY: West Elm


It’s time again for the monthly Inspired by DIY Challenge organized by my good friend Jess of Domicile 37. Each month an amazing group of bloggers gets together to create some inspired DIY.  We each find a piece from a store or designer that we find inspiring and create our own version, DIY style. This month’s inspiration is one of my favorites, West Elm. I chose to DIY the Herringbone Wool Pouf (pictured below) which sells for $149 my DIY version cost me just under $30. I chose this pouf because I love the size and texture and its the perfect height for sitting or just resting your feet which is exactly what I need out on my screen porch.


Materials: (affiliate links below)

6  Jute place-mats 14″ square (I found mine in store at Walmart for $2.75 a piece)

Roll of jute twine

1 Upholstery needle

16oz Biggie bean bag fill

Now lets put it all together…

Start by aligning the place-mats edge to edge and hand sew them together along one edge using a simple whip stitch and knotting at each end.


Sew all six mats together into a cross shape using the same technique as shown below.


Next, fold ends towards each other and again sew together.


Then you will stand the cube up using the two flaps to create the top and bottom.


Sew around one edge completely attaching the sides to the bottom flap aligning edges as you go as I did in the picture below.


On the opposite end sew most of the way around leaving a gap just big enough for your hand to fit through.


Or a cat to fit through… If you are looking to make a cat house you can stop here otherwise continue to the next step. Ozzie likes to “help.”


Now we are ready to fill. I used a 16oz Biggie bean bag fill (affiliate) which was just the right amount with barely any leftover. I like this larger bean because it is easier to work with than the small beans that tend to build a lot of static. You could also use a polyester batting and fill fill the pouf like a pillow but the beans are much more cost-effective since it would require a lot of batting to get a firm pouf.

When filling, Started by pouring the beans into the gap in the bag and then once it was almost full adding by hand while compressing to get the pouf as firm as possible.


Once full use your jute twine and slip stitch to sew the pouf closed.


And there you have it, a perfect pouf!


I decided to add a few tassels to the top corners of mine for a fun bohemian feel.


If you like this, be sure to stop by and see what the other bloggers have been up to with their inspired by West Elm designs.


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As for me, I’ll be checking them out with my feet propped up on my brand new pouf!






  1. cassie8978 says:

    holy crap, maggie! this is awesome!!! i love your take and diy!

    • Thanks Cassie, I have been pondering using placemats or table runners to create a pouf for awhile but when I spotted the jute ones that were already square I knew they’d be perfect ( especially at $2.75)

  2. As always, this is perfection! Hello mr. cat! I love that he sometimes pops into your shots.
    I should think of something to make with a bean bag filling too!

  3. Very cute and I love your little helper!

  4. This is seriously incredible!

  5. OMG, this is incredible Maggie! Wonderful job!

  6. This is so great Maggie!! Saving this for later.

  7. You are crazy talented! I love that it only cost you approximately $30

  8. This is so so awesome! What a great idea! And I love Ozzie. Would he like to participate in my pet series one day 😉 ?

    • I’d love too! I have lots of critters for sure. The pups don’t sit as still unless sleeping so they don’t make the blog as often ?

  9. You have me regretting my donation of all my old jute place-mats last month! This was such a genius idea! It looks great!

  10. prutledge16 says:

    I love this! So creative and it turned out perfectly. This is my first visit to your blog ~ you have amazing talent!


  11. Mrs. Squirrel says:

    Yours is better than the inspiration piece!! congrats!

  12. This is honestly so genius, I can’t even take it!! I love that WE pouf, but I love yours MORE! Fabulous job, Maggy!!

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