Thrift Score Thursday No.129


Happy #ThriftScoreThursday guys! This week I finished a project I wanted to share but also tell the story of a lesson learned (again!) Spoiler alert, it has a happy ending but still is a valuable lesson to share.

I ran across a yard sale not too long ago and spotted this little table from the street so I decided to stop and check it out. It was sitting in the grass and seemed stable with no deep scratches, I did notice one of the legs was loose but nothing a little glue wouldn’t fix so I snatched it up for just $10.

PicMonkey Collage

When I got the little guy home I notice something I should have noticed at the yard sale. One of the feet was broken off and the opposite had been sawed off to match. I honestly don’t know how I missed this since I did notice one of the legs needed gluing…but I did. So after a bit of pondering, I decided all the legs needed to come off and be cut to match and then reglued. Fortunately, there was enough leg left to make this work and the table to still be stable.


This story turned out okay in the end because after giving the whole table a coat of paint you couldn’t even tell the legs had been a problem. The downside was the project took a lot more time than I had intended and when it is something I am planning to re-sell, time is money.  It was also a reminder to me that sometimes you come home with a “bargain” that can’t be fixed.


Public Service Announcement: Check your thrift finds thoroughly because sometimes they are a bargain for a reason and sometimes that reason cannot be fixed. Happy hunting!

Now let’s have a closer look at what you found…


But first, for the newcomers let me explain just what #ThriftScoreThursday is. We want you to participate! Hit up your local thrift stores, craigslist, yard sales, estate sales, side of the road, anything! Thrifty doesn’t necessarily mean from a thrift store. We want to see your good deals, wacky finds and true treasures.

You can share your finds any day of the week but features are shared on our blogs and Instagram on Thursdays, but we’re all checking in on (and using!) the hashtag all week-long. So, when you see/find it, feel free to share it! And we love it when you tag your friends to play along, too!

Each week Cassie from Cassie Bustamante, Corinna from A Designer At Home, Brynne from The Gathered Home, myself and occasionally a guest-host will pick a few favorite thrift scores to feature on our blogs! Please note that by linking up with #ThriftScoreThursday, you are giving us permission to share your finds via social media or on our blogs.

My Favorites:

I always think of unicorns as one of the thrifting gods so I’m kind of jealous that triciabearmccrory’s husband scored her this needlepoint lucky charm. What a good husband!


My house (including the garage and attic) is full of vintage lighting so when golddustgoods shared this beauty I swooned a little. I need one of these in my collection, the colored glass is absolutely fabulous!


This blue velvet sofa is one of claire_de_loom_et_plume’s favorite Craigslist purchases ever. You know I’m always in for a blue velvet sofa so why doesn’t my Craiglist ever have a beauty like this?


What great goodies!

Now don’t forget to stop by and check out all my co-hosts to see what they’ve been up and their favorite #ThriftScoreThursday finds.

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  1. cassie8978 says:

    you know i love a good blue sofa! and i was SOOOO close with that unicorn- it’s amazing! i have a wall hanging similar in style but darker colors that i have been contemplating using somewhere. it’s a vintage tapestry from france with a unicorn like that! love your little yellow table- it’s a pop of sunshine!

  2. Love your table and that little pendant is amazing too

  3. I do that too! Get so excited about a find I don’t notice at first why it’s such a bargain! I don’t mind so much if I buy it for myself (like my scratched up table this week), but when I’m buying it to resell and then notice a fatal flaw once I get home, it’s the worst! But your little table turned out so cute – I don’t think anyone would ever know the base was originally a little different! Love that color!

  4. Julie Spear says:

    You little yellow table turned out SO pretty – I never would’ve dreamed the legs would look so cute, cut down like that!!! Great idea! I have a cute little brass unicorn just like yours, too – but, that needlepoint unicorn is awesome! wish I had a husband to bring me needlepointed unicorns! I heart-y eye LOVE that velvet sofa too! so yummy!

    • Thanks Julie, it took me a long time to get this one finished and I almost gave up on it but I’m glad I didn’t because now I love it!

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